Huangshan North Railway Station to Tunxi (Huangshan City) 2024/2025

Huangshan North Railway Station is the main railway station in Huangshan, which can be reached by many high speed trains from different cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xian, etc. Huangshan City, always called Tunxi by local people, is the tourist distribution center with enough hotels, good restaurants and convenient transportation. Many tourists go to Tunxi for accommodation after they arrive in Huangshan by trains or flights.

How to Get from Huangshan North Railway Station to Tunxi

Train Station Express: There are daily train station shuttle expresses (No.1) running between Huangshan North Railway Station and Shiji Square (世纪广场) in Huangshan City. The whole trip covers about 19km (12 miles), but it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes because there are 9 midway stops along the way. The expresses are operated from 06:30 to 19:30 and one bus departs in every 30 minutes. It is also available to take bus No. 21 (06:10~22:25) from Huangshan North Railway Station to Tunxi which cost a little longer time. By bus No.21, get off at Yuzhong Huayuan Stop (昱中花园站) and you can easily reach Huangshan old street with several minutes' walk.

Private Car: If you want an efficient transfer, you can travel to Tunxi from Huangshan North Railway Station by driving. You can rent a car or use the transfer service from a travel agency like China Discovery. Driving from Huangshan North to Tunxi only takes about 30 minutes.

Huangshan North Railway Station to Tunxi Map

Huangshan North Railway Station to Tunxi Map

Tunxi Travel Ideas

After you get to Tunxi, you have many things to do to make your trip interesting, like watching workers making Chinese ink, walking in Tunxi Old Street, enjoy the hot spring, tasting the local Hui-style food, etc.

Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory – It is an over 200-year-old factory where you can see the whole working process of ink stick, including electing material, making soot, adding glue, mixing, shaping, drying, polishing and decorating. More than a factory, it’s an academy to explore the traditional Chinese culture.

Tunxi Old Street – If you accommodate around Tunxi Old Street, you are suggested to take a stroll there. It is an ancient street with a history of over 900 years. This street is lined with well-preserved buildings in Huizhou Style. Walking along the street, you can see the beautiful antiques in the old shops, taste the yummy snacks like Huangshan baked roll, etc.

Laojie Diyi Lou (The First Tower on the Ancient Street): Want to seek for the authentic Huizhou taste? Don’t miss Laojie Diyi Lou which is just located in Tunxi Old Street. With elegant decoration and various Hui-style food, Laojie Diyi Lou is No.1 restaurant in Huangshan rated by travelers. Famous dishes include Mandarin Fish, Braised Chicken, Hairy Tofu, etc.

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HTunxi Old Street

Exquisite Carvings Decorated on Beams

Huangshan North Railway Station to Surrounding Attractions

If you arrive in Huangshan in the morning or early afternoon and still have enough free time, you can begin your trip to surrounding attractions around Huangshan directly, like Hongcun Village and Xidi Village.

Hongcun and Xidi are two ancient villages with featured Hui-style houses and elegant environment. Both of them are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is top recommended to visit one of them and stay one night there. Beside Huangshan North Railway Station is Huangshan Tourism Passenger Transport Hub, from which there are 9 daily buses running to Hongcun Village with a stop at Xidi Village. You can get to Hongcun Village from Huangshan North Railway Station within 1.5 hours usually. The scenery from the road is quite impressive.

In addition to Hongcun and Xidi, there are many other places can be reached by the buses from Huangshan Tourism Passenger Transport Hub, including Tangmo Village, Chengkan Village, Tangyue Memorial Arches, Yuliang Dam, etc.

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Hongcun Village

Poetic and Picresque Hongcun Village

Travel with China Discovery

China Discovery is professional in offering you a high-value Huangshan tour. Traveling with us, you won’t need to worry about the complicated transfer. Up your arrival, our local guide and driver will meet you the exit of the railway station and accompany you to your hotel or attractions.

No matter you are interested in the natural wonders of Yellow Mountain or the rich Huizhou culture or the unique charming villages, we can customize a Huangshan tour according to your taste, needs and budget.

Unique Huangshan Experience with China Discovery

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China Discovery

Wilna's Group visited Tunxi Old Street

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