Tangkou Transfer : Get to Tangkou from Tunxi, Airport and Stations

Tangkou, located in Huangshan District, Huangshan City, is a small town with only one main street. About 67km away from Tunxi and only 1km away from the south gate of Yellow Mountain (also known as Mount Huang), it is the main tourist service base before ascending to Yellow Mountain. In order to protect the environment of Yellow Mountain, private cars and long-distance buses are not permitted to enter the scenic area of Yellow Mountain. Travelers usually get to Tangkou first and then take an environment-friendly park buses from the transfer centers in Tangkou to the entrances of Yellow Mountain. No matter where you start your Yellow Mountain journey, you need to get to Tangkou first.

Tangkou Bus Station (also called Zhaixi Transfer Center) can be reached by tourist buses from different places like Tunxi, airport, railway station and top tourist attractions in Huangshan.

Tangkou Town

Tangkou Town with Yellow Mountain as Background

Tunxi to Tangkou Transfer

Distance: 60km (37 miles), about 50~70 minutes' driving

Upon arrival Huangshan City, most travelers choose to stay in Tunxi (downtown of Huangshan City) which is an ideal place to stay because the most good hotels and restaurants are equipped here. It is also a tourist distribution center with convenient transportation. The driving distance between Tangkou and Tunxi is about 60km. If you rent a private car use the service of China Discovery, you can reach Tangkou from Tunxi within 50 minutes usually. It is also available to travel between them by bus. From Huangshan Bus Station (黄山客运总站) operates high-frequent buses ( one bus in every 10 minutes) to Zhaixi Transfer Center (寨西换乘中心) in Tangkou. The bus trip takes about 1 hour.

You can go to Tunxi from Tangkou by bus as well. From 15:00 to 17:00, there is one bus departing from Zhaixi Transfer Center to Huangshan Bus Station in every 30 minutes.

Huangshan Tunxi Airport

Huangshan Tunxi Airport

Huangshan Airport to Tangkou Transfer

Distance: 60km (37 miles), about 50~60 minutes' driving

Traveling to Huangshan by flight is the fastest way. Huangshan can be reached by direct flights from several main cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, etc. Since Yellow Mountain is the premier sight of Huangshan City, some travelers can't help heading to Yellow Mountain as soon as they land on. However, there is no direct bus from Huangshan Tunxi International Airport to Tangkou. Public bus No. 19 can take you from the airport to Huangshan Bus Station which cost about 50 minutes usually. It is available to take a taxi instead which needs about 15 minutes only. From Huangshan Bus Station, you can easily transfer to Tangkou by bus. If you want to leave Huangshan by flight after your wonderful experience on Yellow Mountain, you can take a bus from Tangkou to Tunxi as well and then turn to the airport.

Tunxi to Yellow Mountain Route Map

Tunxi to Yellow Mountain via Tangkou Route Map

Huangshan North Railway Station to Tangkou Transfer

Distance: 50km, about 50 minutes' driving

In recent years, traveling by high speed trains in China becomes a tendency and popularity. Huangshan is linked with some main tourist destinations – Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Zhengzhou and Guangzhou and so on by high speed trains. Huangshan North Railway Station offers a convenient access to different top attractions in Huangshan, including Yellow Mountain.

There is a passenger terminal (Huangshan Tourism Passenger Transport Hub) at Huangshan North Railway Station, from which there are daily buses to Tangkou. From 09:15 to 17:20, there is one bus available to leave for Tangkou in every 40 minutes. It takes about 50minutes to drive to Tangkou via high express way and more than 1 hour via national road. During 07:30~18:00, there is one bus running back to Huangshan North Railway Station from Tangkou in every 20~30 minutes as well.

Huangshan North to Hongcun Transfer Map

Huangshan North to Huangshan Mountain via Tangkou Map

Hongcun / Xidi to Tangkou Transfer

Distance: 35km, about 50 minutes' driving

Some travelers like to visit some featured old villages before a hiking on Yellow Mountain. Hongcun Village and Xidi Village are the symbols of time-honored Huizhou residences for the poetic view, traditional architectures and old stories. Hongcun Village is about 35km to Tangkou Twon. Driving from Hongcun to Xidi directly is a 50 minutes' ride. On your trip between Hongcun and Tankgou, you can see several peaceful villages along the road. If you travel in late October ~ November, taking a stop in the viewing-decks of Tachuan allows you to appreciate fantastic autumn view.

There is one bus running to Tangkou from Hongcun in every hour between 06:50 and 14:50. The buses from Hongcun Village also take a stop at Xidi Village. The whole trip from Hongcun to Tangkou via Xidi cost about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

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Yungu Temple Transfer Center

Picturesque Scenery of Hongcun Village

Intercity Long-distance Buses to Tangkou

Besides inner city tourist buses, there are some intercity long-distance buses getting to Tangkou Bus Station from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jiuhuashan, Nanjing, etc. directly. Many travelers like to travel Huangshan and Shanghai or Hangzhou together. Shanghai South Bus Station operates 2 daily to Tangkou, taking about 6 hours. From Hangzhou, there are about 9 buses to Tangkou, taking about 5 hours. Jiuhuashan is a famed Buddhist mountain in Anhui Province, and traveling Huangshan and Jiuhuashan together permits you to admire the amazing nature and culture. The long-distance bus between Jiuhuashan and Tangkou needs about 2.5 hours.

Long-distance buses imformation for your reference:

Route Departure Station Frequency (Per Day) Duration Distance (KM) Ticket (RMB)
Shanghai - Huangshan Shanghai South Bus Station 2 5.5~6.5 hours 510 about ¥150.0
Hangzhou - Huangshan Hangzhou City Bus Station
Hangzhou West Bus Station
7 4.5~5 hours 310 about ¥100.0~150.0
Nanjing- Huangshan Nanjing Bus Station
Nanjing South/East Bus Station
4 3~5 hours 321 about ¥100.0~120.0
Jiuhuashan - Huangshan Jiuhuashan Bus Station 2 2.5 hours 156 about ¥54.0
Ningbo - Huangshan Ningbo Central Bus Station 1 6~7 hours 524 about ¥163.0
Hefei - Huangshan Hefei Bus Station
Heife South/East Bus Station
over 15 4 hours 348 about ¥100.0

How to Get from Tangkou to Yellow Mountain

There are three transfer centers in Tangkou, namely Zhaixi Transfer Center (寨西站), Dongling Transfer Center (东岭站) and Nanmen Transfer Center (南门站). Zhaixi Transfer Center, located in the center of Tangkou Town is the most frequently-used one and most buses to Tangkou arrive there. There are four entrances to Yellow Mountain, among which Yungu Temple (云谷寺) in back mountain and Mercy Light Pavilion (慈光阁) in front mountain are the main entrances. All the three transfer centers operate regular buses to Yungu Temple and Mercy Light Pavilion. From 06:30 to 17:30, one bus leaves Zhaixi Transfer Center for Yungu Temple and Mercy Light Pavilion whenever the bus is full.

Generally, it's not recommended to travel to Yellow Mountain in the afternoon in that the accommodation and food on the mountain are expensive and not good. You can accommodate in Tangkou or Tunxi for one night. If you have higher demand for accommodation, it is strongly recommended to accommodate in Tunxi where there are more choices for you.

Tangkou to Yellow Mountain

Park Bus between Tangkou and Yellow Mountain

Travel with China Discovery

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No matter you are interested in the natural wonders of Yellow Mountain or the rich Huizhou culture or the unique charming villages, we can customize a Huangshan tour according to your taste, needs and budget. Contact us to tailormake your own China tour!

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