Travel to Yellow Mountain from Hongcun Ancient Village 2024

Praised as “The Most Beautiful and Poetic Village in China”, Hongcun Ancient Village, the famous UNESCO World Heritage listed together with Xidi Ancient Village, is the extra highlight on tourist itinerary to Mount Huangshan. It is located about 35km southwest of Yellow Mountain and 65km of northwest Huangshan City (Tunxi). For its location between Tunxi, downtown Huangshan City and Huangshan Mountain with short distance, it’s convenient to tour Hongcun before getting to Mt. Huangshan or after finishing Huangshan tour from Tangkou Town.

Get from Hongcun to Huangshan Mountain

After visiting old featured Huizhou-style residences and significant, picturesque lakes, learning the ancient history and culture of Huizhou in Hongcun, you can directly take a bus from Hongcun Ancient Village to Huangshan Mountain via transfer in Tangkou Town (a little town right at the southern base of the Mt. Huangshan.). The whole driving takes less than one hour, with different pristine rural landscape on the road you can enjoy.

Hongcun Ancient Village to Tangkou Town

From - To: Hongcun Parking Lot (Yixian County) - Zhaixi Tourist Transfer Center (Tangkou Town)

Distance & Time: about 45 minutes, 35 km

Currently, there are only shuttle buses running from Hongcun Ancient Village to Tangkou Town, at foot of Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area. The bus departs from the Parking Lot outside Hongcun, which is close to Tourist Center, Ticket Office and Entrance Gate, and eventually arrives at Zhaixi Transfer Center (also called Tourist Distribution Center) in Tangkou Town. The bus goes every one hour between 06:50am and 14:50pm, and the last bus leaves at 16:30pm. After several minutes’ ride, you will pass Tachuan Ancient Village, another famous Huizhou ancient village notable for its colorful autumn scenery, and Mukeng Bamboo Sea with lush green bamboo forest. Bus fare is about ¥20.0.

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Hongcun to Mount Huangshan

Hongcun Ancient Village to Mt. Huangshan Transfer Map

Tangkou Town – Huangshan Mountain

From - To: Tangkou Tourist Distribution CenterTicket Office &Cable Car Station on Mt. Huangshan

Distance & Time: about 30 minutes/12km to Could Valley/ Yungu Cable Car Station (云谷索道站); about 30 minutes/9km to Mercy Light Pavilion/Ciguangge Cable Car Station (慈光阁索道站)

After getting off, you will be in Zhaixi Transfer Center (寨西游客换乘中心) in Tangkou Town, where you need to take mandatory eco-friendly transfer bus to enter Mount Huangshan via South Gate. On the first floor, you can buy ticket at the Ticket Office. Bus fare is ¥19.0 plus ¥3.0 compulsory insurance fee. (There are 3 destinations on the mountain so you’d better tell the ticket seller which destination you like to stop.) Then, you can take scenic Park Bus to get to Cloud Valley Cableway Station in back of Huangshan Mountain, or Mercy Light Pavilion Cablerway Station in the front mountain on same floor. Though it’s not too long, the uphill bus ride is quite an exciting warm-up for Huangshan tour when across the winding mountains with gorgeous scenery.

>> How to Get to Yellow Mountain

Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) Travel Map

Yellow Mountain Tourist Travel Map

Huangshan Mountain to Hongcun Ancient Village

Route: Yellow MountainTangkou TownHongcun Village

Lots of travelers also choose to visit Hongcun Ancient Village after hiking in Huangshan Mountain. Once ending Huangshan tour, you can take returning route from cable car station on Huangshan Mountain to Tourist Transfer Center in Tangkou Town, and then take direct bus to Hongcun Ancient Village. From Tangkou to Hongcun Ancient Village, there are totally about 10 buses available, scheduled from 07:00am to 16:40pm. Besides, there are through buses from Tangkou to Xidi Ancient Village, Huangshan North Railway Station and Tunxi (downtown Huangshan City), and long-distance bus to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiuhuashan, Ningbo and other neighboring cities.

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Hongcun Ancient Village

Beautiful Hongcun Ancient Village

Visit Huizhou Ancient Villages around Hongcun

Want to spice up you Huangshan tour with more local ancient Huizhou Culture and history, there are lots of traditional villages (nearby Hongcun) exactly waiting for your exploration, including Xidi (西递), Tachuan (塔川), Nanping (南屏), Guanlu (关麓) and Lucun (卢村) and Bishan (碧山) Ancient Villages. All the villages are located less than half and hour’s driving distance from Hongcun and have their own features and typical styles. You can visit Xidi Ancient Village to see authentic villages’ layout and classic Huizhou architecture style, visit Lucun to watch exquisite woodcarving on furniture, visit Tachuan to view beautiful autumn colors, and ride in golden fields in Bishan, walk in the idyllic Nanping Ancient Village and etc. 8 Most Beautiful Huangshan Ancient Villages >>

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Xidi Ancient Village

Xidi Ancient Village surrouded by Sea of Rape Flowers in March

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China Discovery

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