Get to Xidi Ancient Village from Hongcun Ancient Village 2024

Xidi and Hongcun, two famous ancient villages in Yixian County, South Anhui Province were listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage together in 2000. Xidi Ancient Village is situated about 18km, south of Hongcun Ancient Village for about half an hour by driving, about 45km northeast of Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area (about 1 hour’s drive), about 8km of Yixian County (15 minutes’ drive) and 54km of Huangshan City. With convenient traffic and different features, tourists often visit Xidi with Hongcun Ancient Village to feel deeper cultural history of Huizhou and richer flavor of rural life (like growing vegetables) in Xidi.

Hongcun to Xidi & Xidi to Hongcun Transportation

Xidi Ancient Village lies in east Yixian County, south of Hongcun, with a short driving distance of 18km for about 30 minutes. As to location, Hongcun and Xidi are both located around Huangshan City and Yellow Mountain Scenic Area, and Hongcun is closer to Huangshan Mountain while Xidi is near to Tunxi (downtown Huangshan City). Apart from hiking on Yellow Mountain and seeing amazing natural landscapes, jumping into the local cultural atmosphere definitely satisfy your interests in Huizhou. Thus, touring Xidi Ancient Village from Hongcun is a good arrangement after hiking back from Mount Huangshan. Likewise, before getting to Huangshan Mountain, you can firstly catch a glimpse of Huizhou culture and history, local customs in Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages after arrival in Huangshan.

Hongcun Ancient Village to Xidi Ancient Village

Once you finish your Huangshan hiking trip and Hongcun Ancient Village tour, you can take bus to Xidi Ancient Town directly or use our private driving service for transfer. There are two kinds of buses tourists can choose from and the bus travel time is about 0.5 hour. One is the shuttle bus from Hongcun Ancient Village to Tunxi (Huangshan City) passing Xidi. The buses stop in the Parking Lot of Hongcun at 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 in the morning and 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00 in the afternoon. The other is through tourist bus between Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages. There are about 10 daily tourist buses departing from Hongcun at 07:30am to 16:30pm. Bus fare is about ¥10.0 per person.

Xidi Ancient Village to Hongcun Ancient Village

For travelers who want to get to Hongcun from Xidi, there are local direct tourist buses available. The bus leaves Xidi Ancient Village from the Xidi Station, near the entrance and Ticket Office and arrive at Hongcun Tourist Center after 0.5 hour’s driving. The earliest bus departs at 09:00am and the last one leaves at 17:00pm. Besides, tourists can also take the bus running from Huangshan Bus Station and Huangshan North Railway Station in Tunxi (Huangshan City) to Hongcun, which will have a short stopover in Xidi Ancient Village.

*Xidi to Yellow Mountain (Tangkou Town): Every day, there are two regular tourist buses departing from Xidi Ancient Village to Tangkou town, at foot of Huangshan Mountain. Bus departs at 07:50am and 13:50pm.

Xidi to Huangshan City (Tunxi): Shuttle buses depart from Xidi to Huangshan City from between 08:25 and 16:25pm.

Tips: The bus schedules are listed for reference only and the detailed timetables and fares are subject to change. Any questions are welcome! You can travel with us to have e worry-free Hongcun and Xidi Tour.

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Xidi Ancient Village

Bird's-eye View of Xidi Ancient Village

Hongcun to Xidi Ancient Village

Hongcun to Xidi Ancient Village Transfer Map
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Xidi and Hongcun Tour Ideas

For those who are interested in Chinese cultural heritages, Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages are must-see and terrific Mecca around Huangshan Mountain. They are authentic taste of old Anhui, old China. In the villages, you can not only see many horse-head gables, mottled walls and black tiles, narrow alleys, stone bridges, ancient schools, different artistic carvings and original Huizhou style architectures, but also tour the houses of former wealthy merchants to know more construction history and cultural convention of Anhui. If you would like to pick up the essence, half a day is enough for one site, a day trip for both is reasonable. If time permits, stay one night in Hongcun or Xidi in the old house offers you more vivid living scenes of the former locals. You may judge the villages crowed and a little noisy in the day, but when it gets dark and massive red lanterna turn on, the whole villages turns peaceful and very ancient style, especially the reflections in the lake will never disappoint you.

Hongcun Ancient Village

Beautiful Hongcun Ancient Village Like Chinese Ink Painting

Other Ancient Villages Nearby Xidi

Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages are two of the top outstanding ancient villages at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. In Southern Anhui, there preserves many more remarkable traditional villages surround Xidi, such as Nanping (南屏), Guanlu (关麓), Bishan (碧山) and else less-touristy villages. Intend to get more local Huizhou Culture? Get to the nearest Nanping Village, which is known as the location shot for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and grand Museum of Chinese Ancestral Halls. It is located only 4km southwest of Yixian County and 20 minutes’ ride (14km) to Xidi in the east. In addition, you can visit Guanlu to research the ingenious connection of the “Eight Family Houses”, and ride in Bishan Village to fulfill dream tour with idyllic life and pretty countryside scenery. Top 8 Most Beautiful Ancient Villages in Huangshan >>

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Nanping Ancient Village

Nanping Ancient Village nearby Xidi

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No matter you are interested in the natural wonders of Yellow Mountain or the rich Huizhou culture or the unique charming ancient villages, we can customize a Huangshan tour according to your taste, needs and budget.

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