Huangshan Accommodation: Recommended Hotels & Hostels

Compared to lots of choices of Beijing and Shanghai accommodations, hotels in Huangshan are limited. To ensure you have a comfortable stay in Huangshan, we have carefully selected the top Huangshan hotels & hostels of luxury 5-star, comfort 4-star and economy 3-star for you!

If you live in Huangshan downtown (Tunxi), you can get the convenient transfer to airport/railway station. Huangshan International Hotel, Crowne Plaza Huangshan Yucheng, Xiang Ming Hotel, etc. are among the top choices of visitors to Huangshan;

If you want to save more time to enjoy the view of Yellow Mountain, you could accommodate in Tangkou Town that is at the foot of the famous mountain, so you could rest well and climb the mountain the next day. Chengjin Hotel has very good location and standard services;

However, if you eager to get more real feeling of the nature, you can choose a hotel in Yellow Mountain Scenic Area. And there are mainly three popular areas in. See the detail specials of each one as below:

Beihai Scenic Area: this is the main gathering place of spots in Huangshan. Lion Peak, Refreshing Pavilion, Shuguang Pavilion, Begin-to Believe Peak, etc. are all around this area. Lion Peak is good to see the sunset and Refreshing Pavilion is better for sunrise. Beihai Hotel and Shilin Hotel are both very great choices within.

Xihai Scenic Area: there is the entrance to the Dreamland Scenic Area, Paiyun Pavilion, Flying-over Peak, Dan Xia Peak, and the amazing Xihai Grand Canyon. Beautiful sunrise can be appreciated at Dan Xia Peak. You can stay in Xihai Hotel or Paiyunlou Hotel to enjoy the beautiful view.

Tianhai Scenic Area: at the central and higher area of Yellow Mountain, there you can find the Brightness Peak, Haixin Pavilion, Baiyun Scenic Area. Brightness Peak is a good place to enjoy the sunrise. And you can get good relax at Baiyun Hotel or Guangmingding Resort Hotel.

Huangshan Accommodation

Yellow Mountain Accommodation

Huangshan Cheng Jin Hotel

Cheng Jin Hotel

Breakfast: Chinese

Add: Zhaixi Village, Tangkou Town, Huangshan, China

Surrounding: Xinguoxian Transfer Center, Scenic Area Long-distance Bus Station

Cheng Jin Hotel about 4 min driving to the South Gate of Mount Yellow Scenic Area is a popular accommodation in Tangkou area. There are 36 luxury, comfortable, and harmonious rooms with great decorations. You can enjoy the heating facilities, hot water, cozy bed and pillows, etc. Living in this boutique hotel, you can taste the typical Anhui cuisines, be embraced by the surrounding mountains and forests, which enables you to prepare the best mood and physical body condition to immerse into the fabulous view of Yellow Mountain.

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