Extend Your Tour to Huangshan & More Destinations Nearby – Recommended Tour Packages

If you have more time, we strongly advise you to make a hiking tour to Mount Huangshan, a UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage site nearby. Ancient Huizhou-style villages like Hongcun and Xidi are also popular World Cultural Heritages often traveled with Mount Huangshan in the region. Besides, we provide many special themed tours in Huangshan like local rural villages walking, biking, Huizhou culture learning, winter hot spring experiencing and autumn Shaiqiu photographing and so on. If time allows, some tourists may extend Huangshan tour to Wuyuan (the most beautiful countryside village with the best autumn scenery in China) and Jingdezhen (Porcelain Capital) in neighboring Jiangxi Province and more wonderful destinations in China. Below are top 5 recommended longer tour packages. You can also contact our travel experts to tailor-make a trip.

Jenny's group from Vietnam - Yellow Mountain Sunrise, Huangshan, Anhui
3 Days Huangshan Highlights Leisure Tour (Back Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon)

Tunxi - Huangshan - Tunxi

If you prefer walking the easier path while not missing the best highlights, this is the ideal trip - short days, classic itinerary, leisure pace, private transfer. You will use park bus and cable cars directly bring you to the sightseeing areas, saving you from unnecessary walking. After a day-and-night trip on the mountain, you will get down the mountain to stroll along the Tunxi Ancient Street to encounter hundred-years' history and admire the "Four Treasures of the Study" in Ink Stone Factory...

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Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum
5 Days Best Jingdezhen with Huangshan Essence Tour

Jingdezhen / Huangshan

This tour is designed for those who are interested in both nature and culture, offering the perfect blend of breathtaking scenery and fascinating history. Travel to Jingdezhen, the cradle of Chinese porcelain for over 1,700 years, and immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage. Gain a deeper understanding of porcelain history and culture through interactive demonstrations led by master ceramicists. Then kick off your adventure with a visit to Huangshan, also known as the Yellow Mountain, widely considered one of the most beautiful mountains in China.

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Hongcun Village - Mr. and MRS. Jorge from Peru
4 Days Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages

Tunxi - Huangshan Mountain - Hongcun - Xidi

This tour is suitable for all kinds of travelers - family with kids, seniors, honeymooners, photographers, etc. You will have a leisure tour on the mountain to admire its archetypal granite peaks, twisted pines, beautiful cloud sea and fabulous sunrise in good-weather days. After the memorable Huangshan Mountain tour, you will be taken to visit two remarkable ancient villages - Hongcun and Xidi which are the best examples of ancient Huizhou-style architecture and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Andreas' group from Swedan - Flying-over-Rock, Yellow Mountain, Huangshan
3 Days Huangshan Classic Hiking Tour (Front Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon + Back Mountain)


This tour will take you to explore the best highlights of both Front Mountain and Back Mountain in 2 full days. The hiking pace is neither too tight nor too relaxing. Park bus and cable cars will save you from unnecessary walking, and directly bring you to the sightseeing areas with stunning landscapes and enjoyable hiking experience.

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Wuyuan - The Most Beautiful Countryside in China
4 Days Yellow Mountain Wuyuan Scenery Photography Tour

Huangshan / Wuyuan

This 4-day tour leads you to the most famous mountain of China – Yellow Mountain, the most beautiful small town – Wuyuan, strongly recommended to you if you are a photography lover. Enjoy "wonders" of Yellow Mountain, and explore the stunning scenery in the countryside of Wuyuan.

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Make Pilgrimages to More Famous Buddhist Mountains - Popular China Buddhism Tours

Totally, there are Four Sacred Mountains in Chinese Buddhism, including Mount Wutai (Xinzhou, Shanxi), Mount Putuo (Zhoushan, Zhejiang), Mount Emei (Sichuan) and Mount Jiuhua (Chizhou, Anhui). Each mountain presents a holy Bodhimanda of one of the four great bodhisattvas and Mount Wutai and Emei have been listed as two UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you’re a Buddhist or have great interest in Buddhism, going on pilgrimage trips to more holy Buddhist mountains is quite significant and rewarding for your spiritual enlightenment and cultivation. Check the following top 7 Buddhism tours to closely encounter Chinese Buddhist culture in different region, different time period and different sects.

Pilgrimage to Five Terraces of Mount Wutai
3 Days Mount Wutai Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour


This is the classic Buddhist pilgrimage tour to Mount Wutai, UNESCO World Heritage Site which has been a sacred Buddhist site for both Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism since the 5th century. During this 3 Days Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, you will have plenty of opportunities to worship the Lord Buddha and master Manjusri Bodhisattva as you will not only visit the most iconic temples, but also take the famous Da Chaotai (Big Kora) to the sacred and beautiful Five Terraces.

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Golden Statue of the Goddess of Mercy - Guanyin
2 Days Putuoshan Classic Tour from Shanghai

Shanghai / Putuoshan / Shanghai

Tailor-made Putuoshan trip from Shanghai by private tour guide and comfortable vehicle; Admire the grandiose "Three Great Temples" on the island and other ancient relics, also enjoy the beautiful ancient trees, long and white beach, amazing sunrise and sunset, stunning sea scenery, etc.

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The Mercy of Goddness
4 Days Hangzhou Putuoshan Brief Tour

Shanghai / Putuoshan / Hangzhou

Traveling the spiritual Putuoshan with romantic Hangzhou in the same trip to make the best of your time and enjoy various cultures and landscapes. Starting from Shanghai, China’s best gateway, then transfer by a private car to Putuoshan to discover the ancient holy Buddhist temples, sacred sites related to the Goddess of Mercy in Buddhism, also enjoy the beautiful island and sea views. Then extend your vacation to Hangzhou, the City of Heaven (declared by Marco Polo in his travel journal). Spend 2 days in this most romantic city of China to explore its ancient streets, gorgeous lakes, unique tea culture, etc. It’s a close-knit itinerary with dozens of things to do.

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Xiantong Temple in Mount Wutai
2 Days Classic Mount Wutai Tour

Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai is attractive to both Buddhists and regular tourists. For Buddhists, it is respected as the global center for Buddhist Manjusri worship that every pilgrim should visit once in a lifetime. For regular tourist, it is the ideal place to explore Buddhist culture, and trace the clue how the Buddhist developed in China. The natural landscape around the Buddhist temples is also spectacular. This 2 Days Classic Mount Wutai Tour takes you to explore the very essence of Mount Wutai in a leisure way. It is private, and can be tailor-made to meet your personal needs. Hotels, airport (train station) pick up, transfer and guide are all included.

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Look up at Leshan Giant Buddha from its foot stage
4 Days Classic Leshan Buddha & Mount Emei Tour from Chengdu

Chengdu / Leshan / Mt. Emei / Chengdu

A great tour of a visual feast to explore two magnificent World Heritage Sites around Chengdu - Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei in a leisure way, also visit the adorable Giant Pandas in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and get other Chengdu highlights. Airport (train station) pick up and drop off, English-speaking guide, private cars are covered.

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Our dear clients from Singapore on Golden Summit of Mount Emei
2 Days Mount Emei Leshan Giant Buddha Smart Tour

Chengdu / Mount Emei / Leshan Giant Buddha / Chengdu

Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei are together listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Mount Emei is even not only World Cultural Heritage but also World Natural Heritage. They are only about 30mins’ driving from each other. You should not miss any one of them in your trip. Putting them together in one trip will help you save a lot of time and money either, which is also the classic itinerary of the region at the same time. Our 2 Days Leshan Giant Buddha Mount Emei tour (starting from Chengdu) takes you to explore these two famous sites in a smart way – using cable car to save time, skipping unnecessary spots, visit the Giant Buddha in its most empty time. Good price and service are guaranteed either.

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Pilgrims whorshiped Samantabhadra Bodhisattva in Golden Summit
3 Days Mount Emei Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Chengdu / Mount Emei / Leshan Giant Buddha / Chengdu

This 3 days Buddhism itinerary, with Buddhist essence of Mount Emei covered, is especially designed for Buddhist followers or travelers who are interested Chinese Buddhism. You will firstly pay a pilgrimage to Leshan Giant Buddha – a huge statue of Maitreya Buddha, and then worship the Buddhas in most important temples (like Baoguo Temple, Fuhu Temple, Qingyin Pavilion, Huazang Temple, etc.) hidden in lush forest of Mount Emei. Beyond its rich Buddhist heritage, Mount Emei also perches on the edge of Himalayan Kingdoms which make it a land of diverse range of plants and animals. The stunning natural scenery will be an added bonus during your sacred journey among these cultural sites.

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