How to Visit Huangshan & Recommended Huangshan Trips 2023

Huangshan is a prefecture-level city in Anhui Province, southeast China with splendid culture, time-honored history, and beautiful natural scenery. Here you can find the masterpiece of nature, the world-famous Huangshan Mountain; spend some leisure days at the thousand-year countryside, Hongcun, Xidi, Chengkan, etc.; take part in cultural activities such as DIY batik and ink-stick making in Nanping and Tunxi. But how to get to these places? Here is the map helping you get around Huangshan city and fully enjoy your Huangshan tour.

Main Attractions in Huangshan City

Most tourists to Huangshan will arrive at Tunxi district first, because Huangshan Railway station (10 minutes’ drive from downtown), Huangshan North Railway Station (30 minutes’ drive from downtown), and Huangshan Tunxi International Airport (20 minutes’ drive from downtown) are all here. When you arrive at Tunxi, you can take a walk at the 832m Tunxi Ancient Street. It is the best-preserved old street in China in the style of the Southern Song Dynasty (A.D. 1127-1279), Ming (A.D. 1368-1644) and Qing (A.D. 1644-1911) Dynasties.

Huangshan Nearby Attractions

Main Attractions in Huangshan City

As shown in the map, Huangshan Mountain is about 1.5 hours’ drive to the north of Tunxi. The driving time can be cut to 1 hour if you take the highway. You can drive directly to the mountain, or stop by at the several attractions in between. On the western route, Xidi Ancient Village, 52km to the northwest of Tunxi, together with Hongcun (30 minutes’ drive to the north of Xidi) is listed as a World Heritage Site. The picturesque idyllic scenery is really a delight to eye and it has always been the paradise for photographers. Nanping Village lies 20 minutes’ drive away from Xidi. The 8 old greatly-maintained ancestral halls will provide you with a better understanding of the clan culture in feudal society. What’s more, you can try DIY batik here to make a kerchief or a scarf. It would be a meaningful souvenir. After that, you can either bike 80 minutes (including the time you may need to take some pictures on the road) or drive 10 minutes to Guanlu village.

Bishan is about 30 minutes’ drive from Hongcun. Though it has kept a low profile, Bishan Village is the perfect place to fulfill your pastoral dream. Reading a book at China's Most Beautiful Countryside Bookstore, spending several comfortable days at Pig’s Inn, or cycling along the countryside road, what a cozy life to live here! If you take your trip in October or November, there is another place you can not miss, Tachuan ancient village, only 5 minutes’ drive from Hongcun. In autumn, the crimson, yellow leaves are interspersed between the looming white wall and grey tiles of Huizhou-style residences. The oil-painting-like scenery makes the quiet village so poetic and dreamy. It is a highly recommended place in autumn.

On the eastern route, most scenic spots are in Shexian County and Huizhou District, to the northeast of Tunxi, about 30km away. There are two recommended villages in Huizhou district. Tangmo, a tranquil ancient village where you can find the best Shuikou garden in China, is also a 5A Tourist Scenic Area. Then drive north for 20 minutes, here is where Chengkan lies. Have you ever heard about Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy)? That’s how Chengkan was built 1800 years ago. And fortunately, the special layout remains together with hundreds of old buildings, so it is also called “The Museum of Chinese Ancient Architectural Art".

In Shexian, people always take a package tour to Tangyue Memorial Archways and Bao Family’s Garden, because they are just 10 minutes’ walk away. The previous one consists of 7 grand delicately carved archways (built from 1420 - 1820) telling the good deeds about loyalty, filial piety, moral integrity and righteousness of Tangyue people. Therefore, some knowledge about these stories will greatly help you understand the meaning of these archways. After hearing those stories, Bao Family's Garden is really a good place to relax. As the best and largest bonsai appreciation place in China, the numerous vigorous bonsai will refresh both your mind and body. Then drive east for 15 minutes, there is Huizhou Ancient City. Wandering on the winding cobbled lanes, looking at the ancient theatrical stages, stone archways and teahouses. It feels like you were back to the Huizhou 1000 years ago. Xin’an River Landscape Gallery is a little far, about 40 minutes’ drive to the east of Huizhou Ancient City. But it’s a wonderful destination if you are interested in cruising or hiking in the countryside.

How to Plan a Huangshan Tour

With so many attractions around Huangshan, how can we make our Huangshan tour to the fullest? First, you need to decide which attractions you want to visit. Is it just Huangshan Mountain, or together with the villages nearby? Second, what kind of tour do you want? Do you want a leisure tour or it is ok to have a tight schedule? Are you more interested in the nature beauty, long history, exquisite architecture, or the rural daily life? Here we have listed some routes for your reference.

Travel to Huangshan Mountain Only

There are several ways to explore Huangshan, usually taking 2-3 days. If you are travelling with kids, the senior, or want a leisure trip. The 3 Days Huangshan Highlights Tour may fit your requires. You won’t be too tired while being able to see the main highlights.

Day 1: Huangshan arrival – check in hotel

Day 2: Huangshan Mountain (hiking 5-6 hours)

Route: Yungu Cable Way - Begin-to-believe Peak - Dispelling Cloud Pavilion - Bright Summit - Flying-over Rock

Day 3: Huangshan Mountain - Departure (hiking about 2 hours)

Route: Lion Peak - Yungu Cable Way

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Travel to both Huangshan Mountain and Nearby Villages

If you are not just interested in Huangshan Mountain, but also a culture lover, the nearby villages are totally worth a visit. All the villages have their own highlights, among which Hongcun and Xidi are the most chosen ones. The following 4 Days Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi has perfectly integrate those attractions.

Day 1: Huangshan arrival – check in hotel

Day 2: Huangshan Mountain (hiking 5-6 hours)

Route: Yungu Cable Way - Begin-to-believe Peak - Dispelling Cloud Pavilion - Bright Summit - Flying-over Rock

Day 3: Huangshan Mountain (hiking about 2 hours) – Tunxi

Route: Lion Peak - Yungu Cable Way - Tunxi Ancient Street - Hu Kaiwen Ink-stick Factory

Day 4: Hongcun – Xidi – Departure

Route: Tunxi - Hongcun - Xidi - Airport or Train Station

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Recommended Huangshan Tours

Top 3 Huangshan tours chosen by most customers to explore Huangshan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

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Tunxi - Huangshan - Tunxi

Hongcun Village in Winter
4 Days Best Huangshan Tour with Hongcun & Xidi Ancient Villages

Tunxi - Huangshan Mountain - Hongcun - Xidi

Andreas' group from Swedan - Flying-over-Rock, Yellow Mountain, Huangshan
3 Days Huangshan Classic Hiking Tour (Front Mountain + West Sea Grand Canyon + Back Mountain)


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