The Updated Flights to Huangshan - Schedules, Duration, Frequency 2024/2025

To offer tourism convenience of Huangshan Mountain (also called Yellow Mountain), both for domestic and international tourists, there are more than 20 domestic air lines and 5 international (regional) flights has been opened. That means, you can easily fly to Huangshan from one of those connected cities to visit Mount Huangshan within short hours, such as Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Incheon (Seoul), Busan and etc. Are you planning a time-saving way to explore Mount Huangshan and China? Check the following detailed flight schedules to/off Huangshan we updated for you.

Domestic Flights to Huangshan: Fly to Huangshan from China's Mainland

Currently, there are about 20 domestic cities in China having flights to Huangshan, including Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Xiamen and many others. Most of the flights are daily scheduled nonstop flights, and a small number of long-distance routes will stop in midway cities. Among all flights, the direct Beijing to Huangshan Flight, Xian to Huangshan Flight and Guangzhou to Huangshan Flight only needs about 2 hours separately. Also, the connected cities are popular tourist destinations with rich tourism resources you can tour.

Route Flight Info. Operator Dep. ~ Arr. Duration Frequency Distance (KM)
Beijing - Huangshan CA1551 Air China 18:35~20:45 2 h 10 m SMTW-F- 1171
Xian- Huangshan JD5105 Capital Airlines 13:40~15:40 2 h --T-T -S 1059
Guilin - Huangshan GT1003 Air Guilin 13:00~14:50 1 h 50 m SM-W - F- 515
Chengdu - Huangshan MU2463 China Eastern Airliens 11:55~15:40 3 h 45 m SMTWTFS  1368
Guangzhou - Huangshan CZ3627 Southern Airlines 19:30/20:05~21:25/21:55 1h 55m SMTWTFS 951
Shenzhen - Huangshan CZ6847 Southern Airlines 21:15~23:00 1 h 45 m SMTWTFS 1038
Chongqing - Huangshan FM9244 Shanghai Airlines 18:30~20:45 2 h 10 m SMTWTFS 1135
Hefei - Huangshan JR1550 Joy Air 14:35~15:40 1 h 5 m SMTWTFS 260
Zhengzhou - Huangshan JR1550 Joy Air 12:45~15:40 2 h 55 m SMTWTFS 725
Qingdao - Huangshan QW9885 Qingdao Airlines 06:45~08:50 2 h 5 m  S-S-W-F- 751
Wuhan - Huangshan JR1528 Joy Air 08:45~10:20 1 h 35 m  -MTWTFS 407
Hohhot - Huangshan GT1004 Air Guilin 19:05~21:35 2 h 30 m  SM-W-F- 1364
Shenyang - Huangshan JD5670 Capital Airlines 18:50~21:25 2 h 35 m S-T-TF- 1839
Haikou - Huangshan JD5669 Capital Airlines 11:55~14:40 2 h 45 m S-T-TF- 1340
Xiamen - Huangshan JD5106 Capital Airlines 18:45~20:15 1 h 30 m --T-T-S 660
Zhanjiang - Huangshan QW9886 Qingdao Airline 19:10~21:25 2 h 15 m SM-W-F- 1372
Xiangyang - Huangshan JR1528 Joy Air 06:50~10:20 3 h 30 m -MTWTFS 687
Wenzhou - Huangshan FM9243 Shanghai Airlines 13:25~14:20 55 m SMTWTFS 324
Yichang - Huangshan MU2643 China Eastern Airlines 14:20~15:40 1 h 20 m SMTWTFS 664
Shantou - Huangshan MU8729 China Eastern Airlines 08:05/12:20~09:45/14:00 1 h 40 m SMTWTF- 714
Dalian - Huangshan MU8730 China Eastern Airlines 13:35/14:00/18:15~15:30/15:55/20:10 1 h 55 m SMTWTF- 1068


International & Regional Flights to Huangshan

In order to facilitate overseas air travel to Yellow Mountain, Huangshan has expanded a few of international and regional flights from Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Incheon (Seoul) to Huangshan. If you plan to take connecting flights from Hong Kong to Huangshan, you will transfer in Taipei or Beijing, and the whole air travel takes at least 5 hours. Meanwhile, Taipei and Incheon have direct weekly flights to Huangshan for about 2 ~2.5 hours. If you want to take flights from Singapore to Huangshan, there are daily connecting flights available, and it takes more than 8.5 hours in total.

Route Type Duration Frequency Distance (KM)
Hong Kong - Huangshan  connecting flights about 5 h ~ 1 day over 20 flights per day 930
Taipei - Huangshan direct & connecting flights about 2 h over 20 flights per day 594
Incheon (Seoul) - Huangshan  nonstop & connecting Flights about 2.5 ~ 1 day over 20 flights per day 1144
Busan - Huangshan  connecting Flights about 6.5 ~ 1 day about 10 flights per day 1171
Singapore - Huangshan  connecting Flights about 8.5 ~ 1 day about 20 flights per day 3485

Note: The above flight schedules are listed for reference only. The accurate timetable and price is subject to change, based on seasonly adjustment of air companies. Please feel free to contact us to double check!

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport (黄山屯溪国际机场,IATA: TXN)

Address: No.8 Longjing Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City (黄山市屯溪区龙井路8号)

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport is the major airport serving tour to Huangshan Mountain. It is located in 9km north suburb of downtown Huangshan City, about 1 hour’s driving to Mount Huangshan, about 60km of southeast Hongcun Ancient Village (1 hour & 20 minutes’ drivng) and Xidi Ancient Village (1 hour’s driving). So far, it operates about 100 flights per week, connecting Huangshan with Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Chongqing, Taipei, Incheon (Seoul), Busan, Singapore, etc. After arrival, visitors can transfer from Huangshan Bus Station in Tunxi to Tangkou Town, and then take tourist bus from Tangkou Distribution Center to Mount Huangshan Scenic Area directly. Or you can take airport bus, taxi to have a short stay in Tunxi, enjoy a leisurely stroll in Tunxi Old Street and then get to Huangshan Mountain afterwards.

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Huangshan Tunxi International Airport The Facade of Huangshan Tunxi International Airport

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