How to Travel from Beijing to Huangshan in 2023: Train or Flight?

As China’s old and present capital city, Beijing owns brilliant culture and long history which breed seven NESCO World Cultural Heritages Sites and many other worth-seeing attractions. Undoubtedly, it is regarded as the well-deserved premier destination for foreign travelers. It’s easily to extend a Beijing tour to many other cities, including Huangshan, which is named after its picturesque Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain). Traveling from Beijing to Huangshan gives you a great chance to explore one of the best parts of China’s cultural and natural charm.

Why Travel from Beijing to Huangshan

1. Beijing Can Be Reached Conveniently

Passengers can fly to Beijing normally within 1 day by nonstop/connecting flights, departing from international/regional cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, Vancouver, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne, Moscow, Amsterdam, Auckland, Paris, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Frankfurt, Prague, Zurich, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Jeju, Bangkok, Bali, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Cairo, New Delhi, Doha, Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei, etc.

2. Enjoy A Tour of China’s Various Cultural and Natural Landscapes

In Beijing, you can see more about China’s cultural sights, including some world-famous structures (Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, etc.). Huangshan, inspiring numerous writers and artists in ancient China, allows you to see the a vast painting with unique beauty. There are twisted pines, jutting crags, magnificent clouds seas, psychedelic mists and breathtaking sunrise. Moreover, the surrounding Huizhou Villages are attractive as well.

3. Take Advantage of Convenient Transfer between Beijing and Huangshan

Beijing operates both nonstop flight and high speed train to Huangshan. There is one daily flight departing from Beijing Capital International Airport to Huangshan Tunxi International Airport, which takes about 2 hours only. Besides, there are about 10 high speed trains running from Beijing South Railway Station to Huangshan North Railway Station every day. Within 7 hours’ comfortable train journey, you can travel from Beijing to Huangshan.

Where are Beijing and Huangshan Located

Huangshan, a prefecture-level city in Southern Anhui Province, Eastern China, named after the famous UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, is the popular gateway to visit Mount Huangshan. It borders Chizhou City (池州市) and Xuancheng City (宣城市) of Anhui in the north, Jiangxi Province in the southwest and Zhejiang Province in southeast. The city lies in the south of Capital Beijing with a long distance of about 1,330km (826 miles), crossing Heibei and Shandong Provinces in North and East China regions respectively.

Currently, tourists can take both flights and trains, including bullet trains and normal trains, to travel to Huangshan from Beijing within short hours. The daily Beijing Huangshan Flight departing at Beijing Capital International Airport and arriveing at Huangshan Tunxi Airport only needs 2 hours. Meanwhile, the high speed bullet trains leaving from Beijing South Railway Station and arriving at Huangshan North Railway Station takes just half a day. Check the following trains and flights information to select your perfect way to Huangshan.

Beijing to Huangshan & Huangshan to Beijing

Beijing Huangshan Transportation Map

Beijing to Huangshan Train: Bullet Train and Normal Train

Nowadays, the convenient, budget and comfortable train travel to Huangshan from Beijing and from Huangshan to Beijing by less than half a day is getting more and more popular among Yellow Mountain visitors. By that way, you can not only experience advanced facilities onboard as locals, but also see much of the country of different styles in a single trip. Besides, there are a lot of daily trains you can choose from. There are altogether 10 trains running from Beijing to Huangshan every day, including 8 high speed bullet trains (G Trains or Gaotie) and 2 normal trains (K Trains). Interested in a special China train travel? Get the detailed information below!

Bullet Train - Most Recommended for Train Travelers

Nowadays, the 6-hours’high speed bullet train travel from Beijing to Huangshan and Huangshan to Beijing is more than a time-saving transportation, but also an in-style travel experience to physically witness the great engineering achievements and variation of different landscape in China along the way. While enjoy the convenient, comfortable, clean and punctual bullet train trip, you have more chance to chat with locals.

With the operation of Beijing Fuzhou High Speed Railway, there are totally 8 pairs of bullet trains running between Beijing and Huangshan from early morning to afternoon. The railway length is nearly 1306km, and the fastest train takes only 5.5 hours and other trains need about 6.5 hours. Once starting, the trains will pass by more than 10 midway stations, including stations like Jinan West (济南西), Xuzhou East (徐州东), Hefei South (合肥南) and so on.

Beijing South Railway Station (北京南站)

Address: No.12, Yongwai Avenue, Fengtai District, South Beijing (北京市丰台区永外大街12号)

Beijing South Railway Station is the largest train terminal of Beijing, as well as the busiest one that handles the highest number of trains to/off Beijing. It is located between 2nd and 3rd Ring Roads, about 7km (4.5 miles) of downtown Beijing, 8km (0.5 hour’s driving distance) from the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) and 38km (1 hour’s driving distance) northeast of Beijing Capital International Airport. Passengers can get to the station by taxies, Beijing Subway (Line 4 and Line 14), airport shuttle bus (Route 10 from Beijing Capital International Airport) and lots of local buses. >> More about Beijing South Railway Station

Huangshan North Railway Station (黄山北站)

Address: No.2, North Yingkesong Avenue, Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui (安徽省黄山市屯溪区迎客松大道北2号)

Huangshan North Railway Station is newly built high speed train station serving tourism of Yellow Mountain. It is located in 18km (0.5 h’s driving) of north Tunxi (downtown of Huangshan City), about 45km (about 1h’s driving) of south Mount Huangshan, 54km (1h & 15 mins’driving) of northwest Hongcun Ancient Village and 45km (1 h’s driving) of northwest Xidi Ancient Village. Once arrival, there are direct buses tourists can take to cable car stations of Mount Huangshan. Besides, taxis and special tourist shuttle buses are also available from the station to Mount Huangshan, Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Village and other major scenic sites in Huangshan City. >> More about Huangshan Train Stations

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- 6 Days Yellow Mountain Vacation from Beijing by Bullet Train

Beijing to Huangshan High Speed Bullet Train

Bullet Train Running from Beijing to Huangshan on Beijing-Fuzhou High Speed Railway

Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing South Railway Station

Huangshan North Railway Station

Huangshan North Railway Station

Beijing to Huangshan High Speed Bullet Train Schedules

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Dep. ~ Arr. Station Ticket
G265 07:45~14:13 6 hours & 28 minutes Beijing South Railway Station →
Huangshan North Railway Station
about¥550.0 (Second Class Seat)
about¥930.0 (First Class Seat)
about¥1750.0 (Business Class Seat)
G355 08:40~15:31 6 hours & 51 minutes
G27 09:45~15:18 5 hours & 33 minutes
G323 10:10~16:57 6 hours & 47 minutes
G301 10:30~17:12 6 hours & 42 minutes
G325 12:05~18:21 6 hours & 16 minutes
G303 12:30~19:04 6 hours & 34 minutes
G351 15:30~22:10 6 hours & 40 minutes

Huangshan to Beijing High Speed Bullet Train Schedules

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Dep. ~ Arr. Station Ticket
G352 08:00~14:33 6 hours & 33 minutes Huangshan North Railway Station →
Beijing South Railway Station
about¥550.0 (Second Class Seat)
about¥930.0 (First Class Seat)
about¥1750.0 (Business Class Seat)
G302 09:38~16:33 6 hours & 55 minutes
G322 11:49~18:38 6 hours & 49 minutes
G28 12:09~17:53 5 hours & 44 minutes
G324 13:26~20:13 6 hours & 47 minutes
G270 14:33~21:08 6 hours & 35 minutes
G304 14:52~21:48 6 hours & 56 minutes
G356 15:22~22:24 7 hour & 2 minutes


Tips: The above train times are subject to change. You can contact us to check the up-to-date train timetable and book tickets.

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Ordinary Train - Overnight Train to Downtown Huangshan

Except the 8 fast bullet trains, there are also two daily normal K series trains running from Beijing to Huangshan and Huangshan to Beijing. Both two trains are overnight trains that arrive in Huangshan in the next morning. And finally passengers will arrive at Huangshan Railway Station, the old station closer to downtown area than Huangshan North Railway Station. Check the mormal trains from Beijing to Huangshan and Huangshan to Beijing below:

Train Route Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Dep. ~ Arr. Station Ticket
Beijing to Huangshan K45 10:40~07:32 (the second day) 20 hrs 52 mins Beijing Station → Huangshan Station
北京站 → 黄山站
about ¥180.0 (Hard Seat) /
about¥310.0 (Hard Sleeper) /
about ¥500.0 (Soft Sleeper)
K1109 13:35~09:46 (the 2nd day) 20 hrs 11 mins Beijing West Station → Huangshan Station
北京西站 → 黄山站
Huangshan to Beijing K46 08:41~05:07 (the 2nd day) 20 hrs 26 mins Huangshan Station → Beijing Station
黄山站 → 北京站
K1110 16:28~12:35 (the 2nd day) 20 hrs & 7 mins Huangshan Station → Beijing Railway Station
黄山站 → 北京站


Note: On the above normal trains, Business Class Seats are not available. If you plan to take an overnight train to get to Huangshan from Beijing or opposite way, you’d better take the Soft Sleeper, because it offer more private space and comfortable berth for your long journey.

Beijing to Huangshan/Huangshan to Beijing Flight

Taking a 2 hour’s flight from Beijing to Huangshan and Huangshan to Beijing is also a very convenient way for Mount Huangshan travelers. With short flying, one can easily travel from ancient capital Beijing to discovery stunning natural beauty of Mount Huangshan. Every day, Air China, a reliable and experience air company, offers one pair of round-trip (non-stop) flights between Beijing and Huangshan. And all the flights depart and land in the evening hours. Check the following latest updated flights schedules between Beijing and Huangshan:

Beijing Capital International Airport (北京首都国际机场, IATA: PEK)

Address: West Airport Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (北京市朝阳区机场西路)

Beijing Capital International Airport is the most important international airport serving Beijing. It is located about 25km northeast of downtown Beijing, 30km (1 h’s driving) from Tiananmen Square and Palace Museum, 80km (1.5hrs’driving) to Badaling Great Wall and 55km (1h & 15 mins’driving) of Mutianyu Great Wall. Travelers in downtown area can take taxi, airport shuttle bus or transfer to Beijing Subway Airport Express at Dongzhimen Station (东直门站) from Metro Line 2 and 13, Sanyuanqiao Station (三元桥站) from Metro Line 10 to get to the airport. >> More about Beijing Transportation

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport (黄山屯溪国际机场,IATA: TXN )

Address: No.8, Longjing Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan City (黄山市屯溪区龙井路8号)

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport is the major local airport serving visitors to Mount Huangshan. It is located in 9km, about 20 mins’ driving of northwest Tunxi, downtown Huangshan City, about 60km (1 h’s driving) of south Mount Huangshan Scenic Area and about 60km (1 h’s driving) of southeast Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages. After landing, tourists can take taxies and airport buses to downtown Tunxi before heading to Yellow Mountain. The shuttle bus drives nearly 20 minutes, costing around 6 RMB. The airport still operates flights to Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Xiamen and other main tourist cities in China. >> More about Huangshan Tunxi International Airport

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Beijing to Huangshan Flight

Aerial View on Flight to Huangshan

Huangshan Tunxi International Airport

Checking Counter and Arrival Hall at Huangshan Tunxi Airport

Flight Route Flight No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Dep. ~ Arr. Airport Frequency
Beijing to Huangshan CA1551 18:35~20:45 2 hrs 10 mins Beijing Capital Airport (T3) → Huangshan Tunxi Airport
北京首都国际机场T3 → 黄山屯溪机场
Huangshan to Beijing CA1552 21:30~23:40 2 hrs 10 mins Huangshan Tunxi Airport → Beijing Capital Airport
黄山屯溪机场 → 北京首都国际机场

Train or Flight? – The Most Convenient Way to Go

As a fact, both the high speed bullet train and flight are popular ways to reach Huangshan from Beijing and to Beijing from Huangshan. While planning your Beijing Huangshan Tour, you can refer to useful details, regarding of costs, duration, transportation and other aspects, to decide a suitable way to go. The following comparison takes the transportation from Beijing to Huangshan as an example.

● Transportation for Departure and Arrival

(For departure) Both Beijing South Railway Station and Airport can be reached by taxi and subway. However, Beijing South Railway Station is located in downtown Beijing, while the airport lies in northeast suburb of Beijing. So tourists in central Beijing need more time to get to airport and do the checking at least 45mins prior to departure. (After arrival) Huangshan North Railway offers direct bus and shuttle to Mount Huangshan, Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages with closer driving distance while the airport, closer to downtown Huangshan (Tunxi), only has airport express and local taxi to Tunxi.

● Travel Time & Available Frequency

Every day, Beijing sends 8 high speed bullet trains to Huangshan, departing from about 07:30 in early morning to 15:30 in the afternoon. That means, train travelers have lot of choices. And the whole train trip takes about 5.5 hours ~ 6.5 hours. However, there is only one daily flight operating from Beijing to Huangshan, leaving at 18:35 and landing at 20:45 in the evening. Thus, you should booking airline tickets as early as possible if you prefer to fly there.

● Class of Tickets & Fares

On Beijing to Huangshan high speed bullet trains, there are three kinds of seats: Second Class Seat (about¥550.0), First Class Seat (about ¥925.0) and Business Class Seat (about ¥1750.0). The ticket fares of the flights are ¥ 1240.0 for Economy Class, ¥3740.0 for Business Class and ¥4980.0 for First Class. One extra benefit is that you may enjoy amazing view of featured Hui-style Architectures scatted around on clear days, if you sit by the window on an airplane. >> Classes of Seat on High Speed Trains

Huangshan Train Stations, Airport to Mount Huangshan

Distance Map of Train Stations & Airport to Mount Huangshan (Click to Enlarge)

Business Class Seat on Beijing Huangshan High Speed Bullet Train

Business Class Seat on Beijing Huangshan High Speed Bullet Train

How to Plan a Beijing Huangshan Tour

Touring Beijing and Huangshan together gives tourist the excellent opportunity to enjoy magnificent top World Cultural and Natural Heritages of China. After you visit the iconic attractions in Beijing, you can experience the newest and fast bullet train to Huangshan and then start your amazing Huangshan tour.

How to Plan a Beijing Tour

You are suggested to spend at least 2 or 3 days touring the landmarks in Beijing. In short 3 days, you are able to see the collection of Chinese imperial architectures, like Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, as well as be amazed by some modern buildings (Bird’s Nest and Water Cube). After that, enjoy a hiking experience in Great Wall of China – the manmade wonder with a history of thousands of years. We also advise you to enjoy the local life by visiting Beijing Hutongs and riding an interesting rickshaw. With one more day, don’t miss China’s largest imperial garden – Summer Palace. It is also available to travel 798 Art Zone to get an artsy vibe which stands in contrast to the old atmosphere of Beijing's historic sights.

A Beijing tour can’t be completed without a visit to Great Wall. For Great Wall enthusiasts, you may be interested in more than one section of Great Wall. Check our Great Wall Tours for more enjoyable experience.

Travel from Beijing to Huangshan Parnoramic View of Forbidden City Travel from Beijing to Huangshan Hiking on Jiankou Great Wall

How to Plan a Huangshan Tour

Usually, a Huangshan tour takes about 3 ~ 4 days. Yellow Mountain is the essence of Huangshan. It can be divided into Front Mountain, Back Mountain and West Sea Grand Canyon. The Front Mountain features sublime peaks, interesting stone paths and far-reaching views. The Back Mountain is famous for idyllic smaller peaks and shapely pine trees. In West Sea Grand Canyon, there are many odd-shaped rocks resembling different figures. It is recommended to spend 2 days getting amazed by Huangshan’s natural beauty. Then you can explore one or more Huizhou typical ancient villages, like Hongcun Village and Xidi Village – both listed in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.

If you want to discover Huangshan and Huizhou better, you can explore more villages (like Nanping, Bishan, Mucheng, etc.) in more ways (like hiking, biking, hot spring, photography or rural living experience).

Flying-over Rock on Yellow Mountain Beautiful Sunrise Viewed from Flying-over Rock on Mount Huangshan
Travel from Beijing to Huangshan South Lake in Hongcun Village

Travel with China Discovery

China Discovery provides you worryfree private tour packages which covers sightseeing, dining, tour guide and transfers between Beijing and Huangshan. The tour guide and driver will pick you up at airport, railway station to your Hotel, and escort you all the way to focus on sightseeing and save your time on complicated local transfer. If you have more questions about transportation between Beijing and Huangshan, please free to contact us and our experienced travel consultants are always ready to help!

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Top 3 Huangshan tours chosen by most customers to explore Huangshan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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