Harbin in November: Weather, Temperature & What to Do

Most people want to have a ice and snow tour in Harbin, then the best time for you to visit Harbin is from late November to early March when you could explore the icy cold of Harbin. If you want to visit Harbin’s Ice and Snow Festival - one of the four ice and snow festivals in the world, then you can go to Harbin from late December to the next February. At that time, you could combine your Ice and Snow World Festival tour with China Snow Town and Yabuli Ski Resort. However, if you go to Harbin in November, then you can go to China Snow Town, St. Sophia Cathedral, Central Avenue, etc. If you do so, then you must need the following information, including Harbin weather in November, what to do in Harbin in November, What to Wear in Harbin in November and useful tips. You could also learn about how to plan a Harbin tour in November.
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Harbin Weather in November

Harbin begins to enter the winter in November, and the weather gradually becomes cold day by day. In November, Harbin sees sleet, few snow flurries and some windy days. In November, the mean temperature is about 0℃(32℉) at day time and about -9℃(15.8℉) at night. According to historical data of Harbin temperature, the lowest temperature of Harbin in November is about -24℃(-11.2℉).

In November, 2018, the temperature of Harbin ranges from -16℃(3.2℉) to 15℃(59℉). Meanwhile, there were 3 days with sleet, 1 day with snow flurries, 16 days with sunshine, and 10 cloudy days. The followings are charts about Harbin weather and max-/min-temperature of Harbin in November, 2018.

Harbin Temperature

Harbin Weather in November, 2018

Harbin Temperature

Harbin Highest & Lowest Temperature in November, 2018 Day by Day

Harbin AQI in November

According to the historical data of Harbin AQI in November, 2018, 1 day was evaluated as excellent, 21 days were good, 4 days were lightly polluted, 2 day were moderately polluted and 3 days were heavily polluted. The chart of Harbin AQI in November, 2018 is as following.

Harbin AQI

Harbin AQI in November, 2018 Day by Day

What to Do in Harbin in November

Visit No.1 Snow Town of China - China Snow Town

China Snow Town, the no.1 snow town in China, is the best place to appreciate a paradise-like world with very beautiful snowscape. Located at the Shuangfeng Forest in Hailin County of Heilongjiang Province, China Snow Town is about 280 km away from Harbin. The snow here can up to about 2 meters. Snow looks like milk scream and hangs from the eaves to the ground, forming a unique scene of "snow curtains". You also can take part in lots of winter activities. Here, it can satisfy your imagination and desire about snow. The opening time of the China Snow Town is usually from Nov. 24 ~ Early March.
(Note:The information is for reference only, for more details, please feel free to contact our private consultant.)

Appreciate Distinctive Architectures

Once arriving at Harbin, you will find so many old charming architectures in this city, which are totally different from traditional Chinese architectures. These buildings adopt mostly the European style of architectures, and sometimes both Chinese and western elements. You could visit St. Sophia Cathedral, which is a typical Byzantine architecture and was once the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East. At present it is used as an arts gallery. Then the Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower, a featured striking tower of Russian style and built up to 22.5 meters. Lao Daowai, where Harbin originated, is popular as a featured street block full of old Baroque styled architectures with traditional Chinese elements.

Wander Along No.1 Pedestrian Street of Asia - Central Avenue

Central Avenue (Zhongyang Pedestrian Street) is over 120 years old and also now the longest pedestrian street in the whole Asia with a total length of 1450 meters. Taking a leisure stroll along the ancient and exotic street, you could enjoy your relaxing time to appreciate the various European styled buildings and taste some delicious snacks as locals. (The Stalin Park is very close to the pedestrian, so if are interested and time permits, you could walk there to feel the charm of Russian architectures and enjoy many creative artistic sculptures.)


Say Hello to Harbin’s Special Animals

In Harbin, there are also two places which worth visit. The one is the Siberian Tiger Park, the largest breeding center in the world for Siberian Tigers. You can take a bus with wire-mesh protection through the park to closely see the Siberian Tigers, White Tigers, tigers, lions, leopards, and other rare beasts of prey. The other one is Harbin Polarland, Arctic-themed aquarium featuring polar bears, arctic foxes, arctic wolves, sea lions, penguins & beluga shows. There are shows given by these cute and clever animals every day. You even could see dreamlike scenery of Jellyfish. It would be great if you go to visit them with your family!


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Harbin St. Sophia Cathedral Harbin St. Sophia Cathedral
Zhongyang Pedestrian Street Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

What to Wear in Harbin in November

We have already known before, the temperature in Harbin in November ranges from -16℃(3.2℉) to 15℃(59℉). As the temperature in Harbin in November gradually reduces from day to day. Meanwhile, the temperature in day time is warmer than at night. So you need to wear right according to the temperature. It is advised to wear multiple layers, so that you could take them off when heat up. Furthermore, as the temperature in indoors is about 18℃ (64.4℉), so you don’t need to wear too many in indoors. However, when you go out for outdoor activities, you have to wear more to prevent yourself from getting cold.

◆Clothes: The temperature difference between day and night is great, so you need to dress right for the temperature. You need to wear thermal underwear which is soft, loose and breathable. Then you can wear a sweater, and a water-/wind-/cold-proof down jacket.

◆Shoes: The cold stars from your feet. So you need to wear cold-proof shoes with thick sole. The top choice is a pair of hiking boots. It would be better for you to wear water-proof shoes in case of snow water soaking your socks. You can also wear the gaiters over your shoes.

◆Glove: It is advised to wear cotton or fleece gloves with five fingers, so that you could play or work flexibly.

◆Cap: It is advised to wear wool cap which can keep your ears warm. You can also wear overcoat with cap.

In addition, you could also wear mask and scarf to prevent yourself from cold wind.

What to Wear in Harbin in November What to Wear in
Harbin in November

Tips for Travelling in Harbin in November

1. Actually, the opening ceremony of Harbin’s International Ice and Snow World Festival is in 5th, January. However, the relevant celebrated activities usually start from late December.

2. If you visit China Snow Town in November, then the snow there may not be as high as 2 meters. However, if you go early, then there will be less tourists. The best time to visit China Snow Town is from 24th, November to early March.

3. It is advised to wear multiple layers, so that you could take them off when heat up.

4. You need to bring moisturizer and any other skincare products to stay your face and hands hydrating, as it is dry and cold in winter. A lip balm will also be needed for you. It is advised to eat more fruits and drink more water to prevent yourself from the dry weather.

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Harbin Ice and Snow World Harbin Ice and Snow World

How to Plan a Harbin Tour

Usually, most travellers spend about 2 to 4 days when touring in Harbin, covering 2 days catching highlights of downtown area of Harbin city and 1 to 2 days exploring the hot destinations around Harbin city. In Harbin’s downtown area, you could enjoy those delicate masterpiece of artists, such as ice lantern show in Zhaolin Park, Ice and Snow World, Sun Island Scenic Resort, etc. You can also appreciate St. Sophia Cathedral, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, and Laodaowai Baroque Styled Architectures, etc. After visiting downtown area of Harbin, travellers can spend one full day to the Yabuli Ski Resort, a ski resort that is about 220 km away from Harbin, to experience the most professional skiing. Otherwise, they will spend one full day to the China Snow Town, the no.1 snow town in China that is about 280 km away from Harbin, to see the paradise-like snowscape. Some travellers may combine the trip in Harbin downtown area with these two destinations.
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Furthermore, you could also combine your Harbin tour with any other hot travel destinations in China, such as BeijingXianShanghaiGuilinLhasa, etc.
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Night View of Dream Home in China Snow Town China Snow Town
Pouring Hot Water into Ice at China Snow Town Pouring Hot Water into Ice

Travel Harbin & China with China Discovery

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