Things to Do in Guizhou

Endowing beautiful scenery of mountains, waters, valley views, Guizhou province is also has deep ethnic culture in multiple minority groups. Located in south of China, Guizhou is mountainous and less developed transportation, which makes most regions keep the original landform and nature.

Visit Anshuan from Guiyang, or Southeast Guizhou (including Kaili, Rongjiang, Congjiang, Zhaoxing) and more destinations of Guizhou for you to enjoy a memorable trip with ethnic villagers’ local tradition, karst nature waterfalls, caves, ancient architectures, etc.

Travel to Guizhou and leave no regrets since here is the real nature you are looking forward to!

Guizhou Attractions Map


No.1: Kaili

Location: in the east of Guizhou, 185 km away from Guiyang

Famous Tourist Sites: Xijiang Miao Village, Zhengyuan Ancient Town, Kaili Ethnic Museum, Miao Ethnic Villages

Kaili is known for the center city of Qiandongnan, which is the home of Miao & Dong ethnic groups in Guizhou province. As the famous biggest Miao village in China-Xijiang Miao Village located around Kaili, this city is becoming the initiative destination for tourists to explore the ancient ethnic traditions and culture. From Kaili to Leishan County or even go further to the southernmost of Guizhou, you can experience different ways of living in kinds of Miao and Dong villages.


No.2: Anshun

Location: in the central west of Guizhou, 90 km away from Guiyang

Famous Tourist Sites: Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxing Bridge Scenic Spot, Dragon Palace Cave

Anshun features southern karst landscapes and great nature resource, Hangguoshu Waterfall is the most representative. In summer, with abundant rainfalls, Anshun is the hot destination to see the peculiar wonder of waterfalls and excelling nature of karst caves. In addition, the ancient Tunpu village lived with offspring of Han dynasty will let you learn Han people’s life back to 600 years ago.


No.3: Guiyang

Location: in the center of Guizhou province

Famous Tourist Sites: Qingyan Ancient Town, Jiaxiu Tower, Qianling Park, etc

Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, is a pleasant city with nice weather. There is no hot summer or chilly winter and perfect for tourists travel around in any time of year. Guiyang also is reputed for great mountains and beautiful water, you’ll never doubted by walking along local parks or look around. Strolling in the streets of Guiyang city or nearby Qiangyan Ancient Town, you can feel the quiet and comfortable life with simple happiness.


No.3: Fanjingshan

Location: in the northeast of Guizhou province

Famous Tourist Sites: Red Cloud Golden Summit, Mushroom Stone, etc

Fanjingshan, is the highest peak of Wuling Mountains, 2,570m (8,430ft) above sea level. Besides standing out as a sacred Maitreya mountain for Buddhists, Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve was also established and designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and later announced as a World Heritage Site in 2018. National Geographic and other major travelling websites entitle Fanjingshan as "the top 3 best trip in 2019".

Libo County

No.4: Libo County

Location: in the south of Guizhou, 330 km away from Guiyang

Famous Tourist Sites: Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong), Maolan Nature Reserve

Libo County, located in southeast of Guizhou, was crowned with the World Natural Heritage in 2007 for its fine example of Karst topography in south China. Comparing with water in Jiuzhaigou Valley, the green water in seven small Arches is more authentic, like a green gem isolated itself from the outside world. Also you can experience boating in lake, hiking around and more activities. With more time, going to Miaolan Nature Reserve and get a glimpse of the diverse Karst ecosystem is worthwhile.

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Huangguoshu Waterfall
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