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5 Days Southeast Guizhou Ethnic Tour with Amazing Cultural & Hiking Experience

Get off the beaten path to fully experience Miao & Dong cultures


I know you have been to the modern metropolis in China like Beijing and Shanghai, and you may have visited Yunnan Province which is home to 25 ethnic groups. How about getting off the beaten path and deep into the primitive villages to witness more about the real life of ethnic groups and rural countryside in China? Guizhou is the fast-going destination offering so many things to see. The most impressive part is definitely the Southeast Guizhou where inhabits the most Miao and Dong ethnic groups.

Take this 5 days Southeast Guizhou ethnic tour and you’ll explore in Kaili and its surrounding Miao villages that you can involve in some cultural activities to fully know about Miao people and their culture and customs. In Langde Upper Miao Village, you’ll experience the traditional welcome ceremony set by “block-the-way” wine, and in Wudong, go to the rice paddies to catch fish and know the local farming system; in Shiqiao, you’ll know how to make paper in traditional way with trees’ bark; and in Qingman, you can see the short skirt Miao and view the local making pleated skirts and embroidery. Take one-day to Zhenyuan Ancient Town to witness how a 2200-year-old town is going. Make a transfer to the largest Dong Village in Guizhou - Zhaoxing Dong Village with stunning Wind and Rain Bridges and Drum Towers and enjoy 2-hour scenic hike from Zhaoxing to Tang’an Dong Village passing by breathtaking rice paddies. In 5 days, you see, you do and you experience! All are amazing!

Basic Trip Information

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Travel Route:
Kaili / Zhenyuan / Zhaoxing / Congjiang
Travel Length:
5 Days and 4 Nights
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Group Size:
You, your family, friends or group
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Full Itinerary Day by day

Day 1 Kaili Arrival

Welcome to Kaili, the capital of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. Upon arrival, our local tour guide will meet you with a sign on which says your names at the arrival hall in the airport or train station. Then, our guide and driver will transfer you to Kaili downtown area by our comfortable private car (non-smoking), and the guide will help you check in to your hotel. The rest of today is on your own to explore this ethnic city.

Arrival Ideas: High speed trains are well connected Kaili with Guiyang (0.5-1hr), Anshun (1-1.5hrs), Tongren (1hr), Kunming (3-3.5hrs), Chengdu (4-4.5hrs), Chongqing (2.5-3hrs), Changsha (2.5-3hrs), Guangzhou (5.5-6hrs), Shanghai, Wuhan, Beijing and more cities. If by air, travelers can take flights from Xian, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guiyang, Jinan to Kaili Huangping Airport. (Note: For travelers who take flights or trains arriving in Guiyang, we can arrange private car with pick-up service to escort you from Guiyang to Kaili.)

Kaili South Railway Station
Day 2 Kaili (B, L)

After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel. Today, you’ll be transferred about 28 km for a visit to Langde Upper Miao Village which is reputed as “the Hometown of Chinese Folk Song and Dance Art”. It is with less crowds, peaceful natural atmosphere, friendly villagers and rich cultural heritage. Upon arrival at the village, you will be warmly treated with a traditional welcome ceremony by the beautiful ladies and girls dressed in traditional Miao costumes (long skirt). They will set twelve tables with “block-the-way” wine and you can taste the wine to feel their hospitality. Once the toasts are completed, you will continue to experience the singing and dancing performance at the Lusheng Ground. The men will play Lusheng and the ladies will dance. If you like, you can participate in the dance to enjoy more fun.

Next, you’ll move to Wudong Miao Village which is 30 km away from Langde (0.5-1 hour’s driving). Wudong Village is at 1300 meters above sea level nested on the hillside of the Leigong Mountain, among terraced fields, vegetables gardens and lush forests. The whole village is made out of the traditional Miao type of dwelling - Diaojiaolou which usually have 3 floors - the first is for livestock, the second is where people live, and the third floor is used for storage. You can take a look at the oldest water mill/wheel in all of Leishan County. The most interesting part is to go fishing with Miao group’s bamboo baskets in the local rice paddy fields and get to know their farming system and daily life better (go fishing needs extra payment and is usually available in summer during July ~ September). After that, the local hostess will show you how to cook Miao famous cuisine - Fish in Sour Soup. Enjoy the lunch at the local house.

Later, drive another 20 kilometers to “A Village in the Forest” - Getou Miao Village. It is nested between the slopes of Leigong Mountain at a height of 1015 meters above sea level. The village has about 3500 Taiwania flousiana and among them over 200 have a history over 1000 years. It has the largest area, and the best preserved Taiwania flousiana, hence Getou village is called “the Hometown of Taiwania Flousiana in China”. Different from Langde, Getou Village is the real land of idyllic beauty - green verdant hill, clear rivers, flowing water, traditional Diaojiaolou and peaceful life.

After the tour, be escorted back to Kaili City.

Getou Miao Village Upper Langde Miao Village Wudong Miao Village
Day 3 Kaili - Zhenyuan Ancient Town (B, L)

After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at the hotel. The first stop today is Shiqiao Miao Village which is about 32 km southwest of Kaili city. Shiqiao Village is famous for the national intangible cultural heritage of traditional paper making with trees’ bark by Miao ethnic group. Traditionally, paper was first invented during the Eastern Han Dynasty around the year of 100 BC from hemp, tree barks and old rags, etc. While the paper making technology in Shiqiao can be dated back to 1,300 years and the skill is called Tang Dynasty paper making. Catch the great opportunity to see the traditional ways of making papers. If interested, you can learn paper making in the Chuan Cave (extra payment), from which the underground river water in quite clean and good for the paper quality.

You will be followed a trip to Qingman Miao Village which is located in the southwest of Kaili City. Qingman Miao Village belongs to the short skirt black Miao and known as “the Hometown of Miao Embroidery”. It is different from other villages for its traditional houses are built in ordered rows. Get into the beautiful village and you’ll be warmly welcomed by the local people and then you can learn how to make cloth on a loom machine with cotton threads, and learn how to make pleated skirts and embroidery (extra payment).

After the tour, drive to Zhenyuan Ancient Town which needs about 2 hours. With a history of more than 2,200 years, Zhenyuan Ancient Town features hundreds of ancient buildings in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties. The mother river called Wuyang River passes through the town in the shape of “S”, making the whole town look like Eight Diagrams and Zhenyuan is also reputed as “Oriental Venice”. Enjoy the view of Shiping Mountain and the ruins of Miaojiang Great Wall from a distance. Shiping Mountain is the highest point of the ancient city, while the ruins of Miaojiang Great Wall was built during the late Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) with the history about Miao people about 500 years ago. In this evening, enjoy the beautiful night view with gleaming colors along Wuyang River. (Optional experience: you can take a scenic boat sailing leisurely on Wuyang River to enjoy the dazzling night scene with numerous stone buildings by the river.)

Shiqiao Miao Village Qingman Miao Village Peaceful Zhenyuan Ancient Town at Night
Day 4 Zhenyuan Ancient Town - Zhaoxing Dong Village (B, L)

After breakfast, you’ll take a peaceful walk in Zhenyuan Ancient Town. Stroll leisurely and pay a visit to Tin Hau Temple in the architectural style of Southern Fujian. This temple has witnessed the flourishing period of Wuyang River waterway. Walk to Zhenjiang Pavilion which was built in Ming Dynasty situated in the west of the town. Have a nice stroll along the old alleys to appreciate traditional folk houses and the ancient wells. You won’t miss Sifangjing Alley. Walking through Zhusheng Bridge, the seven-hole blue stone arch bridge built in Ming Dynasty, you will get to Black Dragon Cave (also called Qinglong Cave). This is not simply a cave, but a ancient architectural complex of ancient temples, pavilions, shrines and palaces standing on Zhonghe Mountain. It well presents the Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism culture with the magnificent construction and layout. It is said that Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of Tai Chi, personally selected and involved in the construction of the temples. This scenic spot is composed of the following parts including the Zhusheng Bridge, Zhongyuan Temple, Ziyang Shuyuan (Academy of Classical Learning), Jade Emperor Pavilion, Longevity Palace and Xianglu Yan. The visit will be truly a cultural highlight during your Zhenyuan trip.

After the relaxing trip in Zhenyuan, drive to Zhaoxing Dong Village in Liping County which is 230 km in the southeast of Zhenyuan for 3 hours’ driving.

Accommodate in Zhaoxing.

Black Dragon Cave Zhenyuan Ancient Town
Day 5 Zhaoxing - Congjiang Departure (B, L)

After breakfast, you’ll explore the largest Dong village in Guizhou - Zhaoxing Dong Village. Zhaoxing Village has been selected as “one of the six most beautiful countryside in China” and together with its drum towers were listed into the Guinness World Records in 2001. It is divided into 5 natural small villages, living in five different areas - which are called “Tuan” locally. Besides, there are five drum towers, five Wind and Rain Bridges and five stages setting in the village. Start your exploration from the village gate and get atop of the viewing platform to enjoy the panorama, where you can also clearly appreciate the five drum towers standing beautifully in the village. Afterwards, pay a visit to the Zhaoxing Dong Culture Museum to have a better understanding about Dong people and its culture in all aspects. Follow the route to visit Xin Tuan (means faith) with the highest drum tower at 25.9 meters, Zhi Tuan (means wisdom), Yi Tuan (means righteousness), Li Tuan (means Rritual) with the first drum tower in Zhaoxing built in 17th century and Ren Tuan (means benevolence). You won’t miss the great welcome ceremony (10-20 minutes) in this morning and watch the famous Grand Song of Dong People and other interesting programs.

After that, you can choose to hike from Zhaoxing Dong Village to Tang’an Dong Village which needs about 2 hours or you can take the sightseeing bus there. If by hiking, you’ll pass by the intoxicating rice paddies and primitive Dong villages. In spring, the rice terraces are filled with water; in summer, green seedling grows well at the terraces; in autumn, the rice terraces are decorated with golden rice. Tang’an Dong Village is perched on hillside terraces and it is called the “living museum of Dong minority” with authentic feelings and beautiful landscape around. Visit the Eco Museum and enjoy more peaceful time in the village.

After the tour, get back to Zhaoxing and your guide and driver will escort you to Congjiang Railway Station to catch your train to next destination.

Departure Ideas: High speed trains are well connected Congjiang with Guiyang (1.5-2hrs), Guilin (about 1hr), Yangshuo (1-1.5hrs), Guangzhou (3.5-4 hours), Chengdu (about 5hrs), Chongqing (3.5-4hrs) and more destinations.

Zhaoxing Dong Village Zhaoxing Dong Village Tang'an Dong Village

Recommended Add-on Options

+3 more days to explore all Guilin Highlights (Li River, Yangshuo and Longji)

Guilin, the darling of tourists!

Guilin is famous for having the best landscape under Heaven which can be seen in three most popular places - Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng. Only 3 days are needed to get them all in a single trip. You will visit the essential sites in the city, enjoy a relaxing cruise along Li River, and have a pleasant time of countryside exploration in Yangshuo Town. Another highlight is the unique trip to Longji Terrace which is an ideal place for experiencing ethnic culture, hiking and photography.

Mr. Pasquale from Italy - Guilin Li River Fisherman

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5 Days Southeast Guizhou Ethnic Tour with Amazing Cultural & Hiking Experience

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