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Guizhou Hotels: Where to Stay in Guizhou & Recommended Accommodation

Guizhou is a large province and one of the transportation hubs located in the southeast part of China. It was rated as one of the 52 best destinations in the world that is worth visiting. Guizhou, not only has exquisite natural scenery, delicious sour and hot food, but also colorful ethnic minority cultures of Miao, Dong, Bouyei, etc. For travelers who are first visit to Guizhou, there are several must-go destinations in Guizhou, like the top famous and largest waterfall in China - Huangguoshu Waterfalls in Anshun, the largest amount of ethnic villages in Kaili, Rongjiang and Congjiang, the epic world heritage site - Fanjingshan in Tongren, the natural oxygen bar and capital city of Guizhou - “Fresh and Cool” Guiyang...

Where to Stay in Guizhou Guizhou Attractions and Where to Stay

Accommodation is one of the most important things during vacations and tourism. From Top 5 Star luxury hotels and resorts to economic hostels and guesthouses, all types of hotels you can think of can be found in Guizhou province. Here, we will briefly introduce to you the top places to stay and recommended hotels in hot destinations to help you plan your Guizhou tour in 2023.

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Guiyang Where to Stay

Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou, has both the modern development of a provincial capital city and the leisure and ease of a southwest city. The whole city is surrounded by mountains and forests, attractions in and near Guiyang are mainly named after parks. Accommodation in Guiyang is slightly expensive than in surrounding cities, but with more complete and high standard of facilities and infrastructure. There are also budget hostels and inns for visitors to choose.

There are several top areas to stay in Guiyang. More than 40% of visitors would choose to stay at the city center near the Spray Pond and Dashizi Square. It’s the most prosperous area of Guiyang, not only has convenient transportation, but also a variety of delicious local featured cuisines for visitors to explore. The next area that many visitors choose to stay in is the area near Guiyang Railway Station. Nearby catering, shopping and other supporting facilities are very sound. Even the surroundings would be a little noisy, but the hotel price would be lower than other places. For those who are planning a day tour to Qingyan Ancient Town, they can also choose to stay one night at featured overhanging folk houses there for one night.

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Top Recommended Hotels in Guiyang

Pullman Hotel (贵阳铂尔曼大酒店) ★★★★★

  • Address: No.100 Jiefang Road, Nanming District, Guiyang (贵阳市南明区解放路100号)
  • Located in downtown Guiyang, Pullman Guiyang Hotel is a 15-minute drive from the airport and 5 minutes from Guiyang Railway Station. It is highly recommended by former visitors.

Sheraton Guiyang (贵阳喜来登贵航酒店) ★★★★★

  • Address: No.49 Zhonghua South Road, Nanming District, Guiyang (贵阳市南明区中华南路49号)
  • Located in the heart of the city, Sheraton Guiyang Hotel is a luxuriously beautiful 5-star hotel. It is just a few minutes’ walk from Jiaxiu Pavilion. All the rooms are decorated modern and comfortable.

Ramada Plaza Guiyang (贵阳华美达神奇大酒店) ★★★★

  • Address: No.1 Beijing Road, Guizhou Province, Guiyang (贵阳市云岩区北京路1号
  • Surrounded by scenic spots of Jiaxiu Tower and Qianling Park, staying in this hotel is great for you to transfer around Guiyang city.

Top Recommended Guiyang Tour:

2 Days Classic Guiyang Tour with Qingyan Ancient Town

3 Days Guiyang City Tour with Huangguoshu Waterfall (Guiyang / Huangguoshu Waterfalls)

Guiyang City Guiyang City Jiaxiu Tower Jiaxiu Tower Pullman Hotel Pullman Hotel
Sheraton Guiyang Sheraton Guiyang

Anshun Where to Stay

Anshun City is located in China’s Guizhou Province, about 90km southwest from Guizhou's capital Guiyang. The largest waterfall in China, the one and only 360 degree waterfall in the world - Huangguoshu Waterfall is located in Anshun Province. Besides the magnificent Karst landscape, you may also have a chance to know more about the well-preserved Tunpu Culture in Anshun.

Hotels in Anshun City may not as many as Guiyang, however, there are still varied hotels from 5-star luxury to 2-star hostels for you to choose. Most hotels are gather at Anshun downtown, however you may also find some hostels around the scenic areas like Huangguoshu Waterfalls, Dragon Palace, etc. With less than 1 hour driving distance, most people would choose to stay at Anshun downtown for there are more options and facilities are more complete.

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Top Recommended Hotels in Anshun

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Anshun (安顺百灵希尔顿逸林酒店) ★★★★★

  • Address: No.42 Hongshanhu Road, Anshun City (安顺市虹山湖路42号)
  • Located in Anshun downtown, DoubleTree Hotel offers top standard services. Besides, there are more than 10 types of rooms for you to choose.

Triumphal Hotel (安顺凯旋大酒店) ★★★★

  • Address: Nanma Square, Xingguang Road, Anshun City (安顺市星光路与北航路交叉处南马广场)
  • Triumphal Hotel is located at Nanma Square. Attractions nearby are including Paleontological Museum, Hongshanhu Park and ancient Confucius Temple. There are also many specialty restaurants, night market street and shopping plaza around the hotel.

Top Recommended Anshun Guizhou Tour:

3 Days Guiyang City Tour with Huangguoshu Waterfall (Guiyang / Huangguoshu Waterfalls)

3 Days Huangguoshu Waterfall & Zhijin Cave Tour from Guiyang

6 Days Classic Guizhou Tour to Huangguoshu & Authentic Southeast Guizhou (Guiyang / Anshun / Kaili)

Huangguoshu Waterfall Huangguoshu Waterfalls Pullman Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Anshun
Sheraton Guiyang Triumphal Hotel

Kaili Where to Stay

Kaili, the capital city of southeast Guizhou (Qiandongnan), gathers hundreds of Miao, Dong and Shui ethnic minority villages scattered around. It is the best places to experience minority customs and culture. There are 3 recommended place to stay, which are Kaili downtown area, Xijiang Miao Villages and Zhenyuan Ancient Town.

Kaili downtown area is near the bullet train station, airport and equipped with complete amusement facilities. There are many luxury and comfortable hotels at a reasonable price for visitors to choose. As the largest Miao Village in China and a well-established tourist attraction, accommodation in Xijiang Miao Village developed much better than other ethnic villages in Qiandongnan. There are luxury 5-star hotels to budget guesthouses for you to choose. The night view in Xijiang Miao Village is quite splendid. Visitors who are interested in ancient architecture and folk houses can pay a visit and stay one night in 2000-year-old Zhenyuan Ancient Town. There are many inns in the ancient town. As long as it is not a golden week or summer vacation, you can easily find comfortable hotels or hostels to stay in. However, the price of the luxury hotels in Kaili and Zhenyuan Ancient town is a little bit higher than those hotels in Kaili downtown especially during May Day, National Day (October 1-7).

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Top Recommended Hotels in Kaili

Metro Park Hotel (维景国际度假酒店) ★★★★★

  • Address: No.13, Middle Section of Yingbin Road, Kaili (凯里市迎宾路13号)
  • Metro Park hotel Kaili is located in downtown with convenient transportation around. Equipped with standard facilities and internet service offered. Each room features different ethnic theme in different colors for tourists experience the ethnic culture when check-in.

Crown Plaza Hotel (皇冠假日酒店) ★★★★

  • Address: No.18 Youzhuang Road, Huichuan District, Kaili (凯里市友庄路18号)
  • With 8 km away from Kaili Railway Station, Crown Plaza Hote is a landmark building in Kaili. It offers all types of room with decent equipment for tourists to choose from.

Top Recommended Kaili Tour:

3 Days Kaili Minority & Cultural Experience Tour with Xijiang Miao Village

6 Days Guizhou In-depth Ethnic Tour with Jiabang Rice Terraces

Xijiang Miao Village Xijiang Miao Village Zhenyuan Ancient Town Zhenyuan Ancient Town Metro Park Hotel Metro Park Hotel

Rongjiang, Congjiang & Zhaoxing Where to Stay

In order to have a more primitive ethnic village exploration tour, tourists can extend their tour to Rongjiang, Congjiang and Zhaoxing. Famous ethnic villages like Zhaoxing Dong Village, Biasha Miao Village, Xiaohua Dong Village, etc. can all be found near Rongjiang, Congjiang and Zhaoxing. If you have never been to Longji or Yuanyang Terraced Field, a hiking tour to Jiabang Rice Terraces should also be a fine choice.

The living conditions at ethnic villages in Rongjiang, Congjiang are not very good, therefore visitors are recommended to stay in the downtown area for accommodation. The Top 3 places to stay are Rongjiang downtown, Congjiang downtown and Hotels at Jiabang Terraced Field. In the downtown area of Rongjiang and Congjiang, you can find 4-star luxury hotels, 3 -star business hotels and budget hostels. However, the accommodation in Jiabang Scenic Area is limited. Most accommodation is budget hotels, hostels or guesthouses.

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Top Recommended Hotels in Guiyang

Dongxiangmi Grand Hotel (侗乡蜜大酒店) ★★★

  • Address: No.33 Huancheng West Road, Rongjiang County (榕江县环城西路33号)
  • Located in the busy area of Rongjiang county, the Dongxiangmi Hotel is near the Rongjiang Coach Station and the newly built expressway. This business & tourism hotel offers 41 rooms in various types.

Zhaoxing Xishan Xinglv Inn (肇兴溪山行旅客栈) ★★★★

  • Address: near 868 Highway, Zhaoxing Dong Village, Liping County (黎平县肇兴侗寨景区智团花桥,近868县道)
  • Surrounding by green mountains, the environment around Xishan Xinglv Inn is quiet and elegant. The hotel room is well equipped. There are also panoramic balcony, tea house and library in the inn.

Top Recommended Qiandongnan Tour:

5 Days Guizhou Miao & Dong Minority Essence Tour (Kaili / Rongjiang / Congjiang)

5 Days Southeast Guizhou Ethnic Tour with Amazing Cultural & Hiking Experience (Kaili / Zhenyuan / Rongjiang / Congjiang)

Biasha Miao Village Biasha Miao Village Zhaoxing Dong Village Zhaoxing Dong Village Zhaoxing Xishan Xinglv Inn Zhaoxing Xishan Xinglv Inn

Fanjingshan Where to Stay

Mount Fanjing is located on the northwest edge of Guizhou Province. It is a sacred Maitreya mountain for Buddhists, one of the few world heritage sites in Guizhou, and one of the 10 famous summer mountain resorts in China. Whether the various plants and animal species or the splendid cloud sea and golden summit on the Buddhist mountain are all highlights you can’t miss.

Hotels at the foot of Fanjingshan, in Jiangkou County and Tongren City are the popular choices to have a stay. Finding a hotel at the foot of Fanjingshan is the top recommended choice, because you can easily get to the ticket office the next morning even by foot. However, the living conditions and hotel options are limited. During the hot tourist season, visitors may need to book hotels in advance and the price of hotels might be double than usual. The second choice should be Jiangkou County. It’s a small county 22km away from Fanjingshan, which only takes 40mins by car. There are more hotels to choose from in Jiangkou with better living conditions, service and cheaper prices. If you take a flight or train and arrive in Tongren first, you can also choose to stay one night in Tongren and get up early the next morning and take a car or Scenic Area Direct Bus to Fanjingshan. The whole journey may take about 1.5-2 hours.

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Top Recommended Hotels at Fanjingshan

Topfort Hotel (梵净山天福大酒店) ★★★

  • Address: Shanmen Commercial Street, Fanjing Mountain, Jiangkou, Tongren (铜仁江口梵净山山门商业街)
  • Tofort Hotel is one of the closest hotels to the entrance of Fanjingshan. This 4-star hotel has 2 kinds of rooms for you to choose. You can find a business street with many restaurants at the back door of the hotel.

Yeste Select Hotel (雅斯特精选酒店) ★★★★

  • Address: Near No.508 Road, Mowan Village Jiangkou (江口县双江镇磨湾村小磨王组)
  • The Yeste Select Hotel (雅斯特精选酒店) is one of the newest hotels in Jiangkou County. It offers convenient free Wi-Fi in public areas, Luggage storage service and also free tourist map for guests...

Tongren Huaguoshan Grand Metropark Hotel (花果山榕信国际大酒店) ★★★★★

  • Address: No. 31 Huaguoshan North Road, Bijiang District, Tongren (铜仁市碧江区花果山北路31号)
  • Tongren Huaguoshan Grand Metropark Hotel is located in the city center of Tongren. Chinese and Western restaurants bring you a variety of delicacies.Multifunctional halls, special exhibition halls and conference rooms are equipped with advanced facilities. 

Top Recommended Fanjingshan Tour:

3 Days Classic Fanjingshan Tour

6 Days Diverse Guizhou Tour (Guiyang / Kaili / Fanjingshan)

Mount Fanjing Mount Fanjing Mount Fanjing Cheng'en Temple at Fanjingshan Topfort Hotel Topfort Hotel
Yeste Select Hotel Yeste Select Hotel

Libo Where to Stay

There is a place that has the beauty of water which can be compared with Jiuzhaigou, and the magnificence of mountains there are not less than Zhangjiajie. The magical land has concentrated the coolest scenery in southern China. This place is Libo. There are 3 most chosen places to stay in Libo, which are Libo County, area around Seven Small Arches Scenic Area and area around Seven Big Arches Scenic Area.

More than half of visitors choose to stay in Libo county for accommodation. Libo county is only 26km away from Seven Small Arches, which takes less than an hour by car. Even though the county is not large, it is convenient to live anywhere, from 5-star resorts and hotels to budget hostels, all types of hotels for you to choose from. But when encountered weekends or holidays such as Labor Day, National Day and so on. The price of most hotels in the county will generally rise 2-3 times. So if you are planning to travel during festivals, it is better to book a room in advance. There are some guesthouses and agritainments near the entrance of Seven Small Arches Scenic Area and Seven Large Scenic Area. Even though the living conditions are not as good as living in the downtown area, with eating and living included in one package, visitors may experience more local customs and blend into local life. It’s suitable for early hiking and self-driving travelers.

More detail information about Libo County, please visit Libo Travel Guide >>

Top Recommended Hotels in Libo

Shanshui Villa Holiday Hotel (荔波山水别墅度假酒店) ★★★★★

  • Address: No.5 West Gate of Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, Libo (小七孔景区西门5号)
  • Shanshui Villa Holiday Hotel is only about 1km away from the ticket hall of Xiaoqi Hole scenic spot Seven Small Arches Scenic Area. The hotel has more than 50 villas and a total of more than 100 sets of exquisite suites. Over 200 acres of Chinese rose sea will be your private garden.

Kew Green Hotel (小七孔瑞景酒店) ★★★★★

  • Address: No.1 East Gate of Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, Libo (小七孔景区东门1号)
  • The Kew Green Hotel was recently renovated in 2017, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Libo. With multiple attractions nearby including Dieshui Waterfall, Tonggu Bridge and Laya Waterfall, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied.

Meet Zhangjiang Inn (遇见樟江客栈) ★★★

  • Address: Building 19 Yaozu Buluo, Libo (荔波古镇瑶族部落19栋)
  • The hotel is approximately 19km away from Libo Airport. In their spare time, guests can explore the hotel's surroundings. Airport pickup can be arranged by the hotel upon request. For those driving themselves, parking is provided on site.

Top Recommended Libo Tour:

7 Days Best of Guizhou Tour with Nature & Culture Highlights

Seven Small Arches Scenic Area Seven Small Arches Scenic Area Seven Large Scenic Area Seven Large Scenic Area Shanshui Villa Holiday Hotel Shanshui Villa Holiday Hotel
Meet Zhangjiang Inn Meet Zhangjiang Inn

How to Plan a Guizhou Tour

Most visitors prefer to plan a long trip covering 2-4 destinations in this province to explore the best natural wonders and proud diverse ethnic minority culture there. For such types, they usually travel from Guiyang and plan an itinerary like Guiyang - Anshun - Qiandongnan (KailiRongjiangCongjiang or Zhaoxing), or Guiyang - Anshun - Fanjingshan - Qiandongnan, which usually needs 5 to 7 days.

1-2 days in Guiyang:
For easy arrival by flight or bullet train. And take the rest time discovering Qingyan Old Town, Jiaxiu Tower and 1 or 2 top city parks to get to know the cool and pleasant Guiyang capital city;

1 days in Anshun:
Absolutely admiring the provincial symbolic Huangguoshu Waterfall with various types of beauty. Drop by the dazzling Dragon Palace, or Tianlong Tunpu Military Village if you have 1 more day there;

2-3 days in Qiandongnan (Southeast Guizhou):
Spend 1 day visiting the No.1 Xijiang Miao Village, Upper Langde Miao Village and Qingman Miao Village with Miao girls dressing mini-skirt in Kaili and transfer along to Rongjiang and Congjiang visit some Dong villages such as Zengchong Dong Village, Zhaoxing Dong Village, etc.. Tourists can go north to Zhenyuan Old Town if you have another 1-2 days;

1 day in Fanjingshan:
If you are fond of the incredible natural formation, plan 1-2 days for the transfer and full discovery of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage mountain resort.

Recommended Guizhou Tour Packages:

6 Days Diverse Guizhou Tour (Guiyang / Kaili / Fanjingshan)
6 Days Classic Guizhou Tour to Huangguoshu & Authentic Southeast Guizhou
How to Plan a Guizhou Tour

Guiyang Weather Huangguoshu Waterfalls in Guizhou
Guizhou Weather Xijiang Qianhu Miao Villages

Besides, lots of travelers to Guizhou also like to plan it with some other hot destinations in China, such as Guilin with fancy Karst landscape of mountains and water, Zhangjiajie with mysterious Avatar mountains, Yunnan with pleasant scenery and wonderful ethnic culture of Naxi, Bai, Tibetan and other ethnic groups, Sichuan with adorable giant pandas and world largest Buddha statue, etc. The tour can be tailor-made according to your group size, time, physical condition, plan, interests, budget and any other special need! Please contact us to help you plan your Guizhou tour or customize a Guizhou tour!

Recommended Guizhou China Tour Packages:

9 Days Minority Culture and Landscape Exploration by High Speed Train (Guangzhou / Guizhou)

9 Days Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang & Beautiful Guizhou Tour with Ethnic Culture (Zhangjiajie / Fenghuang / Guizhou)
13 Days Classic China Tour with Diverse Guizhou (Beijing / Xian / Guizhou / Guilin / Shanghai)

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No matter you want to put one simple destination into your trip or cover several destinations together or even extend your Guizhou tour all over China, China Discovery can provide you best tour guides and experienced drivers with comfortable private cars in any of the destinations. Our English-speaking tour guide will accompany you all the way, showing you the best traveling route and telling beautiful stories of the colorful Yunnan. The tour can be tailor-made according to your group size, time, physical condition, plan, interests, budget and other special need. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or customize the tour with free quotation!

Recommended Guizhou Tours

Top 3 Guizhou tours chosen by most customers to explore Guizhou in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Haircut Ritual at Biasha Miao Village - a Live Shave with a Sickle
6 Days Classic Guizhou Tour to Huangguoshu & Southeast Guizhou

Guiyang / Anshun / Kaili / Rongjiang / Zhaoxing / Congjiang

Upper Langde Miao Village Performance
6 Days Diverse Guizhou Tour (Guiyang / Kaili / Fanjingshan)

Guiyang / Anshun / Kaili / Fanjingshan

Song and Dance at Zhaoxing Dong Village
7 Days Best of Guizhou Tour with Nature & Culture Highlights

Guiyang / Anshun / Libo / Kaili / Congjiang / Zhaoxing

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