Attractions & Things to Do in Guiyang

Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou, features many historical and cultural sites, and also the representative of great scenery with mountains and waters.

Things to do in Guiyang can be various: you can visit time-honored Qingyan Ancient Town and trace back to Ming dynasty; Plan a half day hiking at Qianling Park and meet the wild monkeys; Go to the Jiaxiu Tower with hundreds of years to make a comparison among the modern architectures; Taste the local food to enjoy the leisure pace lifestyle and drive to Huaxi Scenic Area and wander alongside the wetland to feel the “Cool” Guiyang...

More Guiyang Attractions are waiting for you find by yourself when you prepare your Guiyang tours.

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Guiyang Attractions Map

Guizhou food

No.1:Taste Local Food

For most travelers to Guiyang, especially the first time visitors, the local food is the must-try. Featuring the spicy and sour favors, the Guizhou food can stimulate your appetite to most degree, like Fish in Sour Soup, Siwawa (a kind of vegetable spring roll), Changwang Noodles, Pot-stewed Pig Feet, Huaxi beef Rice Noodles and more famous street snacks, which will take you to get into the local people’s daily life and know their attitudes towards life.

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Meet Wild Monkeys

No.2: Meet Wild Monkeys at City Park

Want to have an intimate contact with wild macaques? Qianling Park will rescue you from the hustle and bustle city life and take you to the kingdom of nature and animals. There are many wild macaques live in the Monkey Area in Qianling Park, which attracts countless to tourists to visit every year. These cleaver free-ranging creatures are not afraid of people at all. On the contrary, people are the one who need to be careful. If you want to feed the macaques, buy a bag of nuts before you enter the park. Place some nuts in your open palm and let them take it from you. Take care of your personal belongings, don’t be fooled by their innocent face and watery eyes. Remember to hide the bag unless you want to be robbed by a gang of macaques.

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Temple Visiting

No.3: Make a Wish at Hongfu Temple & Explore Historical Sites

For those Buddhists or people who are interested in Buddhist culture, don’t miss the chance to make a wish at “the very first temple in Guizhou”. The temple itself is famous for efficacious praying, so incense here is also very vigorous. Besides the large temple and a number of pavilions, Hongfu Temple also contains various types of ancient relics such as inscriptions on cliffs, ancient Buddha caves that Xu Xiake walk through, and the pagoda forest to memories venerable elders.

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Wetland Parks

No.4: Rest and take a deep breath at Kidney of the Earth

Abundant wetland resources surround and merge with high-rise blocks is absolutely another typical feature makes other cities envy about Guiyang. The “Cool” of Guiyang lies in its refreshing wetlands. From Huaxi(花溪) to Aha Lake (阿哈湖) to Dulaiying(都拉营), calamus and reeds sway in the wind under the bright sunshine. Egrets and mandarin ducks will accompany you all the ways while your are strolling by the river. The vegetation coverage in the scenic spots are all very lush, visitors would be treated with mountain flower sea in spring, luxuriant lotus in summer and rice golden paddy in autumn. What a heaven-like place for photographers.

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Explore Karst Landscape

No.5: Plan a Short Hiking Tour to Suburb Karst Canyon

The cool of Guiyang lies in the cool of Karst landscape. Small mountains stand on Guiyang downtown one after another, invite you to climb up and walk down. The grand Canyon scenery in the suburb will make you even more amazed at the splendor of nature. Pay a visit to Tianhe Lake Scenic Area, karst caves, waterfalls, doline, crystal clear lakes... all typical karst scenery concentrated in this park. However if you have time and prefer more majestic view, drive 54km to the Nanjiang Grand Canyon. The typical low-middle mountain canyon landscape with immemorial stratum and deep valleys never fails to impress its’ guests.

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Guiyang Rafting

No.6: Why not Challenge yourself with an Exciting Rafting?

Such an extraordinary scenery of Karst landscape, why not try a special way to explore? The landscape of Nanjiang Grand Canyon is certainly outstanding, but all kinds of outdoor activities and geographical advantages adjacent to the provincial capital, make it stand out from other karst scenic areas in Guizhou Province. Rafting, which has been in operation for many years, is a must-try experience in Nanjiang Grand Canyon. The well-groomed river channel is wide and clear, with a reasonable drop distribution, making the experience both exciting and safe. The scenic area also developed the rock climbing, jungle adventure and other activities for tourists to challenge themselves. After a one day adventure, relax and enjoy the ethnic dance show, try a special cask plant steam bath to get rid of the fatigue, hold a outdoor barbecue party and spend a leisure time with your families and friends.

Visit Museum

No.7: Visit Museum & Learn more about the Guizhou Minorities before Head to the Villages

Have you been deeply fascinated by the minority culture in Guizhou? Museums are great places to learn about a place's history and culture. Different from the museums in the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, Guizhou Provincial Museum's collection includes more than just historical relics, but also a large part of the collection is concerned with the history, culture and life of ethnic minorities in Guizhou. If you are only interested in minorities in Guizhou, Guizhou Province Nationality Museum would be a better choice for you. Museum collections mainly includes the traditional dress, silver, masks, production and living supplies, ethnic ancient books of the ethnic minorities in southwest China. Enrich yourself before the authentic experiences in Mia, Dong and Shui Village would definitely highlight your trip!

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