Things to Do in Guiyang

Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou, features many historical and cultural sites, and also the representative of great scenery with mountains and waters.

Things to do in Guiyang can be various: you can wisit time-honored Qingyang Ancient Town and trace back to Ming dynasty; Go to the Jiaxiu Tower with hundreds of years to make a comparison among the modern architectures; Taste the local food to enjoy the leisure pace lifestyle...

More Guiyang Attractions are waiting for you find by yourself when you prepare your Guiyang tours.

Guiyang Attractions Map

Jiaxiu Tower

No.1: Jiaxiu Tower

Type: Historic Site, Landmarks

Location: Downtown of Guiyang City

Recommended Length of Visit: about 3 hours

Jiaxiu Tower is the symbol of Guiyang city with 20-meter-high, three-floor structure of its sharped pointed roof. Having white stone parapets, it makes an interesting contrast of the traditional tower with surrounding modern buildings. As a Chinese typical tower built in Ming dynasty, nearby the water and connected by bridges to each bank, Jiaxiu Tower is a good place to enjoy the surrounding scenery, especially for an after-dinner walk when the lights turn on at night.

Qingyan Ancient Town

No.2: Qingyan Ancient Town

Type: Historic Site

Location: Southside of Guiyang City

With 29 km away from Guiyang downtown, Qingyan Ancient Town was a military town built in over 600 years ago. There are over 37 historic sites, including temples, shrines, pavilions, caves and other old buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties are made of stone. Some of them are carved with lion and other Chinese features. Stepping on the long flagstone walkway, you can get to know architectural feature in past time and join in natural folk atmosphere of Miao and Dong people by visiting their houses nearby.

Qianling Park

No.3: Qianling Park

Type: Scenic Spot

Location: Northwest of Guiyang City

Qianling Park is known for the wild monkeys and other birds, with 1.5 km away Guiyang downtown. Named after the Qianling Mountain- the First Mountain in Guizhou province, it has over 426 hectares. With beautiful mountain and clean water, visitors can discover many vivid natural pictures along river side. What’s more, the Hongfu Temple, one of the most famous Buddhism temples in Guizhou is located here. Built in 1672, this temple preserved many Buddhist heritages and a peaceful place to purify soul and make wishes.

Huaxi Scenic Resort

No.4: Huaxi Scenic Resort

Type: Scenic Spot

Location:17 km South away from Guiyang City

Being given the green mountains, limpid water, ample foliage, Huaxi Scenic Resort has owned a name of a pearl inlaid in plateau. With the Flowers Stream flowing through both sides of the Park, tourist can enjoy the beautiful scenery by rafting a boat or just make a short excursionin the Flowers Stream Park. If you have enough time, walking further to the Tianlong Pool with more natural waters landscape to view.

Recommended Guiyang Tours

Top 3 Guiyang tours chosen by most customers to explore Guiyang in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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