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Where to Stay in & around Wuyishan (Wuyi Mountain)

Wuyi Mountain, situated northwest of Fujian province, is the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site and one of the must visit natural splendors in China. So where to stay in & around Wuyishan? This useful article is going to show you the best areas to stay around Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area and the top recommended accommodation. Check the following information to better arrange your hotels in Wuyishan and plan a Wuyi Mountain tour in 2020/2021!

4 Best Areas to Stay in Wuyishan

Accommodation around Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is well developed. From luxury and comfortable hotels to budget hotels, hostels and guesthouse can all be found near scenic spots. There are mainly 4 areas to stay in, namely Tourist Resort (Wuyishan Sangu Resort), Langtang Village & Wuyi Palace area, Xingcun Village, and downtown area of Wuyishan city. Check to know each area to stay in and around Wuyishan below!

Map of Places to Stay in Wuyishan

1. Wuyishan Sangu Resot - Top Recommended with Complete Tourist Facilities

Most of the hotels in Wuyi Mountain are located in the National Tourist Resort Area - Sangu Resort (三姑度假区). It’s about 16 kilometers away from the Wuyishan city, 8 kilometers away from the airport, 10 kilometers away from the railway station. Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is just across the Chongyang Stream on the other side of the bank. Although the area of the resort is only 12 square kilometers, but all kinds of hotels (from 5-star luxury to 3-star comfortable), hostels and inns are gathered here. Tourist facilities are well established here, restaurants can be easily found, and there are local buses, taxis that can transfer you to the scenic spots in Wuyi Mountain. Famous large-scale live performance - Impression Da Hong Pao show can also be enjoyed in this area.

Top Recommended Wuyishan Hotels:

  • C&D Resort, Wuyi Mountain (武夷山悦华酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.11 Dawangfeng South Road,Sangu Resort, Wuyishan

    Facing the famous scenic spot Dawangfeng, the hotel is about 2.7 kilometers away from the main entrance of the scenic spot and about 1 kilometer away from the Impression Dahongpao Theatre. The Resort is also surrounded by Wuyi Palace, Song Street, Tianyou Rock, HuXiao Rock, Binxi Walk Road, a front-line Tianjin Scenic Area, Jiuquxi and other scenic spots.

  • Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat (世茂御榕·武夷度假酒店) ★★★★★

    Address:No.80 Fulongyan, Wuyi Mountain Resort, Wuyishan

    The Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat is one of the newest hotels in Wuyishan, having opened in 2020. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 7km from Wuyishan Airport and 11km from Wuyishan Railway Station; Zhuxi Memorial Hall, Wuyi Palace, etc. are all within a short distance.

  • Ramada Wuyishan (华美达酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.63 Xianfanjie Road, Wuyishan

    Ramada Wuyishan, only about 2km away from the scenic area, is one of the cleanest hotels in Wuyishan. For guests traveling with families, this hotel is consistently one of the most popular choices.

  • JI Hotel Wuyishan Minlu (闽路全季酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.8-10 Dawangfeng North Road, Wuyishan

    The JI Hotel Wuyishan Minlu is a great choice for guests looking for accommodation in Wuyishan, having recently opened in 2018. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 7km from Wuyishan Airport and 17km from Wuyishan North Railway Station. For guests' convenience, airport pickup can be arranged. This hotel is a popular accommodation for guests traveling with families.

Where to Stay in Wuyishan - Sangu Resort C&D Resort
Where to Stay in Wuyishan - Sangu Resort Yutopia Wuyi Mountain Retreat
Where to Stay in Wuyishan - Sangu Resort Ramada Wuyishan

Recommended Popular Wuyi Mountain Tour: ✔ 4 Days Highlight Wuyi Mountain Tour

2. Lantang Village & Wuyi Palace Area - With idyllic Scenery and Fresh Air

Time seems to slow down after crossing the Lanxi Bridge. Even the air smells fresher than the other side of the river. The village is near Wuyi Palace. For those who would like to explore Wuyi Mountain by foot or fully immerse themselves in natural wonders, Lantang village (兰汤村) is a good place to stay. You can get to the village by taking the minibus which heads to Xingcun Village and get off at Lantangqiao Station.

Top Recommended Wuyishan Hotels:

  • Wuyi Mountain Villa (武夷山庄) ★★★★

    Address: Next to Wuyi Palace, inside Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area, Wuyishan

    The Wuyi Mountain Villa (Wuyi Shanzhuang) is located at the foot of Dawang Feng, about 12 km from the railway station and 7 km from the airport. There are 150 guestrooms and suites in a variety of styles. Facilities include air conditioning, TVs, international direct dial phones and mini bars. For recreation, there is karaoke, tea house, sauna and outdoor swimming pool in the hotel.

  • Yishan Lanruo Hotel (T武夷山彝山兰若文化艺术生活美学馆) ★★★

    Address: No.18 Lantang Village, Tianxin, Wuyishan

    Just a short distance from the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area (1km), the hotel is located at Langtang Village near Wuyi Palace. For guests wanting to check out some of the area's tourist destinations, Tianyou Peak is approximately 5km away by car. The hotel also provides free in-room Wi-Fi for guests.

Recommended Popular Wuyi Mountain Tour: ✔ 3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour

Where to Stay in Wuyishan - Langtang Village Wuyi Mountain Villa
Where to Stay in Wuyishan - Langtang Village Yishan Lanruo Hotel

3. Downtown Area of Wuyishan City - Convenient Transportation and Good Accommodation

Wuyishan city center (武夷山市) is only about 10 km from the Chishi North Gate of Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. With convenient transportation, you can easily find taxis or local buses to get to the entrance of Wuyi Mountain in Wuyishan city. Dinning conditions in the downtown area of Wuyishan city are also better than those around the scenic spots.

Top Recommended Wuyishan Hotels:

  • Fliport Garden Hotel Wuyishan (武夷山佰翔花园酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.6 Wujiu South Road, Wuyishan

    The Fliport Garden Hotel is only about 1km from Wuyishan Railway Station and roughly 4km away from the Airport. Airport pickup can be arranged by the hotel upon request. For guests traveling on business, this hotel is consistently one of the most popular choices.

Recommended Popular Wuyi Mountain Tour: ✔ 5 Days Xiamen, Nanjing Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

Where to Stay in Wuyishan - Wuyishan City Fliport Garden Hotel Wuyishan

4. Xingcun Village - Near the Bamboo Raft Pier of Jiuqu Stream

If you are planning to climb Tianyou Peak in the morning or to take the earliest bamboo raft to drift along Jiuqu Stream but don’t like morning transfer, you can choose to stay in inns at Xincun Village (兴村) for one night. Although the village is hidden in mountains, there are frequent minibuses transfer between the village and other hot destinations, so it’s not hard to get there. Moreover, the village is surrounded by emerald stream and mahogany mountains, which means the scenery would be quite splendid.

Top Recommended Wuyishan Hotels:

  • Jiaye Mountain House (武夷山嘉叶山舍) ★★★★★

    Address: Near 205 Provincial Road (Fulian Ecological Tea Manor), Wuyishan

    Jiaye Mountain House is one of the newest hotels in Wuyishan, having opened in 2018. This hotel is located near many of Wuyishan's attractions, including One-Line-Sky, Eight Scenes of Tiger Roar and Roaring Tiger Rock. Airport pickup can be arranged by the hotel upon request.

More information about hotels and where to stay in and around Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area, please feel free to contact our travel consultants!

Where to Stay in Wuyishan - Xingcun Village Jiaye Mountain House

How to Plan a Wuyishan Tour?

A Wuyi Mountain Tour is full of cultural charm, natural beauty and adventures hiking and bamboo rafting experiences. Besides, it is a great chance to sample one of the best kinds of tea and admire one of the best real landscape shows in China! Usually, tourists spend 2~3 days to explore the highlights of Wuyi Mountain.

2 Days in Wuyi Mountain (Top Recommended)

A 2-day Wuyi Mountain tour includes 2 whole days in Wuyi Mountain. During the two days you will explore almost all the major attractions of Wuyi Mountain, including Tianyou Peak, Nine Bend Stream, Wuyi Palace, Big Red Robe Scenic Area, Impression Da Hong Pao Show, and Water Curtain Cave. If your time allows, you can also add Tiger Roaring Rock and One Thread of Sky in to your trip.

3 Days in Wuyi Mountain

If you arrive at Wuyishan City late or have more time left, you are suggested to spend one day more in Wuyishan. In addition to the above highlights included for the 2-day tour, you can also go to Xiamei Village to admire the ancient dwellings.

>> 3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour

Travel Wuyishan with More Wonders in Fujian & China

Wuyi Mountain is only a small part of the Fujian. This coastal province is also proud of wonderful Gulangyu Island, sacred Fujian Tulou clusters, picturesque Xiapu Mudflat, etc. One day in Xiamen, including a half-day Gulangyu Island Tour, is very popular. Xiamen is a paradise for sea foods and offers some of the best costal scenery in China. Spending about 1~2 days more to visit Fujian Tulou is also highly recommended. These gigantic earthen buildings will introduce you another kind of dwelling in the world and also some of the legends and history of Hakka people. For photography enthusiasts, Xiapu Mudflat should be on your travel list. It will take you 2 more days or so. Have more days in Fujian? Take another 1~2 days to Fuzhou, the capital of this region, is also a good idea!

>> 5 Days Xiamen, Nanjing Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

Since Wuyi Mountain is only 1~1.5 hours away from Huangshan by high speed train, you may also interested in taking these two of the best mountains in China in one go! Such a Huangshan Wuyishan Tour needs about 4~6 days.

Customize Your Wuyi Mountain Tour

Have your own preferences? Want more China’s surprises into your trip? Please feel free to tell us your interests, and let us customize you a perfect China tour!

Nine Bend Stream Bamboo Rafting Nine Bend Stream Bamboo Rafting
Mysterious Panorama of Tianyou Peak Mysterious Panorama of Tianyou Peak
China Private Tour Our Customers in Fujian Tulou
Gulangyu Island Xiamen Gulangyu Island

Travel Wuyishan with China Discovery

Still feel trouble about choosing the best hotel to stay and best visiting route to follow? Travel with us China Discovery, and let us help you! We have professional local travel guide, who will accompany you all the way and introduce you the scenery, history and culture of this region. Besides, our local driver will escort you from the airport/railway station/hotel to Wuyi Mountain directly. Therefore, you can have a hassle-free experience there!

The tour can be customized according to your budget, interests, group size, and every special need. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Recommended Wuyishan Tours

Top 3 Wuyishan tours chosen by most customers to explore Wuyishan in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Mount Wuyi Joyous Jiuqu Stream Rafting
5 Days Xiamen, Fujian Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Yongding Tulou / Xiamen / Wuyishan

Wuyi Mountain
3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour


Wuyishan Jiuqu Stream Rafting
4 Days Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain Highlights Tour by High Speed Train

Xiamen / Wuyishan

Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Once inquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours.

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