Fujian Weather, Temperature & Climate: Best Time to Visit Fujian, China 2023


Fujian province, referred to as "Min (闽)", is located on the southeast coast of China, adjacent to Zhejiang province in the northeast, connecting Guangdong Province in the southwest. The terrain of Fujian province is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. Fujian province, across four water systems, the Minjiang river, Jinjiang river, Jiulong River and Tingjiang River, belongs to a subtropical maritime monsoon climate.

Fujian province is near the Tropic of Cancer, influenced by monsoon circulation and topography. Most areas have abundant rainfall and sunshine. The annual average temperature of Fujian province is 17-21 ℃. Fujian is one of the provinces with the most abundant rainfall in China. The average rainfall here is 1400-2000 mm. With favorable climate conditions, Fujian is a liveable place for humans and a good place to grow crops.

Best Time to Visit Fujian, China

The pleasant weather in Fujian province makes it suitable for visiting all year round. From January to March and June to October is the peak tourist season in Fujian. top destinations like Fujian Tulou Area and Xiamen Gulangyu, etc. are crowded with visitors. The sea scenery reaches the best in summer and coastal or outlying islands are popular resorts. During the Chinese spring festival, Xiamen and surrounding area return quiet. However, visitors may head to Fuzhou and Quanzhou to have food and culture explore or to the northern and western part of Fujian. Many folk activities are held in winter. March to June is the shoulder season in Fujian province but with the most splendid natural scenery. Idyllic terraces in the Tulou area, tea field and flower sea in Wuyi Mountain let visitors linger. The weather is at its best in November and December, neither too hot nor too cold, and with less rainfall during this period, the weather is sunny and dry most of the time. Tourists may cycle on Xiamen Island, plan a hiking tour in Tulou Area, enjoy bamboo raft on Jiuqu River, and record the best scenery of Xiapu Mudflat by camera.

Top Recommended Fujian Tour:

2 Days Xiamen Essence Tour with Nanjing Tulou (Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou)

5 Days Xiamen, Fujian Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour (Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Yongding Tulou / Wuyi Mountain)

6 Days Fujian Sightseeing & Culture Exploration Tour (Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Yongding Tulou / Xiapu Mudflat)

Best Time to Visit Xiamen

Xiamen, being praised as the “Garden on the Sea”, is full of flowers and trees all year around. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for travelling to Xiamen. Visitors can take a ferry to the exquisite Gulangyu Island, hire a bike cycle along Huandao Road, and have a food tour at Zhongshan Road... Check more about Xiamen Weather, Best Time to Visit | Seasons to Go >>

Best Time to Visit Fujian Tulou

Thanks to the pleasant climate year-around, Fujian Tulou is suitable for visiting any time of the year, especially in spring from March to May, autumn and early winter from September to December. During these months, you may not only enjoy the various masterpieces of Hakka architecture - Tulou, but may also enjoy the idyllic scenery around villages. Check more about Fujian Tulou Weather, Best Time to Visit | Seasons to Go >>

Best Time to Visit Wuyi Mountain

As a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site, spring, summer and autumn are the best times to visit Wuyi Mountain. Picking tea in spring, Tianyou Peak, drifting along Jiuqu Stream in summer, climbing Tianyou Peak and hiking through Tiger Roaring Rock in autumn... Check more about Wuyishan Weather, Best Time to Visit | Seasons to Go >>

Best Time to Visit Xiapu Mudflat

Xiapu, one of the most beautiful coastlines in China, is warm and humid with four distinct seasons. The best time to visit is from April to December. Xiapu Mudflat presents diverse kinds of landscapes in different seasons. There are abundant photography subjects like fry catching, kelp seaweed, etc. in spring, changing clouds and mist bring special beauty for summer, autumn is the seaweed harvest season, and days are clean in winter makes charming sunrise and sunset. Check more about Xiapu Mudflat | Xiapu Travel Guide >>

Average Fujian Temperature by Month

MonthRecommended RateMax Temp.Min Temp.

Fujian Seasons to Go

Open the map, Fujian province is like a green leaf floats on the southeast coast of China. It has the most twisty but extraordinary coastline of China and the most oceanic Chinese people. Spectacular architecture and diversity of creatures hidden among green mountains really amaze the world. This land from the mountains to the sea has many unknown secrets waiting for visitors to discover...

There are four seasons in Fujian province: spring from March to May, Summer from June to August, Autumn from September to November and winter from December to next February. Each season has its own highlights, check weather, highlights and dressing tips of each season below:

Fujian Spring (March to May)

Spring is from March to May. It is warm and humid in spring in Fujian province. The average temperature is 15°C - 23°C in Xiamen, 12°C - 25°C in Fuzhou and 14°C - 24°C in Wuyishan. The average monthly precipitation is around 150 - 230mm.

Seasonal Activities in Spring:

1. Feel the breath of Spring on Gulangyu Island: Known as the "garden on the Sea", Gulangyu Island is full of flowers and trees throughout the year, especially in spring. Walking on the island trail, you will always be attracted by flowers. There is a tract of triangle plum around sunlight rock which blooms in March every year.

2. Plan a Hiking Tour in Fujian Tulou Area: In spring, you can capture great photos of the harmonious countryside in Fujian Tulou Area, such as Hakka locals and their oxen working in the wet fields or if you go further to Chuxi Tulou Cluster, you can enjoy the most primitive Tulou area in Yongding with beautiful rice terrace view.

3. Enter the World of Green in Wuyi Mountain: You may feel the spring is in the air by visiting Wuyi Mountain. The scenic area is full of life, with azaleas and peaches in full bloom. It’s the right time for tea picking and the best season to enjoy the sea of clouds.

4. Play Golf in Xiamen: For those who love sports and enjoy playing golf, can book golf courses which are designed by world-class golf masters in Xiamen and enjoy a causal afternoon sports time with friends and families.

5. Enjoy the Visual Feast of Peach Blossom at Fuzhou National Forest Park: Fuzhou National Forest Park, also known as The Fuzhou Botanical Garden, is a good place to admire the beauty of flowers in Fuzhou. Around March every year, peach blossoms cover the mountains for ten miles and make people linger on and forget to return.

6. Walk into a Scroll Painting of Jiuli Lake: In spring, the lake is emerald, together with lush forests, plunging waterfalls and natural strange rocks, forming beautiful ecological picture scrolls. More than 100 acre-feet of rapeseed flowers blossom, the golden yellow flower alternates with green mountains and clear river, becoming a typical seasonal highlight in this area.

What to Wear in Spring:

Light sweaters and long sleeves are enough. And remember to bring a light coat with you because the early morning hours and night hours may be a little bit cold. Wearing comfortable walking shoes if you are planning hiking tours to Hakka villages or mountainous areas. Spring is the rainy season in Fujian, therefore, umbrellas are a must.

Hot Fujian Spring Tour:

3 Days Classic Xiamen and Fujian Tulou Tour

5 Days Xiamen Golf Tour

5 Days Xiamen, Fujian Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

Gulangyu Island in Spring

Gulangyu Island in Spring

Tea Garden in Dahongpao Scenic Area

Tea Garden in Dahongpao Scenic Area

Chuxi Tulou Cluster in Yongding

Chuxi Tulou Cluster in Yongding

Xiapu Mudflat in Spring

Fry Catching in Spring

Fujian Autumn (September to November)

From September to November is autumn in Fujian. Temperatures begin to lower down and the rainy season has passed. The average temperature is 19°C - 26°C in Xiamen, about 18°C in Fuzhou and 16°C - 26°C in Wuyishan. The average monthly precipitation is around 60 - 70mm.

Seasonal Activities in Autumn:

1. Cycle around Huandao Road in Xiamen: Visitors can rent a bike and ride along Huandao Road, visit Xiamen University, Hulishan Fortress on the road and enjoy the astonishing sunset at the famous Xiamen Beaches.

2. Visit Fujian Tulou Area and Learn more about Hakka Culture: Hike up to the observations to admire the golden rice terraces and autumn harvest scenes of Hakka people in this peaceful countryside. The panorama views of Chuxi Tulou Cluster, Nanxi Tulou Cluster and Hekeng Tulou Cluster are splendid. You can also join the locals to do harvest or try to make Ciba by yourself.

3. Enjoy Hiking in Wuyi Mountain: Climb on the top of the No.1 Peak in Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area - Tianyou Peak to appreciate the film-like scenery or Hike through the steep way up to Tiger Roaring Peak (虎啸岩), listen to the wind wuthering, then continue to hike to Yixiantian (一线天) and meet supernatural white bats there

4. Record the Harvest of Seaweed in Xiapu by Camera: Since autumn is the harvest season, the fishermen take fishing boats to reap the seaweed of ten thousand acres in Xiapu. That is the best time to collect all their shadows in your photo. Moreover, the Maple Forest in Yangjiaxi was involved in a sea of fiery-red which has another flavor.

5. Have a Food Adventure in Fuzhou: Fuzhou is one of the cradles of Min Cuisine with sticky sweet, sour and salty flavor. Stroll at Nanhou Street at Sanfang Qixiang to explore the delicious snack. There are different kinds of tasty snacks, like rice Piece with Seafood Soup, Fish Ball, Oyster Cake and Spring Roll, etc. to satisfy your appetite!

What to Wear in Autumn:

T-shirts, thin sweaters, long pants and light jackets or coats are the best choices. And do remember to bring sun protection like sunglasses and sun cream with you. Autumn is a good season for hiking, wearing comfortable shoes is a wise choice.

Hot Fujian Autumn Tour:

3 Days Joyous Xiamen & Tulou Tour with Huandao Road Cycling

► 3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour

► 6 Days Fujian Tulou & Xiapu Photography Tour

Cycling along Huandao Road

Cycling along Huandao Road

Mysterious Panorama of Tianyou Peak

Mysterious Panorama of Tianyou Peak

Reap the Seaweed in Autumn

Reap the Seaweed in Autumn

Fujian Winter (December to February)

Fujian has a warm winter (December, January, February) compared with other places at the same latitude. The average temperature is 12°C - 15°C in Xiamen, about 10°C in Fuzhou and 9°C - 11°C in Wuyishan. The average monthly precipitation in winter is around 60 - 80 mm.

Seasonal Activities in Winter:

1. Meet the Charming Sunrise and Sunset of Mudflat in Xiapu: In winter, the light is soft and the sun looks more harmonious with low color temperature. It’s the best time to shoot record the colorful and gorgeous sunrise and sunset of Xiapu Mudflat. Take your camera and enjoy the freedom of creation.

2. Visit the Starting Point of Marine Silk Road Quanzhou: Quanzhou, being praised as “the Light City” by Marco Polo, has more than 2000-year-old-hsitory. Winter is suitable for outdoor sightseeing and quietly experiencing the simplicity and purity of this small city. Wandering along Tumen Street and meeting diverse religions gathered in a harmonious way.

3. Explore Ancient Stories and History of Fuzhou: Stroll around Ancient Dwellings, exploring temples and visiting local museums are the best ways to learn the history and culture of Fuzhou. Pay a visit to the Ancestral Hall and Museum of Lin Zexu, Yongquna Temple, Hualin Temple and Songkou Ancient Town, etc. would definitely highlight your trip.

4. Embrace Hakka Festivals in Fujian Tulou Area: There are many traditional festivals in winter, such as Chinese Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, etc., celebrated in the Fujian Tulou area. Visitors may enjoy the cheerful lion dance show, dragon dance show, puppetry there.

5. Admire Diverse Architecture in Xiamen: Take a ferry to Gulangyu Island, visit Shuzhuang Garden, the organ museum, the piano museum, Hi! Heaven, etc. then climb on the top of Sunlight Rock to enjoy the panoramic view of Gulangyu Island! Visit Zhongshan Street to see the modern historical arcade. If you are interested in JIageng style architecture, you can pay a visit to Xiamen University or Jimei School Village.

What to Wear in Winter:

Warm sweaters and jeans and overcoat or down jacket are enough for daytime. However, if you would like a walk along beaches, visit the mountain villages, you are recommended to add thermals, gloves, scarfs and hats.

Hot Fujian Winter Tour:

4 Days Fujian Xiapu Mudflat Photography Tour

4 Days Classic Xiamen Nanjing Tulou Tour with Fuzhou Highlights

2 Days Quanzhou Marine Culture Tour from Xiamen

Quanzhou West Street in Winter

Quanzhou West Street in Winter

Fuzhou Three Alleys and Seven Lanes

Fuzhou Three Alleys and Seven Lanes

Fujian Hakka Spring Festival

Fujian Hakka Spring Festival

Fujian Summer (June to August)

Most areas in Fujian province have the highest rainfall in summer (June, July, August), and might be affected by typhoons and severe convection from time to time. The average temperature is 26°C - 28°C in Xiamen, about 33°C in Fuzhou and 26°C - 29°C in Wuyishan. The average monthly precipitation in summer is around 200 - 300 mm.

Seasonal Activities in Summer:

1. Raft on Jiuqu Stream and Admire Spectacular Waterfalls: Summer is the season when everything grows luxuriantly in Wuyi Mountain. Drift along Jiuqu Stream, see bizarre peaks passing by. The magnificent Water Curtain Cave (水帘洞) is an unmissable highlight in summer. You can enjoy two cliff springs pouring down like flying dragons.

2. Have fun at Famous Beaches in Fujian: With high temperatures, summer is the best season for beach visits. You can plan a summer vacation with your friends and families to coastal cities like Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, etc. to enjoy the beautiful beach scenery, swimming, surfing, bathing under the sun and other fun activities around the beach.

3. Stay Several Days at Luxury Tsingpu Tulou Retreat in Fujian Tulou Area: Staying at luxurious Tsingpu Tulou Retreat which is refurbished from 5 authentic Tulou of over 100 years old is a pleasure for sure. You can also enjoy the prize-winning design, exquisite luxurious rooms, delicate food and beverages and fun Hakka activities, etc.

4. Create Amazing Photos in Xiapu: After the thundershower, the sunshine comes through the rapidly changing clouds and mists, making the mudflat widely different, which gives you a larger stage to show your high photography skill. Take your camera to feel the bounty of nature.

5. Escape Summer Heat in Mountains in Fujian: Besides Wuyi Mountain, there are many famous mountains in Fujian for visitors to escape the summer heat. Qingyuan Mountain in Quanzhou, Taimu Mountain around Xiapu, Gushan in Fuzhou are all summer resorts waiting for you to explore.

What to Wear in Summer:

Wear any summer clothes, like shorts, shirts and skirts. Umbrella, sun cream and insect spray are necessary.

Hot Fujian Summer Tour

4 Days Xiamen & Wuyi Mountain Highlights Tour by High Speed Train

 5 Days Xiamen & Hakka Tulou Leisure & Luxury Tour with Tsingpu Tulou Retreat

 6 Days Fujian Sightseeing & Culture Exploration Tour

Huangcuo Beach along Huandao Road

Huangcuo Beach along Huandao Road

Tsingpu Tulou Retreat

Tsingpu Tulou Retreat

Rapidly Changing Clouds and Mists in Summer

Rapidly Changing Clouds and Mists in Summer

How to Plan a Fujian Tour

Top Places to Visit in Fujian: Fujian Tulou, Gulangyu Island, Wuyi Mountain, Xiapu Mudflat, Sanfang Qixiang, Kaiyuan Temple, Meizhou Island, etc.

Best Time to Visit Fujian: January ~ July & September ~ December for most places; March ~ November for Wuyi Mountain.

How to Get to Fujian: Take flight to Xiamen Airport, Fuzhou Airport, Wuyishan Airport, or take high speed trains to Xiamen, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Wuyishan, Xiapu…

Fujian is a pleasant destination to enjoy appealing coastal sightseeing, lay back in leisure and discover the culture and history of southeast China. You can spend about 2 days in most places there to discover the top highlights of each one. And usually 5-6 days is mostly planned to enjoy a Fujian province tour to have best fun in Xiamen, Fujian Tulou and Wuyishan! Among them, Xiamen and Fujian Tulou are the most classic and not-to-be missed for the first time to Fujian. Besides, if you want a deeper exploration or fond of nature, Wuyishan and Xiapu Mudflat are the top recommendation!

☛ 5 Days Xiamen, Nanjing Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

☛ 5 Days Cultural Tour to Xiamen & Fujian Tulou

1-2 days in Xiamen

Xiamen is usually planned as the start of a Fujian tour where to enjoy pleasant and leisure time with the coastal landscape. Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple, Huandao Road, etc. are the top highlights..

☛ 2 Days Xiamen Essence Tour with Nanjing Tulou

☛ 3 Days Classic Xiamen and Fujian Tulou Tour

1-2 days Fujian Tulou

Many visitors enjoy a 1 day classic Fujian Tulou trip from Xiamen to visit Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster and other earthen buildings in Nanjing. Hongkeng Tulou Cluster and Chuxi Tulou Cluster in Yongding are great to add for a 2-day Tulou trip. Tulou in Hongkeng, Gaobei and Nanxi are also favored for an in-depth tour.

☛ 2 Days Classic Yongding Tulou & Nanjing Tulou Tour from Xiamen

2-3 days in Wuyishan

Most people spend 2 days at Wuyishan to visit Jiuqu Stream rafting, Tianyou Peak, Dahongpao Scenic Area, Wuyi Palace, impression Da Hong Pao, etc. Water Curtain Cave, Xiamei Village, etc. are great to add in another day.

☛ 3 Days Classic Wuyi Mountain Tour

2-3 days in Xiapu

If you are interested in photography, plan at least 2 days to Xiapu to shoot the marvelous mudflat at Xiaohao, Beiqi, Dongbi, Shajiang and Yantian. Extend to more beautiful places like Huazhu, Yangjiaxi, Bachimen, etc. based on your likes, which usually takes 3-5 days covering the arrival and departure.

☛ 4 Days Fujian Xiapu Mudflat Photography Tour

You are also recommended to discover more beautiful destinations in Fujian like Fuzhou, Quanzhou, etc., which needs 1-2 days for each one.

Besides, lots of traveler to Fujian also prefer to plan it with other hot destinations in China, such as Huangshan with the fantastic Yellow Mountain, Guilin with wonderful Karst landscape, Yunnan with amazing scenery and ethnic minority culture, Zhangjiajie with incredible Avatar Mountains, Hangzhou with heavenly West Lake, Shanghai with contrast past and modern China looks, Hong Kong with fabulous skyline, Guangzhou with delicious Cantonese food, etc. China Discovery is always prepared to offer you the best Fujian tours and customized service for a satisfied itinerary based on your requirement.

☛ 6 Days Xiamen Nanjing Tulou & Yellow Mountain Amusing Tour

☛ 12 Days China Xiapu Mudflats Xiamen Tulou Coastal Tour by Bullet Train

Fujian Tour

Gulangyu Island in Xiamen

Fujian Tour

Fujian Tulou (Nanjing County)

Fujian Tour

Wuyi Mountain

Fujian Tour

Xiapu Mudflat

China Fujian Tour

Huangshan Yellow Mountain (Flying-over Rock)

Travel Fujian with China Discovery

To help you enjoy a worry-free trip to Fujian, we highly recommend you travel with us China Discovery. Our local experienced drivers will escort you to the attractions with comfortable car directly with speed and safety. And our English-speaking tour guide will accompany you all the way, show you the best travelling route, share interesting stories, introduce all highlights, and give you warm insider tips of avoiding offending local custom taboos, so you can focus all your attention on the highlights. Our experienced travel expert will help arrange your accommodation and plan your trip sincerely. The tour can be tailor-made according to your group size, time, physical condition, plan, interest, budget and every special need. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help!

China Fujian Tour

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Recommended Fujian Tours

Top 3 Fujian tours chosen by most customers to explore Fujian in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary,or tailor your own trip now with us.

Mount Wuyi Joyous Jiuqu Stream Rafting
5 Days Xiamen, Fujian Tulou & Mount Wuyi Discovery Tour

Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Yongding Tulou / Xiamen / Wuyishan

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster
3 Days Classic Xiamen and Fujian Tulou Tour

Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Yongding Tulou / Xiamen

6 Days Fujian Tulou & Xiapu Mudflat Photography Tour

Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou / Yongding Tulou / Xiamen / Xiapu

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