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Fujian Tulou, featured in "a Living World Heritage", "a Place of Harmony and Happiness", "Cluster of Hakka Culture", is the most extraordinary type of Chinese rural dwellings.

In 2008, there are 46 Fujian Tulou sites inscribed as World Heritage Sites. These famous Hakka Residential Earthen Houses include Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, Hekeng Tulou Cluster, Gaobei Tulou cluster, Hongkeng Tulou Cluster, Yangxian Lou, Huiyuan Lou, Zhengfu Lou and Hegui Lou etc. They are mainly scattered in Nanjing and Yongding County.

In Nanjing and Yongding, you’ll experience the legendary Hakka culture and enjoy the authentic rural life. Discover now!

Fujian Tulou Map

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

No.1: Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

Type: Historic Sites

Location: Tianluokeng Village, Shuyang Town, Nanjing County

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, dating back over 700 years, is a collection of Tulou architecture. From a viewing platform overlooking the nearby hills, the cluster is spectacular and unique, like a Chinese dish menu "four dishes and one soup ". It consists of a square earth building at the center of a quincunx, surrounded by three round buildings, and an oval-shaped one.

Among all the earth buildings in this cluster, the square “Buyun Building” is the oldest, built in 1796. It has three floors, and each floor has 26 rooms, four sets of stairs, and a circular corridor in front of the rooms. By climbing these stairs and visit those rooms, you will find the ancient Tulou buildings' secret and Hakka people's daily life and culture. In 2008, the famous Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster was inscribed as one of the 46 Fujian Tulou World Heritage Sites.

Hekeng Tulou Cluster

No.2: Hekeng Tulou Cluster

Type: Historic Sites

Location: Hekeng Natural Village, Shuyang Town, Nanjing County

Hekeng Tulou Cluster, one of the most incredible Tulou clusters, inscribed as one of the 46 Fujian Tulou World Heritage Sites.

Located in Hekeng Village, Shuyang Town, this extremely extensive and impressive cluster consists of 27 earthen houses with 15 different shapes. It all distributed in the narrow strip of small rivers, like a shape of letter T, means Triones. Hekeng Tulou Cluster is the densest Tulou building area in Nanjing County. Having a birds’ eye view of the Hekeng Tulou Cluster, you will find the huge “T” earth buildings spreading between green mountains and clean water, adding a field to this magnificent scenery.


No.3: Yuchanglou (Yuchang Building)

Type: Historic Sites

Location: Xiaban Village, Shuyang Town, Nanjing County

Yuchanglou, known as the “zigzag building” or “leaning building”, is one of the oldest and largest earthen buildings in China. Located in Xiaban Village in Nanjing County, this is a five-story tulou built in 1308 Yuan Dynasty by the Liu Family clan.

Why called the “leaning building”? It is because the vertical wooden post structure is not straight, but leaning left and right. It was constructed like this mainly due to a mistake in measuring the building material. In spite of this apparent infirmity, this tall tulou withstood 700 years of natural elements and social turmoil. Yuchanglou's outer ring is 36 m in diameter and boasts five storeys, with 50 rooms on each floor. Each of the 25 kitchens on the ground floor at the back half of the circle has private water well beside its stove. This is the only tulou in all Fujian with such convenient water supply.

Ta'xia Village

No.4: Ta'xia Village

Type: Historic Sites, Natural Scenery

Location: Shuyang Town, Nanjing County

Taxia Village, listed in the 15 Chinese Landscape Villages, is not only an exquisite Hakka Village but also a famous hometown of overseas Chinese.

Built in 1426 in Ming Dynasty by Zhang Family, Taxia Village has more than 40 earth buildings in kinds of shapes as well as some Diaojiaolou (buildings built on wood pillars). The earthen buildings are built in round, rectangle, apron shapes and among them the oldest tulou is Fuxinglou built in 1631. While the characteristic Diaojiaolou are built in earth-wood or brick-wood structures. For the fine environment and harmonious relationship, people live in Taxia Village are longevous. Besides, the Zhang’s Clan Ancestral Hall is also worth visiting. It is one of the best-reserved ancient clan ancestral halls in China with a history of more than 400 years.


No.5: Huaiyuanlou (Huaiyuan Building)

Type: Historic Sites

Location: Kanxia Village, Meilin Town, Nanjing County

Huaiyuanlou is probably the finest tulou - well designed and full preserved. It has been listed in the national protected historical and cultural sites in 2006. Built in 1905 in late Qing Dynasty, Huaiyuanlou is 4-story round earth building in the height of 14.5 meters with 136 rooms. It faces south but slightly towards the east. As the Fengshui master believed that right facing due south would cause bad luck.

The Huaiyuanlou is rich in cultural atmosphere. It used to be the ancestral hall as well as a private school of the family. The ridgepoles, doors and windows are decorated with beautiful carvings and exquisite paintings in the ancient style, and numerous plaques and couplets are seen everywhere; all the words on the plaques and couplets given by the predecessors are expressing the same idea that all the happiness and fortunes can only attain from hard works.


No.6: Heguilou (Hegui Building)

Type: Historic Sites

Location: Pushan Village, Meilin Town, Nanjing County

Hehuilou building is the highest earthen building of Nanjing Tulou. Built in 1732 in Qing Dynasty, with an area of 1547 square meters, the five-story rectangle Heguilou is in a height of 21.5 meters. The name “Hegui” means harmonies.

Besides the highest height, there are other three features of Heguilou. First, it was constructed on a swampland just like a rest ship and has been incredibly intact for more than 200 years. Second, there are two water wells in the courtyard just about 10 meters apart, but waters of them are totally different. Thirdly, Heguilou is a building surrounded by houses and it surrounds some houses itself. Some monolayer houses were built around it while houses of a school were built in the courtyard of it.

Yunshuiyao Village

No.7: Yunshuiyao Village (Changjiao Village)

Type: Historic Sites

Location: Meilin Town, Nanjing County

Yunshuiyao Village, used to be called Changjiao Village, is a time-honored ancient village with enchanting Minnan landscape. In 2005, the film The Knot (Yun Shui Yao) was shot here. In the film, the poetic rural scenery adds to the romance and purity of the love, which presents a beautiful and untouched village.

The most attractive sceneries in the village are tulous and banyans. There are 53 Tulous in well-preserved in the village. The famous ones are Huaiyuanlou and Heguilou. While the century-old banyans stands are everywhere; stand along the old road, lie in front the wooden houses, or grow beside the river bank, making the old village a cool fairyland. Walking leisurely along the 10 kilometers path, passing through the old banyan, visiting the mysterious tulous, or sitting near the beautiful mountains and clean water…you’ll be in an idyllic world.

Dadi Tulou Cluster

No.8: Nearby Dadi Tulou Cluster

Type: Historic Sites

Location: Dadi Village, Xiandu Town, Hua’an County

Dadi Tulou Cluster, the most famous cluster in Hua'an earth buildings is mainly consist of Eryilou, Nanyanglou and Dongyanglou. The three earthen buildings all have their features. The Eryilou is known as the "King of Tulou", which is the best example and was included in the list of the World Heritage, the Nanyanglou is the "Fujian Tulou Museum", and Dongyanglou is the most livable place here.

This tulou cluster is encircled by many animal-shaped mountains, such as Mt. Centipede, Mt. Dajinmian, Mt. Tiger, Mt. Tortoise and Mt. Lion. It also has two streams flowing through the whole village. The pleasant living environment of green mountains and clean water, rich humane attractions make Dadi Tulou Cluster presenting the unity of human and nature. It is not only “a mythical architectural pattern unique in the world”, but also a presentation of visible, touchable and sensible traditional Chinese culture.

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