Things to Do in Fujian Tulou

Fujian Tulou, featured in "a Living World Heritage", "a Place of Harmony and Happiness", "Cluster of Hakka Culture", is the most extraordinary type of Chinese rural dwellings.

In 2008, there are 46 Fujian Tulou sites inscribed as World Heritage Sites. These famous Hakka Residential Earthen Houses include Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, Hekeng Tulou Cluster, Gaobei Tulou cluster, Hongkeng Tulou Cluster, Yangxian Lou, Huiyuan Lou, Zhengfu Lou and Hegui Lou etc. They are mainly scattered in Nanjing and Yongding County.

In Nanjing and Yongding, you’ll experience the legendary Hakka culture and enjoy the authentic rural life. Discover now!

Fujian Tulou Map

Hakka Culture

No.1: Experience Authentic Hakka Culture

Type: Cultural Activities, Historic Sites

Location: Yongding County, Nanjing County

Tulou is the main place for Hakka People to live. They live here for many generations. By visiting kinds of Tulou Clusters, you will find their own culture and habits.

But there is something you might not know: the Hakka songs. The bright element of Hakka culture is songs, which sung in Hakka language. The main theme is love, and the words are flowery and passionate. From them you can see the real temperament of the people in the earthen buildings, and also feel the artistic charm. Hakka hill songs are also used as a form of communication at a distance, since Hakka people mostly live in hilly areas. The melody of Hakka Hill Songs tends to have higher pitch so the sound can travel further. So travelling in Fujian Tulou you will hear Mountain songs and will enjoy a nice feeling when you are watching beautiful landscapes and listening to nice songs sounding in mountain.

Liancheng Tianyi Hot springs

No.2: Enjoy the Liancheng Tianyi Hot springs

Type: Spa/Hot Spring

Location: Liancheng County

Travel to Liancheng, Fujian, you not only get a closer look to rural life and buildings, you also can enjoy the modern leisure. Tianyi Hot Springs is excellent for you, especially after a whole day's travel. It is a part of Tianyi Hotspring Resort. This resort gathers aromatherapy, wine rhyme, fish therapy, herbal therapy, and a hundred kinds of Hot springs therapy for you. During spa, you can touch the nature and enjoy the original ecology personalized service.

Fujian Tea Culture

No.3: Explore Fujian Tea Culture

Type: Tea Culture

Location: Nanjing County, Yongding County

The production of Fujian tea has a time-honored history over 1,600 years. It takes an important position in China to produce all the five categories of tea-black, green tea, and oolong, white and scented tea. The world famous Oolong has been introduced to some other regions. Excellent trees and craftsmanship as well as the abundant supply of raw material make it possible for Fujian to push out many well-known brands of tea such as Anxi Tieh-kwan-yin (iron Bodhisattva), Wuyi Rocky, SilverTip Pekoe, Tianshan green, etc. You can find the tea shop easily when travel, sometimes you can taste one cup of tea for free before you buy it.

Any guest in Hakka’s house must be offered a cup of tea. According to the customs, host fills a cup on 7/10 and empty 3/10 is considered to be filled with friendship and love. Also this tea ceremony is an important part in weddings. Bride and groom must make a tea for each other as a symbol of unity and love. The tea culture pays more attention to the taste flavor than the ceremony actions. So, Hakka people use small cups that contain tea only for 2 sips. Thus you can taste the whole bouquet of tea.

Hakka Cuisine

No.4: Taste Traditional Hakka Cuisine

Type: Cuisine

Location: Yongding County, Nanjing County

Hakka cuisine is the cooking style of the Hakka people, who are primarily found in southeastern China (Guangdong and Fujian), but also may be found in many other parts of China, as well as in the Chinese diaspora. Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore have numerous restaurants serving Hakka cuisine.

In a nutshell, the salty Hakka cuisine can be attributed to environmental influences. Early Hakka migrants in Taiwan worked hard and sweated a lot to open up new land for farming. To make up for the huge loss of salt content in body, they added more salt to food. Besides, food with high salt content preserves longer. These qualities meet the thrifty and hardworking nature of the Hakkas.

Food is also interesting, mainly based on poultry, pork, rabbit, and local veggies, including tea leaves. For instance, the Salt baked chicken, Ngiong Tew Foo, Beef meatball soup, Fried pork with fermented tofu, Sliced cold chicken, Soked duck feet, Ciba, Soked niu pi, are the most famous cuisine in Hakka. These cuisines are easy to taste in Hakka restaurant. You can try some and enjoy the different way of cooking.

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