Top Things to Do in Dali

Dali as a center of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture gathers 25 ethnic minorities to create a unique background with kinds of ancient towns and historical buildings. With its geographical location and pleasant weather, there are many top attractions to see in Dali.

Dali Old Town is the No.1 must-see to seek the past history of the influential ancient Nanzhao kingdom. Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake are praised as the city's leading scenic areas. Most attractions lie between these two landmarks, such as the Butterfly Spring and the Three Pagodas. Also there are many activities held, like Spring Fair, Bai Torch Festival, etc.

Most Popular Dali Tour:

3 Days Dali Classic Tour

4 Days Dali Leisure Vacation for Nature & Culture Savory (in Luxury Boutique Hotel)

For most visitors to Dali, they prefer travel Dali together with more destinations in Yunnan in one go, such as Kunming with Stone Forest (1-2 days), Lijiang with Lijiang Old Town (2-3 days), Shangri-La with Sumtseling Monastery (1-2 days), etc. The amazing natural and cultural highlights in colorful Yunnan deserves your visit!

Best Dali Yunnan Tours:

6 Days Yunnan Essence Tour (Kunming, Dali & Lijiang)

8 Days Classic Yunnan Tour (Kunming / Dali / Lijiang / Shangri-La)

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Spring Fair

No.1: Spring Fair

Spring Fair (March Fair or Sanyuejie in Chinese) is held for about one week from the 15th of the third lunar moth (April or May). Visit in this period, you can see thousands of people, from all over the region, come to the Fair to take part in horse trading, wresting, racing, dancing and singing. The Fair is also a festival of celebrating reunion of people of Bai Nationality once a year.

Recommended Tour:

3 Days Dali Classic Tour

No.2: Bai Torch Festival

The frankly scary Bai Torch Festival-held to commemorate the fiery foundation of the Nanzhao kingdom, is held on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month; On that day, local people will dress up, ladies will be painted red nails to celebrate the big day for blessing peace and warding off illness. You will see much fireworks, bonfires, torch parades and more activities there.

Recommended Tour:

4 Days Dali Leisure Vacation for Nature & Culture Savory (in Luxury Boutique Hotel)

No.3: Cangshan Mountain Hiking

Hiking Cangshan Mountain from West of Dali Old Town is the best way to experience the beauty of this mountain, also the safest way with well-paved roads. It takes only one hour to get the walking trail (named Cloud Pass) where 2 km away from Zhonghe Temple in the north. Along the way you may see local people doing their morning exercises.

Recommended Tour:

3 Days Dali City Tour with Cangshan Mountain Hiking

Recommended Dali Tours

Top 3 Dali tours chosen by most customers to explore Dali in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Dali Old Town
3 Days Dali Classic Tour


Three Pagodas
4 Days Kunming & Dali Highlights Tour by High Speed Train

Kunming / Stone Forest / Kunming / Dali

Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Monastery
8 Days Classic Yunnan Tour

Kunming / Dali / Lijiang / Shangri-La

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