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Wing Zeng - Our Professional Tour Consultant

Wing Zeng


"Hello there, my dear friends, I’m Wing, your travel consultant from Chengdu Bamboo International Tours.

Either travelling or reading, body or soul, there must be one on the road. Accordingly, travelling and reading are two important components of my life just like many of you. No matter you’re in pursuit for a break from normal life, for something new and exotic in the distance, for delicacy, culture, friendship, horizon, chance, new-self, forgetfulness and so on. You’ll never be disappointed to come to China Discovery.Why still hesitate?

I promise to try my best to offer you the most professional suggestions with my inexhaustible patience and enthusiasm. "

See my blog:
Travel with Wing: 1 Day’s Panda Volunteer Tour


Why not take the advantages of Wing's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away! Ask her a question about your travel or call her at +86-13980722408.

Photos of Me & My Clients

China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing China Discovery Travel Consultant - Wing

Hi Wing!

Yes the tour was really great and smooth sailing! We enjoyed ourselves very much. Everything was well taken care of. We visited other provinces but this tour is probably the highlight of our travels in China! :-)

Thanks for your wonderful assistance! :-)

We hope to join another tour again soon!

Best regards,


July 31 2017


Thank you everything was great with the cruise. I am enjoying travel in China very much. I will be going home in two weeks but if I come back, I will look into going to Tibet and yes I would recommend your services. Thank you for all of your help. Feichang gai xie. NVB


July 23 2017


Thank you everything was great with the cruise. I am enjoying travel in China very much. I will be going home in two weeks but if I come back, I will look into going to Tibet and yes I would recommend your services. Thank you for all of your help. Feichang gai xie. NVB


July 20 2017

Dear Wing Zeng,

It’s great to hear from you and thank you for following up on our 3-week visit to China and Thailand to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We’ve just returned and called it our ‘Second Honeymoon Adventure’! The Yangtze River Cruise we booked through you was one of five different things we had planned.

The cruise exceeded our expectations – it was everything described and more. Every day was an adventure in itself. We booked the‘President No 7’– The accommodation was luxurious (we booked a Deluxe Cabin for the extra space), the service impeccable, the food absolutely delicious (with such a wide variety), the excursions amazing (with super guides), and the scenery stunning! I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Just a couple of minor points to help for the future. Our cabin was advertised as having a double bed – it was two singles pushed together!  The sun deck (which was spacious) could have done with more loungers and also having part of it with a canopy for when you need to be out of the sun.

Thank you for the brilliant service you have given personally from the moment I contacted you and through the whole booking (and follow-up) process. Thank you too for helping to make our time of celebration so very special.

I have attached a few photos which I hope will give a flavour to others who are considering a Yantze River Cruise.

Yours sincerely,


The following picture was shared by Derek.

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise

Derek Couple had a happy Yangtze River Cruise time

July 3 2017

Hi Wing,

Answer to your questions:

  1. How do you like our tour arrangements and are you willing to recommend our service to your friends?
  2. Very much, you have been very helpful making suggestions in finding best solutions for our route and fast. I surely can/will recommend your services to my friends.

  3. Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?
  4. I don’t have really any suggestions Well, may be some people would like to arrange their own trip with specific wishes. But I am sure you can deal with it.

  5. By the way, our company can also provide online the Yangtze River and Tibet travel services, I hope we have chance to serve you again!
  6. We are planning to come again in mid-September. Would it be possible to send some ideas and then see what would be the best?

  7. Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?

I don’t have really any suggestions well, may be some people would like to arrange their own trip with specific wishes. But I am sure you can deal with it.


May 29 2017

Dear Wing,

We hope you are doing well!  We are still amazed that we were able to experience your beautiful country!  We so enjoy looking at our photos and hope all of our friends at China Discovery are doing well!

Below is the review I placed with Trip Advisor. I'm a member with Trip Advisor under the name of Trish (one of my nicknames!). I hope the information I provided is helpful and beneficial to you and to our tour guides.  Please let me know if I can do anything more.

Trip Advisor Review:

My husband and I traveled to China for 10 days under the wonderful guidance of China Discovery.  From the initial email to the final day of our trip, China Discovery did a masterful job of providing us with an organized, safe vacation filled with sightseeing, delicious food and new friends!  Wing Zeng planned our trip based on our wish list but she also included many other interesting activities that enriched our trip.  Wing was extremely helpful and generous with our many questions!  In each city, we were met by a tour guide and a driver.  Because of the language barrier, the tour guides -- Andie, Angela, Linda and Sandy -- were invaluable with their fluency in English, their immense knowledge and their attentiveness to our interests and needs.  Plus, the drivers in each city were gifted at navigating the unreal traffic and always kept us safe.  We would definitely recommend China Discovery as an ideal option for travelers who prefer not to be in a huge tour group but who would like a guide for the language and for the knowledge they share.  Highly recommend! 

Thank you again for all you did for us!


The following picture was shared by Patty.


Patty's Happy Journey in Xian

May 24 2017

Dear Wing Zeng

The arrangement was very good. The tour also was very good.

Our cabin was big enough and cleen.

I will recommend to my friend to do this tour.

Thank you very much

Michal& Avi

Yangtze River Cruise

Fengdu Ghost City

Yangtze River Cruise

Featured Architecture of Shibaozhai Pagoda

Michal& Avi
May 22 2017

Dear Wing,

Thank you for your email!  Was great to hear from you and we are so thankful we got to meet you in Chengdu!

We had such an amazing experience in China. The beauty of your country and the service you provide is absolutely incredible. Every day, every minute was our favorite!! 

We have been busy with our family since we returned and we are trying to get rested!!  I will definitely complete any survey and I will go online to rave about you, our guides, the sights and China Discovery! 

'Thank you' is not adequate, but, thank you!

Below are photos of the absolute highlights of our trip!  More photos will follow!

Thank you!


May 17 2017

Dear Wing Zeng

We are now back in Sweden after our trip to Tibet. We are very satisfied and the tour was wonderful. Thank you for all your help.

Best regards

Johan Wingborg

May 15 2017

Hi Wing,

No not home yet. Delayed at Shanghai airport due to bad weather in Guangzhou.

I would be more than happy for you to use my email.

Your arrangements and directions were perfect. We would definitely recommend your service to our friends and family.

I would love to travel to Tibet. Maybe we can in the future and we would get you to organise it for us.



May 8 2017

Hi Wing,

We want to thank you for our planning our wonderful trip to China. We came back this morning after a very looping night. All four of us really enjoyed our trip. I will write a lot more to you in the next few days but now I have to take a little nap. We were awake all night plus the flight.

9 days is kind of a silly way to see China. Such a big place and so much to see. We all agreed that we will come for more and we want to do it with you planning it.

I think that you said that you would send me a few pics of you. I hope that you will.


May 10 2017

Hi Wing

The tour was amazing. We were all very impressed with how it was organised and how knowledgeable the tour guides were. It was one of the most stress free trips as everything was organized exactly as stated on our itinerary. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Will recommend you to friends and family.

-How do you like our tour arrangements and are you willing to recommend our service to your friends?

Yes will definitely recommend your company.

-Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?

The only suggestion was our guide (Dave) in Guilin did not arrange bike riding or a raft trip for us as requested he seemed to only want to do things that involved the car. But other than that was perfect. Our favorite guides were Oliver (Great Wall guide) and Bruce (Huangshan) guide.


May 4 2017

Hi Wing,

Everything is fine and I hope for you as well.

-      And any travel photos are welcome as well. It will be highly appreciated if you agree to let us put your evaluation E-mail and photos on our website.

I’m really sorry but I would not like to have my family’s photos and contact’s details online. I really share my private life only with family and best friends, I’m not using Facebook or similar. I know, I’m old style…

-      How do you like our tour arrangements and are you willing to recommend our service to your friends?

Yes, everything was fine, Candy, Wally and Linda are great and nice person, we had very nice time with them.

-      Do you have some suggestions for us to improve our service?

First I would add wi-fi in the cars. The restaurant upstairs the porcelain shop near the great wall was terrible!  (no problem but I definitely would never go there by myself). The driver in Shanghai was absolutely nice and friendly but the car needs to be updated.

That’s all, the rest was perfect.

All the best!


May 4 2017

Hello Wing,

I'm am good, thank you. You can use my email and pictures. I will send the pictures in a separate email.

I would highly recommend this tour company. It was very easy to book, there was constant communication before and during my trip and even when one of my flights was cancelled, I was rebooked before I even knew it had been cancelled.

The hotels in Guilin, Yangshuo and Shanghai were far from the main tourist attractions so that could be changed for a more enjoyable experience.

Overall, we had an amazing time! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy everything was and how wonderful of a time we had. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to having an amazing trip around China!!!


The following picture was shared by Erin.

Chengdu Panda Base

erin hugged the panda

Temple Heaven

Magnificent Temple of Heaven

Li River

Great View of Li River

Terracotta Warriors

Amazing Terracotta Warriors

May 4 2017

Hi Wing,

Wow!!! You really impressed my wife and the Prins's today when you called Vivian to ask about us. She was really surprised too. I really appreciated that.

Vivian is a very good tour guide. She speaks excellent English and knows a lot and is very nice. We are very pleased with the hotel and EVERYTHING.

Thanks for everything,


May 2 2017

Hello Wing,

Sorry for my late reply. I wanted to thank you all your assistance on this marvelous trip you made for Louis , he was very pleased and enjoyed his time in Chengdu.

Thank you for the invoice as well.

I´ll see if he can share some pictures with us since it´s him who lived all the experience. I will ask him too to make the Trip Advisor comments and all the evaluation, e-mail and photos on your website.

Take care!



April 29 2017

Hi Wing,

Sincere apologies. Our internet connection was lost over Easter as a truck ripped out our cable and it has taken some time to get connected again (Easter is a big holiday here, as I think you will know). But as you see, it is fixed now.

Answers to your question:

  1. Have no photos to give you as I don't take photos when travelling, unlike most people, I know.
  2. I am just so impressed by your service, it is truly excellent, and have already recommended this to my friends. I have travelled to China many times now, and have never had such a good experience as we had this time with your organisation.
  3. As I say, it is a truly excellent service, so the suggestion I have is a minor one...not a criticism at all, but we all would have liked to have had more protein options for dishes for lunch...chicken/pork/fish. But this does not detract from the experience at is a little thing thing that I mention here.
  4. We would certainly call on you again, for we do intend to visit China again



April 20, 2017

Hello Wing,

Everything went well, thanks.


April 20, 2017

Hello Wing,

We enjoyed our trip to China.  All the guides were very punctual and took care of all the details which took the load off my shoulders.  They were very professional and I would recommend you to my friends.  The pricing was not cheap but reasonable.  I have a couple of suggestions.  1. the evaluations each guide have us fill out should be given to us online to complete at a later time if you are interested in the most truthful feedback. 2. at the beginning of the Yangtze river cruise in Chongquing, give the traveler the choice of using a porter.  We were fine to roll our own luggage but the porters just took them and wanted a tip and we had just run out of small bills and only had $100's.  3.  It would be nice to have an itemized breakdown of the costs.

Thanks again. There's so much to see in China. Hopefully next time we will be able to see different areas/cities and spend more time.

Lucy Yu

April 15, 2017

Hi Wing,

We got home late yesterday and have lots to catch up on.  

I don't have time for a full evaluation now but in short, we had a wonderful time. The guides were all very nice, helpful, prompt, and informative. Johnny was by far the most informative guide. He was exceptional! As you promised, the guides and drivers were all non-smoking and we thank you for that!!!

I have lots of amazing pictures that I will send to you. I need to catch up on work right now but will get back to you next week.  

You did a wonderful job planning this and all in all it was a fabulous trip. There were just a few mishaps but many more good things than bad and the mishaps were taken care of.

Thank you again,


April 14, 2017

Hi Wing 

I'm back in Shanghai. My trip went well and Thank you for organising everything.

I will give my work colleagues your details if anyone wants to go on a trip. 

Thanks again for everything.

Kind regards. 

Zindi Chungu

Zindi Chungu
April 05, 2017

Sorry about the late reply. Just returned from my trip.

Arrangements were great. I would recommend your service to anyone visiting China. I cannot think of any improvements needed at this time.  I really enjoyed my trip with your group.

Jon Pomeroy

Jon Pomeroy
March 31, 2017

We have just returned from our in China, thank you for making this a memorable and amazing trip! Ms Wing was wonderful at assisting us and our tour guides especially Kennedy in Guilin was awesome! I will recommend this company to anyone and rate you 5 star! Thank you again for a wonderful holiday!

Marianne Dixon

Marianne Dixon
March 25, 2017

Dear Ms Wing,

First of all I new ma'af can answer your email in connection with the disaster, accident my son while cycling in order homestay programe in Pare, Kediri, East Java. so that the back of the china we went straight to jogyakarta for weeks indecent to take care of him.

Overall, the trip tour was very interesting and memorable. For an alternative tour, what if there was also a section to the traditional market / stret market, where there can be an affordable price.

once again thank you for your help on this trip, hopefully China Discovery could be bigger and better.


The following pictures were shared by BR/Djoko.

Forbidden City Travel

BR/Djoko Visited Forbidden City in Beijing

Great Wall Tour

BR/Djoko Visited Great Wall in Beijing

March 22, 2017

Dear Wing

Tom and I are home safely after a wonderful trip to China, although I got sick after leaving Xi'an. You did a great job planning the itinerary and making sure the guides arranged gluten free meals. The guides worked very hard to explain my allergy to chefs and I really enjoyed delicious food. I have specific feedback for you to help you in the future.

Beijing - We were sorry that Albert was sick but happy that he was considerate and did not want to infect us. And Marjorie was an excellent guide. She was friendly and had a lot of good information that she shared. We are glad that we chose the optional dance show. It was wonderful.

Xi'an - We loved the high speed train! The Sofitel was the best hotel we stayed at. Waldener was a good tour guide who had a lot of good information.  Guilin - We did not think the Sheraton deserved to be a 5 star hotel. We enjoyed the cruise on the River Li to Yangshuo. Smiley was our favorite guide. She was warm and friendly with a lot of local knowledge.  And she was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed her. This area of China was very different from the big cities and was great to experience.  The ethnic minority show on the river was breathtaking - we loved it.

Chengdu -  Seeing the pandas was such a joy!  It was the highlight of our trip. 

Shanghai -  This was a very interesting city.  We had a lot of interesting experiences.  Vivian was very sweet and a good tour guide.  I am glad we finished out trip with her and not Nancy.  It left us with a good feeling.  I was pretty sick in Shanghai but still enjoyed it.

All in all it was a very nice trip and I have already recommended China Discovery to friends who want to go to China.  We appreciated all your hard work in making great arrangements.  Thank you.

Dr. Barbara

Dr. Barbara
March 20, 2017

Hello Wing,

Well we all found the tour very satisfactory in every respect including the sunshine( most days) . I think it might be useful to give one more idea about what to expect on the train. Thankfully we left our main baggage in the Radisson Blu so we had no problem. Also it possible it's more comfortable beyond row 1 on the train. 

Yes indeed it was a great tour and we loved the hotel chosen. We might see you next time.

Best regards!


February 15, 2017

Hi Wing Zeng,

We arrived back home in Germany yesterday. We had a very good cruise :)

1. How about your tour arrangements?

It was great! Everything was fine!

2. Are you willing to recommend our service to those who would like to come to China ?

Definitely, yes.

3. Your general opinion on us?  

Super ship, nice cabins, nice and friendly staff. Good program and very good food. It was a bit unfortunate that there was no free wifi. We would have liked to leave the ship while it was designed to do guided tours, in which we did not want to participate.

4. What will be your suggestions regarding how to improve our services?

Free wifi! The possibility to leave the ship for tours on your own.

5. Frankly, our company can also provide online the Yangtze River and Tibet travel services, I hope we have chance to serve you again!

If I travel again to China I will definitely consider this.

All the best and happy spring festival,


January 22, 2017

Hello Wing,

Sorry for my late response. I am really busy these days sorry.

1. I am really happy with the tour arrangements. All days have a full program which is really good to see a lot of things in a few days. Because of a lot of driving between the destinations we had time to rest. I like to see many things on one day and the tour at Emei Shan from early morning until evening was not to heavy for us. We like to see the summit and the temples on half way. All in all I can warmly recommend the tour to everybody!

2.  Yes, I’m willing to recommend your service to those who would like to come to China.

3. I was really happy with the service of Wing Zeng. She answers me really fast and answered all my questions in advance detailed. The driver was a good driver. We feel save and the car was comfortable for two persons. Our guide was competent. He speaks a lot about background information and not only about things which I can read in a travel guide.

4. I have nothing to improve. I just like the day at Emei Shan summit and the temple tour on half way even if the guide said it is too much. For us it was perfect (we are between (20 and 30 years old) just in case if other persons do not want to do so many things in one day.

I hope I answer the questions as much detailed as you want. :)

If you need anything else from me, please let me know!

Happy Chinese new year soon,

Best greetings,


January 12, 2017

Hello Wing Zeng,

I have to say sorry that I answer you so late. But sadly I got sick directly after arriving in Shanghai.

Thank you very much for your nice present which Kevin gave to us. I feel really sorry that the hotel does not give your nice present to us and that we are not at our room when you arrive at the hotel.

I was really happy with the whole trip and the organization around operating by you. Thank you very much for this organization. For us it was not the last visit in Chengdu. We hope that we can come back soon.

Hope to meet you one day,

All the best for you!

Best regards,


January 2, 2017

Hi Wing,

Everything is good. Thank you!

To answer your questions:

1. The tour is well arranged.

2. We will use your service again and recommend to other friends.

3. In general, I think you did a good job!

Best regards,


November 28, 2016

Dear Ms. Wing Zeng,

Thank you for your e-mail and reminder. I am well prepared and looking forward to discover Guilin and it's surroundings!

Your contact number is well noted! Thank you.

Many thanks,


November 23, 2016

Hi Wing.

I'm glad to hear your grandfather is feeling better. It's always tough when someone you care about is sick.

I have a fabulous time in Zhangjiajie.

I really appreciated that Lucy was able to ove things around to accomodate the glass bridge.

I don't have any complaints or any suggestions for you. I am fully satisfied with the trip.

Thank you for asking.


November 14, 2016
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