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Tracy Tan - Our Experienced Travel Specialist

China Travel Specialist


"Hi, I am Tracy from China Discovery. I love traveling, and the most attractive parts for me during trips are to see different things, to meet different people, and to have different experiences. All those make me a better person who love life and enjoy life.

I dream to travel around the world, and I have always been doing this. Would you like to come with me? I am here and would like to be helpful.

But what most interests me is to listen to you, my dear customers, about your trips. I shall listen to you from the beginning to the end. Before and during your trip, I shall listen to all your needs, no matter how trivial they are and try my best to meet them. After your trip, I shall listen to you sharing your traveling experience about people, food, history, religion etc. Listening whole heartedly to you all the time is my constant promise."

Why not take the advantages of Tracy's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to service you never fades away! Ask her a question about your travel or call her at +86-15928557293.

Photos of Me & My Clients

China Travel Specialist China Travel Specialist China Travel Specialist China Travel Specialist

Greetings Tracy,

I had a great time and the arrangements you made were perfect. The cruise staff were absolutely amazing! They made me feel like royalty. Seeing that I was the only foreigner and the only English speaking guest on the boat, it made it a very interesting journey. Gracie, the river guide was incredibly kind and helpful. She took care of me and made sure I knew about everything. Thanks for a great trip!

Traci Mohamed

July 30 2017

Hi Tracy,

Here are some photos from the cruise.

The files are too large to send all in one email so I will send a few emails with photos.

These photos are of the executive lounge which we could access with the upgraded room, the executive suite, the view looking down from the top of the stairs and the sundeck of the ship.


July 24 2017

Hi Tracy,

Attached are several photos from our trip for your use. We have many more photos. If there is a specific type of photo you are looking for please let me know.  Also, go ahead and send me the link you would like me to use for trip advisor.

Warm regards,


The following pictures were shared by Mark.

Panda Volunteer Tour

Panda Volunteer Tour

Panda Volunteer Tour

Mark's Family had a panda volunteer tour in Dujiangyan Panda Base

July 24 2017

Dear Tracy,

Thanks for the email.

Ever thing was super and perfectly arranged.

Your tour guides, all plans, timings, food... were amazing.

Words are not enough to write about your care, support and follow up.

We were all very happy about your professional job.

I will be more thank happy to officially write my review anywhere you want.

Dr. Fariborz

Dr. Fariborz
July 11 2017

Hi Tracy,

We would be happy to share our panda tour experience.

I will provide you photos when we return from china on Saturday. We all really enjoyed volunteering and getting a close up experience with the pandas.  So far it has been the best part of our trip to china which has included many great experiences.  We were very pleased with our tour guide, Eben. He was very informative and helpful. 

I would not hesitate to use China Discovery in the future.

Thank you,


July 11 2017

Hi Tracy,

I'm very good thank you.

The cruise was beautiful and very relaxing. We upgraded to the executive suite and enjoyed the use of the executive lounge. Our room was very clean and spacious with excellent views. We also upgraded the restaurant which allowed us our own private table, a quieter restaurant (around 60 people) and we were told better food. Staff were mostly very pleasant and attentive.

While we enjoyed the cruise very much, we had some trouble with food. As I have mentioned, Judy is a vegetarian (no meat or seafood) and Kurtz and I only eat chicken. We were asked for our dietary requirements and informed staff, however staff were not accommodating of our dietary requirements and most of the time we didn't have much food to choose from. I think it would be worthwhile telling other westerners or people with dietary requirements that the food is very much designed for Chinese people (a lot of the food eaten in China is very rarely seen or eaten in western countries).

Despite the trouble with food, the cruise was fantastic and we would highly recommend it to others.

We are going home in just over a week and I will definitely send you some photos soon after.

Kind regards,


July 7 2017

Dear Tracy.

We were really honored to have visited such an important person's tomb. It is more of a symbolic thing for us to honour such people and have visited such tombs also in Egypt, Mexico and elsewhere. 

For example. Likewise the valley of the kings in Egypt, where we are allowed to enter selected tombs for a fee, that creates massive tourism opportunities and interest which in turn funds scientific exploration and conservation. They lined the walls with glass to protect murials.

Helen has amongst other studied museology and have also worked at restoration of key south african historical sites incl groot constantia. We realise that protection of these sites are of immense and utmost national importance. But we sincerely do hope that in future some of these pyramid tomb sites can be developed and made accessible for tourism to promote history and knowledge. 

We are indeed honored to experience this tour and are really enjoying it. Kimmy is an excellent tour guide.



July 5 2017

Hello Tracy

We got yesterday night Madrid after spending a few days in Beijing.

China is a great country and we were delighted to spend fourteen days there. The cruise was de best part of our trip and we enjoyed a lot. Landscape of three Gorges is one the most wonderful places we ever visited in our lives and Dam of Yangtze is amazing. All crew members were nice and guides on shore excursions provided us valuable information about everthing we visited. They teached us few words and songs in Chinese and a lot knowledge about your traditions and way of living.

Thank a lot for helping us making this trip possible with all your help and advices.

Attached you have a picture of us shipping

Best regards

Cristina & Elena

The following picture was shared by Cristina & Elena.

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise Tour of Cristina & Elena

Cristina & Elena
May 25 2017

Dear Tracy,

Hope all is good at your side.

It was a great day thank you. Now I'm back home to egypt.

Here you go the answers.

1) Yes travel consultant was fast and helpful

2) The tour guide was great, very helpful, making sure I'm enjoying the day, explaining details, taking lots of photos

3) Yes will recommend the company

Many thanks,


May 2 2017
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