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Zhengzhou Attractions | Things to Do in Zhengzhou 2023

Want to know the interesting things to see and do in Zhengzhou?

Located in the central plains of China, Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, was one of the eight ancient capitals of China, with a long history and numerous cultural relics. The most recommended attractions in Zhengzhou is Henan Provincial Museum, Yellow River Scenic Area, Zhengzhou Museum, etc.

As an important transportation hub, Zhengzhou usually serves as a stopover city for travelers to make a trip to nearby Shaolin Temple (in Dengfeng), the home of China’s most famous martial art - Shaolin Kung Fu. Here, you could watch Kung Fu performance, study Kung Fu, walk through the Pagoda Forest, meditate in the ancient surrounding… For whatever reason you come, Shaolin Temple is worth a visit.

Check the following Top 6 Things to do and attractions in & near Zhengzhou to make your Zhengzhou trip complete, from museums, temples, landmark tower, and Yellow River Scenic area.

No.1: Henan Museum

Zhengzhou Attractions

Facade of Henan Museum

Zhengzhou Attractions

Fuhao Owl-shaped bronze wine container

Ticket: Free

Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (closed on Monday, Chinese New Year’s Eve and Chinese Lunar New Year's Day)

Address: 河南省郑州市金水区农业路8号, No.8 Nongye Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan

As one of the four museums in China, Henan Museum ranges the second in collections, after the Palace Museum in Beijing and Taipei. Founded in 1927, formerly known as the Henan Provincial Museum, this museum has basic galleries, thematic galleries, and temporary exhibition halls. The collections mainly date back to the early twentieth century with over 130,000 pieces of prehistoric artifacts including Shang and Zhou bronzes, ancient ceramics, jade, etc. Besides, it has many relics of nature, like dinosaur bones and fossils. For more details, please read about Henan Museum.

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No.2: Zhengzhou Museum

Zhengzhou Attractions

Facade of Zhengzhou Museum

Zhengzhou Attractions

Bronze exhibits of Zhengzhou Museum

Ticket: Free

Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (closed on Monday, Chinese New Year’s Eve and Chinese Lunar New Year's Day)

Address: 郑州市嵩山南路168号, 168 Songshan South Road, Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou museum is a local comprehensive museum. The original site of the museum is located in Bishagang park. The main exhibition hall consists of three floors above the ground and one floor underground. Its architectural shape is based on the bronze square tripod of the Shang Dynasty unearthed in Zhengzhou. The overall architectural style is the combination of rough and exquisite tripod utensils. The exhibition hall of Zhengzhou Museum covers a total area of 4720 square meters. The original permanent exhibition area is about 2000 square meters. It is composed of three parts: "the dawn of Zhengzhou civilization", "the charm of Zhengzhou ancient capital" and "the charm of ancient culture".

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No.3: Erqi Memorial Tower

Zhengzhou Attractions

Erqi Memorial Tower during the daytime

Zhengzhou Attractions

Erqi Memorial Tower at night

Ticket: Free

Opening Hours: 08:30-18:30

Address: 河南省郑州市二七区解放路二七广场 Erqi Square of Zhengzhou City, Henan

Located at the Erqi Square of Zhengzhou, Erqi Memorial Tower was built in 1971 to the memory of the Railway Workers Strike that occurred on February 7, 1923. With 14 storeys of 63 meters high, the Erqi Memorial Tower has a total of 10 towers layers museum hall and a basement hall, displays a variety of historical artifacts of images, text data about this strike, and a winding stair inside the tower brings you up to the top floor, where you can get a bird's-eye view of the whole city of Zhengzhou. It’s like a twin tower from distance and now it’s the landmark of Zhengzhou city.

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No.4: Yellow River Scenic Area

Zhengzhou Attractions

Yellow River Scenic Area during the sunset

Zhengzhou Attractions

Statues of emperors of Yan and Huang

Ticket: CNY 60

Opening Hours: 8:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:30 (Mar to Nov) or 14:00-17:30 (Dec to Feb)

Address: 河南省郑州市惠济区江山路黄河南岸1号 30 km northwest of Zhengzhou City, No.1, South Bank of Yellow River, Jiangshan Road, Huiji District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

The Yellow River Scenic Area is located on the bank of the Yellow River, 20 kilometers northwest of Zhengzhou City, with Yueshan mountain in the South and the Yellow River in the north. It is the starting point of the hanging Yellow River, the end of the Loess Plateau, and the boundary between the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. At present, this area has more than 40 scenic spots, including Five Dragons Peak, Camel Mountain Range, Yueshan Temple, giant statues of the two emperors of Yan and Huang, Xinghai lake. Here you can appreciate the vastness of the river scenery, enjoy the scenic spots, and learn the history of the Yellow River culture.

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No.5: Zhengzhou Town's God Temple

Zhengzhou Attractions

Zhengzhou Town's God Temple in Spring

Zhengzhou Attractions

Inside Zhengzhou Town's God Temple

Ticket: Free

Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00

Address: 河南省郑州市管城回族区商城路4号 No.4 Shangcheng Road, Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan

Zhengzhou Town's God Temple is a beautiful temple where you can spend 1 to 2 hours to walk around at your leisure. The original temple was first built in the early Ming Dynasty, then rebuilt in 1501. The current temple had undergone several repairs. Zhengzhou Town’s God Temple is 30 meters in width, and 130 meters in length, with an area of nearly 4000 square meters. There are existing gates, theatrical buildings, the main hall, a worship house, and the backyard. It is the most complete and largest group of Ming and Qing architectural complex in Zhengzhou city. Its buildings are simple and elegant, various forms, vivid and vivid colors, with remarkable Henan's local architectural features.

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No.6: Shaolin Temple (Shaolinsi)

Zhengzhou Attractions

Shaolin Temple

Zhengzhou Attractions

Shaolin Kung Fu

Ticket: CNY 100

Opening Hours: 07:30 ~ 18:00 (Mar to Nov); 08:00 ~ 17:30 (Dec to Feb)

Address: 河南省登封市嵩山少林风景区 Shaolin Temple Scenic Area, Dengfeng City, Henan 90 km from Zhengzhou

Though far from Zhengzhou city, Shaolin Temple is a popular must-visit site for Shaolin Kung Fu and martial arts fans. Situated in the foothills of the west side of Mount Songshan, and built in 495 AD, it became famous after Bodhidharma had come to teach “Zen”. Today there are three main areas to visit here and know the history of Shaolin Temple: Shaolin Temple Complex, the Pagoda Forest, and Kung Fu Performance. It is very convenient to take a bus from Zhengzhou to Shaolin Temple within 2 hours’ duration. For more details about Shaolin Temple, please read Things to Do in Shaolin Temple.

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How to Plan Your Zhengzhou Tour

How to Get to Zhengzhou: You can take direct both domestic and international flight to Zhengzhou and take high speed train from Luoyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, etc.

Best Time to Visit Zhengzhou: April to May and September to November are best time when temperature is moderate, weather is good with beautiful nature scenery.

Top Attractions to Visit in Zhengzhou: Shaolin Temple, Mount Song, Henan Museum, Henan Geological Museum and Yellow River Scenic Area …

With convenient flight and train network, Zhengzhou is more used as a transport hub in Henan. Usually, tourists make a Shaolin Temple day tour via Zhengzhou, visit the Pagoda Forest and main temple architectures and closely watch a wonderful Shaolin Kung Fu show in a leisured pace or leave half day for a Mount Song hiking trip. (If you and your kids are interested in long-term Chinese Kung Fu training class near Shaolin Temple, you can contact us to get the best recommendations.) Luoyang is another hotspot on a Henan tour bucket list. One day is suitable for visiting the top two sites, the Longmen Grottoes - a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and the World’s biggest Buddhist cave treasury with thousands of stone carvings, and China’s first Buddhist temple - White Horse Temple. In early days of April and early May, tourists have chance to enjoy an eye-pleasing blossom of Peony Festival in Luoyang.

✔ 2 Days Shaolin Temple Tour from Zhengzhou
✔ 3 Days Shaolin Temple Longmen Grottoes Tour from Zhengzhou
✔ 3 Days Shaolin Temple Mount Song Hiking Tour with Luoyang Highlights

As one of the cradles of Chinese Civilization, Henan retains many profound cultural heritages and natural spectacles. If time and personal interests allow, you may visit more wonderful places, such as Yuntai Mountain with stunning canyon landscape of Taihang Mountain, ancient capital of Kaifeng, miraculous Guoliang Village on the sheer cliff, Yin Dynasty Ruins with interesting Oracle Bone Inscriptions, etc. Beyond Henan, China presents its diverse culture, history and city charm in different regions, and Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu are top destinations to travel with Henan.

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✔ 6 Days Henan Highlights Tour (Zhengzhou/Anyang/Kaifeng/Dengfeng/Luoyang)
✔ 8 Days China Ancient Capitals Tour with Shaolin Temple (Beijing/Luoyang/Xian)
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Grandiose ancient temples in Shaolin Temple
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