Ningbo Where to Stay, Accommodation and Recommended Hotels

Ningbo provides a good accommodation environment for tourists. You may easily find all grades of hotels (from luxury resort hotel to theme hostels and featured inns) all over Ningbo, and never need to worry about not having a good rest after a day tour. Accommodation area in Ningbo can be roughly divided into two kinds: downtown and accommodation at surrounding scenic spots. Haishu Business District, Jiangdong Business District and Yinzhou District are the 3 most chosen places to stay in downtown Ningbo. For those who are planning to visit nearby areas such as Fenghua, Xiangshan, Ninghai, etc. there are hotels to choose from at local.

Check more detailed information about the Top Areas to Stay in Ningbo Downtown & Suburb and recommended hotels in each area, plan your Ningbo tour in 2024/2025.

Top 3 Places to Stay in Ningbo Downtown

When traveling downtown Ningbo, tourists usually choose to live in Haishu District in the center of Ningbo. The area around Tianyi Square and the City God Temple are the best. Or near the junction of Haishu and Jiangbei District in Jiangdong Business District, where you can enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Ningbo. For those who are planning to visit famous Zen Buddhist temples and have higher requirements for the natural environment around the hotel, they can choose to live in high-end hotels and resorts around Dongqian Lake in Yinzhou District.

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Map of Places to Stay in Ningbo Downtown

Map of Top Places to Stay in Ningbo City

Top 1: Haishu District - City Center with Most Convenient Transportation and Many Famous Attractions

Haishu Business District, where more than 55% of tourists choose to live, is the downtown area of Ningbo where main scenic spots such as Tianyi Pavilion, Moon Lake Park and Ningbo Drum Tower, etc. gathered. Historical blocks around the City God Temple, Nantang Old Street and surrounded by food streets can feed you delicacies with authentic Ningbo flavor. And the bustling Tianyi Square is a good place for you to go shopping. Besides, Ningbo Railway Station and Ningbo Lishe International Airport are also in Haishu District. The traffic is very convenient.

Top Recommended Hotel in Haishu District:

  • Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Ningbo (华侨温德姆至尊豪廷大酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.230 Liuting Street, Haishu District, Ningbo (宁波市海曙区柳汀街230号)

  • Rezen Hotel New Garden Ningbo Tianyi Square (宁波天一广场新园丽呈酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.188 Jiefang South Road, Ningbo (宁波市海曙区解放南路188号)

  • Nantang Yueju Hotel (南塘阅居酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.470 Yinfeng Road, Haishu District, Ningbo (宁波市海曙区鄞奉路470号)

  • Nite (The Study Resort) (宁波书房酒店) ★★★★

    Address: 47 Moon Lake Garden, Haishu District, Ningbo (宁波市海曙区月湖盛园47号)

  • Maquewo Hostel (宁波麻雀窝青年旅舍) ★★

    Address: No.181 Zhongshan West Road, Haishu District, Ningbo (宁波市海曙区中山西路181号)

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Ningbo Moon Lake Park Ningbo Moon Lake Park
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Ningbo Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Ningbo

Top 2: Jiangdong Business District - High-quality Hotels and Splendid Night Scenery

About a quarter of visitors choose to stay in the Jiangdong Business District (江东商业区), a new high-tech zone in Ningbo. The Old Bund, Qing’an Guild and Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center are all located here. There are plenty of high-quality hotels for visitors to choose from, from five-star hotels to budget hotels. Subway Line 2 runs through the district, so it's easy to get anywhere. Here is also the best place to enjoy the night view of the three rivers.

Top Recommended Hotel in Jiangdong District

  • Shangri-La Ningbo (宁波香格里拉大酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.88 Yuyuan Street, Yinzhou district, Ningbo (宁波鄞州区豫源路88号)

  • Sheraton Ningbo Hotel (宁波东港喜来登酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.50 Caihong North Road, Yinzhou district, Ningbo (宁波市鄞州区彩虹北路50号)

  • New Century Hotel Ningbo (宁波开元大酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.812 East Baizhang Road, Hangzhou (杭州市鄞州区百丈东路812号)

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Ningbo Old Bund Ningbo Old Bund
Shangri-La Ningbo Shangri-La Ningbo

Top 3: Yinzhou District - Good Vacation Destination with Pleasent Environment

About 20% of the tourists chose to stay in Yinzhou district, which is not only rich in historical and religious scenic spots such as the Tiantong Temple, Asoka Temple, Southern Song Dynasty Stone Carvings Park, but also has famous resort places - Dongqian Lake. Besides, Yinzhou District has many local specialties. Visitors can try a lot of delicious local snacks like Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame, Rice Cake and Steamed Sponge Cake here.

Top Recommended Hotel in Yinzhou District

  • Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa (宁波柏悦酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.188 Dayan Road, Dongqianhu Town, Ningbo (东钱湖镇大堰路188号)

  • Hilton Ningbo Dongqian Lake (宁波东钱湖华茂希尔顿酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.99 Lianxin Road (Dongqian Lake Resort), Ningbo (宁波东钱湖旅游度假区连心路99号)

  • Mochi Boutique Hotel (Ningbo Southern Business Area Water Street) (墨憩酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No. 1 Nanbu Business Zone, Ningbo (宁波市南部商务区1号)

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Dongqian Lake Dongqian Lake
Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa

Accommodation of Ningbo Surroundings

After visiting the downtown attractions, Ningbo's surrounding attractions are also worth a visit. The scenic spots around Ningbo are divided into the following areas: Fenghua, Xiangshan and Ninghai. All three counties (district) are some distance away from Ningbo city center, which takes 1-2 hours to drive one way. Therefore, tourists may choose local hotels around the scenic area if they want a comfortable relaxing trip or would like to spend a few more days there.

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Map of Ningbo Surrounding Accommodation

Map of Ningbo Surroundings Accommodation

1. Fenghua - Chiang’s Former Residence & Xuedou Mountain

Fenghua is a municipal district located about 30km south from Ningbo city. The former residence of Chiang Kai-shek and Xuekou Mountain Scenic Area are two highlights that attract countless visitors to visit here every year. Both attractions are in Xikou town, about 15km west from Fenghua district center. Many hotels and hostels can be found in Xikou town, also five star hotels, so there are a lot of options for travelers. However, if you are searching for more high-standard accommodation, you can choose to live in the center of Fenghua district or back to Ningbo city center for accommodation.

Top Recommended Hotel in Xikou Town and Fenghua District

  • Yinfeng Hoilday Resort (溪口银凤旅游度假村) ★★★★

    Address: Near No.309 Provincial Road, Xikou Town, Ningbo (溪口镇近309省道)

  • Siji Qingteng Garden Hotel (Ningbo Xikou) (四季青藤花园酒店宁波溪口店) ★★★

    Address: Building 2-3, Wuling square, Xikou Town, Ningbo (溪口镇武岭广场2-3幢)

  • Xikou Hotel (宁波溪口大酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.19 Wuling East Road, Xikou Town, Ningbo (溪口镇武陵东路19号)

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Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area
Yinfeng Hoilday Resort Yinfeng Hoilday Resort

2. Xiangshang & Shipu Fishing Port - Splendid Sea View

Xiangshan County, located on the coast of the East China Sea, is under the jurisdiction of Ningbo City, and about 70km (around 1.5 hours by car) southeast from Ningbo city center. Most visitors who are planning to stay 1 night around often choose hotels along the seaside at Chinese Fishing Town - Shipu (about 34km south from Xiangshan County) or around Songlan Mountain Scenic Area (about 12km southeast from Xiangshan County). The hotels here are near the scenic area, the neighborhood is relatively quiet, and the sea view is also very good. Tourists may also get up early to see the sunrise over the sea. There are various types of hotels prepared for tourists, from high-end luxury hotels and resorts to economy hostels and special inns. Or you may also take a car/bus and go back to Ningbo city center for accommodation.

Top Recommended Hotel in Xiangshan County:

  • Peninsula Hotel (石浦半岛酒店) ★★★★★

    Address: No.218 Jinshan Road (Jinshan Lu), Xiangshan, Ningbo (象山金山路218号)

  • Grand Bayview Hotel Ningbo (象山松兰山海景大酒店) ★★★★

    Address: Mount Songlan Scenic Area, Xiangshan, Ningbo (象山松兰山景区)

  • Four Seasons Gary Hotel (象山四季佳利酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.888 Xiangshan'gang Road, Xiangshan, Ningbo (象山象山港路888号)

Shipu Fishing Port Shipu Fishing Port
Grand Bayview Hotel Ningbo Grand Bayview Hotel Ningbo

3. Ninghai - Relaxing Forest Hot Spring and Famous Ancient Town

Ninghai, a county under the jurisdiction of Ningbo, is about 68km southwest from Ningbo city center, which takes about 1.5 hours by car. Ninghai Forest Hot Spring is one of the unmissable highlights in Ningbo Winter. Many tourists would plan to stay 1 night in and around Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Scenic Area to fully enjoy a pleasant vacation. Besides, there is also 1000-year-old Qiantong Ancient Town which is full of the rhyme of Confucian culture and Tianhe Scenic Area, etc. All around these scenic spots there are hotels to choose from. If you’re looking for a more affordable hotel, you may choose hotels in Ninghai county or in Ningbo city.

Top Recommended Hotel in Ninghai County:

  • Tianming Mountain Forest Hot Spring Hotel (宁海天明山森林温泉大酒店) ★★★★

    Address: Inside Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Resort, Nanxi Village, Ninghai, Ningbo (宁海南溪村森林温泉景区内)

  • Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Resort (宁海森林温泉度假村) ★★★

    Address: Inside Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Resort, Nanxi Village, Ninghai, Ningbo (宁海南溪村森林温泉景区内)

  • New Century Hotel Ninghai (开元新世纪大酒店) ★★★★

    Address: No.159 Taoyuan Middle Road, Ninghai, Ningbo (宁海桃源中路159号)

Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Scenic Area Ninghai Forest Hot Spring Scenic Area
BTianming Mountain Forest Hot Spring Hotel Tianming Mountain Forest Hot Spring Hotel

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How to Plan a Ningbo, Zhejiang Tour?

Things to Do in Ningbo: Tianyi Pavilion, Ningbo Old Bund, Ningbo Museum, Xikou Xuedou Scenic Area, Former Residence of Chiang Kai-shek, Tiantong Temple…

How to Get to Ningbo: International flights from Singapore (6.5 hrs), Tokyo (3 hrs), etc., 2-3 hrs' domestic flights from Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, etc., or high speed trains from Hangzhou (1 hr), Shanghai (2~2.5 hrs), Suzhou (2.5~3.5 hrs), etc.

Best Time to Visit Ningbo: Spring and Autumn

Tourists usually take about 1-2 days to explore Ningbo. The scenic spots in Ningbo downtown are relatively concentrated. You may visit the Tianyi Pavilion, Ningbo Old Bund, Tianyi Square, etc. within 1 day. If you would like to spend more days exploring the suburbs and countryside, you may visit the Former Residence of Chiang Kai-shek and Xuekou Mountain Scenic Area or Tiantong Temple, Asoka Temple and Dongqian Lake.

2 Days Classic Ningbo Tour

Ningbo is one of the best transfer places to reach Putuoshan. Most visitors prefer to visit Ningbo and Putuoshan together. It usually takes about 2 days to have a lifetime spiritual pilgrimage in Putuoshan. Then they may extend the “Heaven on Earth” - Hangzhou (2-3 days), the representative Wuzhen Water Town (1-2 days). A classic Zhejiang trip with Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wuzhen and Putuoshan usually takes 6-7 days. Also, you can extend to Anji bamboo forest or Moganshan resort in Huzhou (2-4 days), etc.

6 Days Zhejiang Highlights Tours from Hangzhou

Besides, compared with just travelling Ningbo, Zhejiang, most visitors prefer to travel to the metropolis Shanghai, Suzhou Gardens, Hangzhou Lakes, Huangshan Mountains more nearby hot cities in One Go! Such an amazing tour will take 7~8 days.

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