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Brief Introduction of Green Lake Kunming

Originally called Cai Hai Zi, the Green Lake Kunming, or Cui Hu, is located at the downtown, facing the main gate of Yunnan University. Its elegant sightseeing of trees, flowers, lakes, and animals, etc. make this lake very shining jasper, and that is why it gets the honorable name of the “Jade of Kunming City”. To provide a better place for visitors to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing, the Green Lake Kunming has been built as a garden with many charming natural sceneries, and it is being a great place to go for visitors in Kunming.

Cuihu Fascinating Scenery of Green Lake Kunming

What to Do in Green Lake Kunming

Green Lake Kunming has a series of unique features for you to have fun to the most, such as its charming colorful tulips, wide spread of lotus flowers in summer, groups of black-headed gulls in winter, leisure culture of local people, etc.

Watch Local People Spending Leisure Time

Wandering on the roads and pavilions, you can see many local people in costumes of minority nationalities in Green Lake Kunming. They dance, play musical instruments, singing, taste tea, enjoy the distinct natural sightseeing of every corner here, and chat with friends and family. You will find your Kunming tour very meaningful and unforgettable while seeing such harmonious scene.

Appreciate the lovely Tulips (Spring)

Green Lake Kunming in spring is also a good place to appreciate tulips. When the other cities are still in snow and ice, Kunming is already in the warm spring with multiple lovely tulips in different colors in full bloom. The especially noble black, pure white, splendid yellow, bright red, etc. all grow very flourishing and like dancers in the wind. And while admiring this feast for your eyes, you will be surprised while seeing a little squirrel jumping and running in this garden.

Enjoy the Diverse Lotus Flowers (Summer)

Every summer, all lotus flowers are blooming in full, decorating the Green Lake Kunming into a very attractive lady in a colorful dress. Besides the white and pink flowers, half white and half red ones, there you can enjoy the very rare yellow lotuses of rich sorts, which seems like a quiet girl, tender and lovely. Also, you can see many water lilies in yellow in another pool, blooming like a sleeping beauty.

Hearing the chirping of the birds on the branches, and enjoy the leisure time watching the countless colorful fishes swimming among the lotus leaves, you will feel the summer is no longer a summer.

See the Black-headed Gulls (Winter)

A very worth recommended activity in Green Lake Kunming is the black-headed gulls from the northern China and Siberia every winter. Since Kunming is always very warm like in spring, more than ten thousand snow white black-headed gulls come here to spend the winter every year. It is very enjoyable to see these birds playing together on the water, flying in the blue sky, and competing for their food after the visitors throw bread to them. To watch the adorable black-headed gulls, you can visit Green Lake Kunming during November to the next March and April, for they usually fly back after then.

Green Lake Kunming - Feed Birds Feed the Black-headed Gulls in Pleasure
Green Lake Kunming - Tulips Brilliant Yellow Tulips
Green Lake Kunming - Lotus Flower Lotus Flower in Green Lake Kunming
Green Lake Kunming - Black-headed Gulls Black-headed Gulls at Green Lake Kunming

Attraction near Green Lake Kunming

Yuantong Temple

Only several hundred meters away from Green Lake Kunming, Yuantong Temple is the biggest and one of the most ancient Buddhist temples in Kunming with a long history of over 1200 years. Visiting this sacred temple, you can not only appreciate the special buildings combined with Chinese garden styles, but also know about the three systems of Buddhism in China, which is unique in domestic. (Opening hour: 8:00-18:00; Fee: ¥ 6 / person)

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Yuantong Temple Yuanyong Temple near Green Lake Kunming

How to Get to Green Lake Kunming

Independent Travel

Since Green Lake Kunming is situated at the downtown, it takes a little time to arrive at this place very easily either by bus, subway, or taxi, or other vehicles.

By Subway:

Take the Metro Line 2 to Chuanxingulou Stop (穿心鼓楼站), and walk about 1 km toward the west.

  • From Kunming Railway Station – 5 km; 20 min
  • From Kunming North Railway Station – 3.5 km; 18 min
  • From Yuantong Temple – 2.4 km; 8 min
  • Private Tour (Top Recommended):

    If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Green Lake Kunming with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

    Tips to Visit Green Lake Kunming

    1. There are usually many people when in weekend, so it is recommended to avoid the crowded if you want to visit Green Lake Kunming.

Green Lake Kunming - Map Click to Enlarge Location Maps of Green Lake Kunming

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