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Brief Introduction of Kunming Bird and Flower Market

There are many bird and flower markets in Kunming city, but Jingxing Bird and Flower Market in downtown is a top popular bird and flower market in this city and also the label of the daily life of Kunming people. This market became into shape in 1980s and has around 700 stores selling abundant types of things. Walking along this market, you will not only be glad with the countless flowers in various colors with pleasing aroma, but also enjoy the crispy chirm of many species of birds. It is really a new try to feel the local life while hear Kunming people chatting in their special dialect and select your favorites among those nice antiques, jewelry ornaments, handicrafts, and so forth.

Bird and Flower Market Kunming Kunming Bird and Flower Market

What to Do in Kunming Bird and Flower Market

To have fun in Kunming Bird and Flower Market, you can do many things and get a lot of new worthy experience. Just go and explore it!

Appreciate Diverse Flowers and Birds

Since Jingxing Bird and Flower Market has opened for over 30 years, it has become a mature visiting place with tremendous number of flowers. Many kinds of orchids, various camellias, narcissuses, azaleas, roses, begonias, etc. decorate this market into a very bright and colorful paradise with refreshing fragrance. Moreover, you can find different species of birds chirping along the street, like parrots, crested mynas, thrushes, beyond count, and those types you have never seen, which plays an especially ear-pleasing sound for your Kunming tour.

Besides, you can see a lot of adorable fishes, crabs, turtles, etc. in red, white, yellow, orange, black and other colors having fun in the water. And apart from that, you can still continue your “treasure hunt” in Kunming bird and flower market, since there is a numerous number of jadestones, rubies, sapphires, wood carving works, handicrafts in marble stones, snuff bottles, hookahs, jade ornaments, calligraphies and paintings, coins at home and abroad from ancient to present, etc., which is too many to see all their charm but will give your trip a surprise.

Feel the Interesting Culture

You can stroll in Kunming Bird and Flower Market to feel the culture of Kunming and even Yunnan, because it shows the real daily life of the local people. A fair lady wearing a beautiful long dress in bandhnu is selecting a pot of the most gorgeous blossom; a local elder grandpa is purchasing for the new buying worms for his birds; an “expert” is distinguishing the commodity and bargain with the seller. Every scene is the epitome of the usual life of Kunming people.

Taste the Delicious Local Food

Besides appreciate the prosperous scene in Kunming Bird and Flower Market, you can sit in a restaurant to taste the particular local delicious food of Kunming, like the Yunnan Rice Noodles, BBQ in old Kunming flavor, tasteful Yunnan Dishes, etc.

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Bird and Flower Market - Flowers Various Flowers in Bird and Flower Market
Bird and Flower Market - Plants Diverse Planting in the Bird and Flower Market
Bird and Flower Market - Birds Adorable Birds Sold in the Maket
Bird and Flower Market - Fish Colorful Fishes Swimming in the Tank

How to Get to Jingxing Bird and Flower Market

Independent Travel

Located in the downtown of Kunming city, it takes a little time to get to Jingxing Bird and Flower Market. You can choose a bus, taxi, subway, etc.

  • From Kunming Railway Station – 5 km; 18 min
  • From Kunming North Railway Station – 4 km; 15 min
  • From Green Lake (Cui Hu) – 3 km; 12 min
  • Private Tour (Top Recommended)

    If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Jingxing Bird and Flower Market with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

Kunming Map Click to Enlarge Location Maps of Jingxing Bird and Flower Market

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