Things to do in Yuanyang

Yuanyang owns its reputation with its Hani Rice Terraces, and best known as the heaven of photographers, making it the ideal place to shooting natural sunrise and sunset. Yuanyang Rice Terraces have been successfully included in the World Heritage List in 2013. The main Yuanyang Attractions spread at Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Rice Terrace, Duoyishu Rice Terrace, Bada Rice Terrace and Longshuba Rice Terraces.

Also the nearby Jianshui County is still a must-see with its long history and culture buildings and villages, Swallow Cave scenic spot, etc.

Seeing is believing. Come on now and find out what to see in Yuanyang Jianshui tours.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces Attraction Map

Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Rice Terrace

No.1: Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Rice Terrace

Type: World Cultural Heritage, Natural Scenery

Location: Xinjiezhen, Yuanyang County

With more than 850 hectares wonderful terraces, Laohuzui terraced area is the most magnificent and spectacular terraces in Yuanyang, as the greatest example of "earth sculpture". With the shape of curving terraces here like tiger's mouth, so it also called Tiger Mouth Rice Terrace.

In Sunny days of Winter and Spring, Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Rice Terrace presents a pattern of two horses galloping. Sometimes like a millennium old turtle lying in the bottom, showing tourist a vivid picture. Some viewing areas were offered to seeing and photographing the breathtaking terraced fields. The Laohuzui scenic area is also the most popular place in Yuanyang to shoot sunsets.

Duoyishu Rice Terrace

No.2: Duoyishu Rice Terrace

Type: World Cultural Heritage, Natural Scenery

Location: Xinjiezhen, Yuanyang County

Located 1,900 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains in three sides, and falling down in to a valley on the last side, the Duoyishu Rice Terrace is more than 650 hectares distributed in Duoyishu, Aichun, Dawazhe and more slopes, and dotted with local villages and Hani’s Mushroom-shaped Houses.

With the large field, Duoyishu Rice Terrace made a wonderful sunrise sightseeing area and the best scenic for shooting terraces clouds. It’s the main shooting scene of the famous scenery film "Yunnan Story". When immersed by water, the field will have another amazing view more like a large waterfall encircling mountains.

Bada Rice Terrace

No.3: Bada Rice Terrace

Type: World Cultural Heritage, Natural Scenery

Location: Xinjiezhen, Yuanyang County

There are more than 950 hectares magnificent terraces in Bada, full of spectacular beauty of lines and three-dimensional sense. Over 3700 level terraces looked like the ladder reaching to the sky. From an altitude of 800 meters, thousands of terraced continuous layers have been extended to the mountain summit of 2,000 meters above sea level, taking Hani village into the sea of clouds. Bada Rice Terrace shows a glittering and shiny silver at sunset, making it to be a great scenic to shoot the terraces clouds, sunset and cottage.

Longshuba Rice Terrace

No.4: Longshuba Rice Terrace

Type: World Cultural Heritage, Natural Scenery

Location: Xinjiezhen, Yuanyang County

Due to the water-containing component is not the same with the other terraces, the Longshuba Rice Terrace has quite a lot of duckweed with colors of green, yellow and red. Under the sunset, the terraces combined with red, white and black, like a chromatic painting plate, full of beauty. By the refraction of the sun, a land of red terrace makes the unique scenery, which attracts most travelers although the road is rough to arrive.

Hani Folk Village

No.5: Hani Folk Village

Type: Historic Sites, Natural Scenery

Location: Xinjiezhen, Yuanyang County

Qingkou is a typical Hani Folk Village, 6 kilometers in the south of Xinjiezhen of Yunayang County. It consists of 150 families and has a population of 800 all of whom belong to the Hani ethnic minority. Qingkou Hani Ethnic Village is noted for the harmony gained among forests, village, terraced fields and water conservation system. A museum has been established to showcase the culture and history of the Hani People.

Mushroom Houses

No.6: Mushroom-shaped Houses

Type: Village Building, Scenic Spot

Location: Xinjiezhen, Yuanyang County

Mushroom-shaped Houses: As the shaped like mushrooms, here is the name: Mushroom-shaped Houses. It was built by stones or bricks and use thatch to cover roof with a four-slope shape. The building has three layers commonly: upper, middle and lower. The lower layer is for livestock; people live in middle house and leave some space for food reserving; and the upper one is as a warehouse. Living in the delicate and beautiful mushrooms rooms, people will never feel cold in Winter or hot in Summer, which is quite comfortable to stay.

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