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Other Recommended Xinjiang Tours

Tashkurgan is only a small part of the vast Xinjiang. When planning a trip to Xinjiang, you shouldn’t miss the Golden-triangle destinations – Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar. If you want to try something unusual, what about a desert adventure to Taklimakan Desert, or a photography trip to Kanas, or a grassland tour to Yil? Xinjiang has much more to offer. Here are some recommended valuable Xinjiang tour packages (find more tours here). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Taking a relaxing cruise on Heavenly Lake
11 Days In-depth Wild Silk Road Adventure Tour (Cultural Relic & Unrivalled Landscape)

Lanzhou / Zhangye / Jiayuguan / Dunhuang / Turpan / Urumqi / Kashgar

This is an in-depth wild Silk Road adventure covering the best cultural and natural highlights in Northwest China. You will first transfer from Lanzhou to Zhangye by high speed train and view colorful Zhangye Danxia landform - “Rainbow Mountains” sprawling for tens of miles, and then visit Jiayuguan Pass - the largest and greatest military fortress of China’s Great Walls, later get to Dunhuang, enjoy splendid Buddhist murals and sculptures in Mogao Caves, feel the natural wonders of Singing Sands and desert oasis. Continue your Silk Road via bullet train trip to Turpan, where Jiaohe Ancient City and many heritages, ethnic legacies and natural landscape are well reserved. Next, move to Urumqi, capital and transfer center of Xinjiang to learn the regions’ culture and history and a bright pearl on Tianshan Mountains - Heavenly Lake. The last stop is Kashgar, where you spend one full day discovering Kashgar Old Town and major landmarks and a visual feast of Karakul Lake.

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Aluring Heavenly Lake scenery in autumn day
5 Days Urumqi Discovery to Turpan and Heavenly Lake


When you are planning your itinerary in Urumqi, you should turn away your attention from the downtown area of Urumqi where there are not many things to do. Actually, the real highlights are located a bit far away but worth going. They are the alluring Heavenly Lake and ancient Silk Road destination - Turpan. By travelling Urumqi with the Heavenly Lake and Turpan, you are rewarded a comprehensive exploration of ancient Silk Road sites, history and culture of the whole Xinjiang region and joys of spectacular natural beauty.

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Rolling Weaves of Kumtag Desert
7 Days Urumqi Turpan Highlights Tour with Kumtag Desert Adventure

Urumqi / Turpan / Kumtag Desert / Urumqi

This is a unique Xinjiang tour, covering many featured experiences in Urumqi and Turpan which are two of the most recommended destinations in Xinjiang. Rather than exploring the most famous historical and cultural sites related to Silk Road and Xinjiang history, you will also be taken to try something different, something that is out of your expectation, such as riding a camel in the desert, sitting on the vast grassland, cruise on a heavenly lake… It’s an enjoyable tour like a true holiday because we will take care of the hotel, transfer, sightseeing, meals and other necessary tour services for you.

Taklimakan Desert Highway
9 Days Taklamakan Desert Ancient Silk Road Tour

Kashgar / Karakul Lake / Hotan / Ala'er / Kucha / Urumqi

Starting from Kashgar and ending in Urumqi, this Xinjiang adventure tour takes you to explore the most important sections of the ancient Silk Road in Xinjiang, including the cultural center Kashgar, historical Kuqa and legendary Hotan, and also take an adventure through the desert highway in Taklamakan Desert. It suits both culture lovers and nature lovers well.


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