How to Get from Beijing to Terracotta Warriors 2024/2025

The Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors (also called Terracotta Army, Terracotta Soldiers ) are two great ancient wonders of China, which both listed as UNESCO Cultural Heritages with great value, grand scales and unparalleled characters. Most people choose Beijing as gateway to China and a vital destination for Great Wall hiking tours, and then a side trip followed to Terracotta Warriors in Xian to unveil another ancient accomplishment.

Nowadays, the fast air travel and convenient high speed bullet train travel win many people’s heart and praise, when compared to tedious bus suffering in the past. What’s the better way to travel from Beijing to Terracotta Warriors? Here we give detailed transfer routes, time and money costs, and more useful guide and tips for you.

How far is it from Beijing to the Terracotta Warriors?

Where is Beijing Located

Beijing, the capital of China as well as a direct-controlled municipality, is located in Northern China, bordering Tianjin in the southeast and surrounded by Hebei Province by other sides. It lies in northwest of Shanghai and northeast of Xian with 4.5 hours’ high speed train journey.

Where is Terracotta Warriors Located

Terracotta Warriors is a large collection of clay figurines excavated and exhibited in pits 1.5km east of the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Museum, Lintong District, East Suburb Xian City, Shaanxi Province.

Beijing to Terracotta Warriors Distance: about 1,065.7km/662mi - by driving

The Terracotta Warriors is situated in southwest of Beijing, across Shanxi and Hebei Provinces in the middle. Please note that, there is no airport or train station located nearby the Terracotta Warriors currently, that is, all tourists need an extra transfer after arrival at airport or train station in Xian. Check each transportation in the following one by one.

Beijing to Terracotta Warriors by Train - Most Recommended

Traveling from Beijing to Xian by train is getting more popular and common ever than other methods of transportation. It’s much more flexible and cheaper than flight, cause everyday Beijing runs many fast and modern high speed bullet trains and some normal speed old overnight trains to Xian both. Whether you are looking for an awesome, fashionable and convenient way, or a budget train journey, definitely taking a train to visit Terracotta Warriors from Beijing is a unique and the most suggested experience to try.

Step 1: Take Beijing to Xian Train

Option 1 - By High Speed Bullet Train: Beijing Xian High Speed Rail, started operation from December 26, 2012, has been a very favorite HSR in China, and it cuts the previous journey time from 15 hours to 4.5 hours to 6 hours, even realizes one day tour to Terracotta Warrior from Beijing, visit Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Huashan in the middle. It’s fast, clean, comfortable, punctual, well-serviced and can be pleasantly scenic for some parts.

Generally, there are about 20 daily high speed bullet trains (all G Trains) departing from Beijing West Railway Station (北京西站) to Xian North Railway Station (西安北站), from around 6:30 in the early morning to about 19:00 in the evening. You can choose Second/First Class Seat or the luxury Business Class Seat (most expensive).

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Option 2 - By Overnight Sleeper Train: If you have enough time and plan a budget travel, this kind may be your best choice, for the ticket is much cheaper, and naturally you save accommodation cost for one night. Just prepare yourself mentally the train runs in normal speed, much slower, also you need to share a compartment with strangers, few trains might stop more than 10 stations en route.

So far, Beijing delivers 9 ordinary trains (K/T/Z series trains) from Beijing West Railway Station (北京西站) and Beijing Railway Station (北京站) to Xian Railway Station (西安站). The trains leaves Beijing from 13:00 in the afternoon and arrives in Xian the next morning, after 12 hours to 17 hours running.

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Beijing to Terracotta Warriors by Train Beijing to Xian High Speed Bullet Train
Beijing to Terracotta Warriors By Train Xian North Railway Station

Step 2: Transfer from Xian Train Station to Terracotta Warriors

After train arrival in Xian, you still need quite a long-distance transfer (at least 1 hour) from the train stations to the Terracotta Warriors, for Xian North and Xian Railway Station are located in downtown, while Xian South Railway Station is in southeast remote suburb area. If you choose from our Beijing Xian Tours, travel with China Discovery, our local tour guide and driver will meet you and pick you up at the train station, and then escort you to Terracotta Warriors directly or to hotel in downtown to have a good rest.

● Xian North Railway Station to Terracotta Warriors

Distance: about 48 km/30 mi

▶ Direct Tourist Bus: High speed train travelers taking same-day train tickets can buy entrance tickets to Terracotta Warriors, or Huaqing Pool (华清池), Mount Li (骊山) with a free tourist bus transfer between 8:00am to 16:00pm each day.

▶ Taxi: about 1 hour, cost nearly CNY 150.

▶ Public Transportation: Metro Line 2 +Metro Line 1+ Bus No.307, about 2.5 hours, less than CNY 20.

● Xian Railway Station to Terracotta Warriors

1.Tourist Bus: Line 5, about 2 hours and CNY 7.

2.Taxi: about 1 hour, CNY 120.

3.Public Transportation: over 2 hours, including direct Bus 914, Bus 915, subway with bus, etc.

Attention: Since Xian Railway Station was made reconstruction from October 24, 2019, the Tourist Bus Line 5, city bus 914, 915 and some buses have been already moved to other bus stations. There are buses transfer from Xian Train Station to the new places. (Tourist Bus 5 → Fangzhicheng Bus Station 纺织城客运站; Bus 914 & 915 → Sanfuwan Bus Station 三府湾客运站)

● Xian South Railway Station to Terracotta Warriors

1.Taxi: about 70 minutes, CNY 170 or more.

2.Public Transportation: about 3 hours, needs transfer to downtown first and take additional buses, which is too complicated, time wasting, not recommended.

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Xian Train Stations to Terracotta Warriors Xian Railway Station to Terracotta Warriors Tourist Bus
Xian Train Stations to Terracotta Warriors Transportation Map Xian Train Stations to Terracotta Warriors Transfer Map (click to enlarge)

Beijing to Terracotta Warriors by Plane

Having an air travel from Beijing to Xian takes only about 2 hours, the shorter duration is the main reason why flight is preferred by some foreign tourists. If your schedule is very tight, or more like scenery at high altitude, or have big baggage couldn’t handle by yourself easily, flying to Xian from Beijing can be a suitable option. Otherwise, a high speed train travel is highly recommended.

Step 1: Take Beijing to Xian Flight

Every day, there are nearly 25 non-stop flights flying from Beijing Capital International Airport (北京首都国际机场, IATA: PEK) to Xian Xianyang International Airport (西安咸阳国际机场, IATA: XIY), the nearest and major airport serving Xian. According to your itinerary, you can choose flight between 07:30 am to 22:00 pm, and select one of your favored airline, including Air China, Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and more.

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Step 2: Transfer from Xian Airport to Terracotta Warriors

Xian Xianyang Airport is located in northwest suburb, approximately 40 km/25 mi to city center. Once arrival, tourists can take taxi to get to the Terracotta Warriors directly, or Metro Line 14 connecting Xian Xianyang Airport and Xian North Railway Station to transfer to downtown first and then take direct shuttle bus to Terracotta Army from central area. There are also long-distance coach to neighboring cities, like Lintong, Huashan, Baoji, Hanzhong and other places in Shaanxi Province available. The entire transportation needs over 1 hour to 3 hours, either at high cost or too complicated and time-wasting for travelers. It’s a good idea to travel with China Discovery, who offers pick-up service with local tour guide and driver to meet you at the airport, and accompany you to go to the Terracotta Warriors or check in hotel in downtown straightly.

Transportation from Airport to Terracotta Warriors:

1.By Taxi: about 1 hour/ 70 km.

2.By Metro + Shuttle Bus / Public Bus: about 2 hours 40 minutes to 3 hours

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Xian Xianyang International Airport Xian Airport
Xian Taxi Taxi in Xian
Xian Airport to Terracotta Warriors Xian Airport to Terracotta Warriors
(clik to enlarge)

How to Plan A Beijing Terracotta Warrior (Xian) Tour

Beijing and Xian were two significant capitals of China witnessing different dynasties, preserving different style of cultural and historic legacies. Except the Great Walls in and around Beijing, Terracotta Warriors in Xian, there are plenty more to discover, to trace and to taste in each city.

Over 3,000 years’ past history has shaped Beijing an extraordinary traditional city of strong imperial atmosphere. Meanwhile, modern urbanization infuses new spirit and look into Beijing. The city offers lots of ancient sites, world famous Peking Opera, local featured residences, food for each visitor. Normally, 2 to 3 days is the most classic arrangement to catch major essential highlights of Beijing, such as Great Walls, Forbidden City, Beijing Hutongs, Tiananmen Square. With more time, you could enjoy an in-depth Great Wall Hiking tour in and around Beijing or have a side trip to Tianjin to view exotic architectures and city glamour. Top Things to Do in Beijing>>

Known as the starting point of ancient “Silk Road”, Xian witness the outstanding prosperity Tang Dynasty and served as capitals for 13 ancient regimes totally. Except the symbolic Terracotta Warriors, Xian has Ancient City Wall, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Daming Palace, Muslim Quater, Shanxi History Museum and lots of tombs. Likewise, 2 or 3 days are most common schedule to tour major sites in Xian. If you get a longer holiday, adventurers can take a side trip to Huashan, Chinese culture fans could visit Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, Shaolin Temple from Zhengzhou, or Hukou Waterfall in Yanan. Top Things to Do in Xian>>

How to Plan A Beijing Terracotta Warriors Tour

Travel with China Discovery

China Discovery is a professional and experienced travel companion devoting ourselves to offering you worry-free tour in Xian and China. We not only help you plan a best travel itinerary, but also support your sightseeing, transportation, accommodation and every detail to fully see the beauty and touch culture and history of China. Travel with us, you can more focus on the travel itself, save energy and time doing researches, pick up the most important and worthy part during the travel. You may choose from our most popular tour or contact us to customize a special one, all we do is making sure you enjoy the trip and keep a good memory in your whole lifetime.

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