What to Do in Xian? Most Popular Xian Activities 2024

You never need to worry about finding no things to do in Xian. Watching the famous Tang Dynasty Show and making a toast with the artists dressed in beautiful Tang's costumes with the delicate dumpling banquet by your side, hunting for more local cuisines at the night markets and restaurants, visiting various museums and appreciating these amazing collections of the nation's treasure, making your own miniature terracotta warrior after witnessing the real ones, you will fully experience the culture of Xian, the capital of ancient China for over 13 dynasties.

Our travel experts have listed out the best things to do here to help you design a memorable Xian tour.

Xian Attractions Map

Tang Dynasty Show

No. 1: Watch the Tang Dynasty Show

There are two kinds of Tang Dynasty Shows, the indoor shows and outdoor ones. The outdoor show, Song of Everlasting Sorrow in Huaqing Palace is praised as the Best Tang Dynasty Show, while the indoor show features in two parts: a tasty traditional Xian dumpling dinner and a dancing show. After dinner, you will attend an exotic and delightful Tang Dynasty Dancing and Musical Show which is a great presentation of imperial entertaining living of the Tang Dynasty. The dancing show is the highlights. The costumes and scenery are exquisite and the dancers and musicians are extraordinarily talented. While you will also see the musicians play classical Chinese music with traditional instruments.

Tang Dynasty Dinner & Show

No. 2: Try the Local Cuisine in Xian

As the ancient capital of China for over 13 dynasties, Xian inherited the most essential parts of Chinese food culture. Also, it is the terminal city of the Silk Road and got influenced by its large Muslim population. The various cooked wheaten food is renowned in the whole country and the popular cuisines include flatbread in mutton soup, meat burger, dumplings in sour soups, cold noodles, pepper beef ball soup, biangbiang noodles, etc. There are countless restaurants in Xian, food streets and night markets serving the locals and millions of visitors. The Muslim Quarter and Yongxingfang night market are unmissable sites to get to try the local cuisines.

Xian Museum & Art

No. 3: Visit Various Museums in Xian

Shaanxi History Museum is a milestone during China's museum history. It is a full display of Shaanxi's history and culture as well as a fabulous collection of ancient Chinese art and culture. (Tips: Shaanxi History Museum may be replaced with other activities because of crowding tourists during July, August, and early September.)

Xian Calligraphy Museum is a good place to learn about Chinese Calligraphy. It features a variety of works that were carved on stones. Besides. there are many other Museums of emperors' tombs, such as the Hanyangling Museum, which is the tomb of Jindi in the Han Dynasty.

Terracotta Warrior DIY

No. 4: Make Your Own Miniature Terracotta Warrior

Do you wonder how the Terracotta Warrior was made in ancient time? Want to make your terracotta warrior? Lintong Tourism Souvenir Research and Development Center (临潼旅游纪念品研发中心), Daqin 大秦 for short, is located near Huaqing Palace and opens to tourists to DIY your own palm-sized terracotta warrior and the ticket price is about CNY 30 per person. Since it needs about one week to completely dry up the mini warrior, the artwork you made may be hard to bring home. Taking pictures with the warriors you made will still be a cool experience. If you would like to make a bigger one, the Souvenir Research Center is also available to make an appointment with.

Xian Nightlife

No. 5: Enjoy the Nightlife in Xian

The nightlife in Xian is never too antiquated because of its old age. On the contrary, it is vibrant and colorful with amazing Tang Dynasty Show served with the fancy dumpling banquet; it is romantic and peaceful with the largest-scaled musical fountain show in Asia at Giant Wild Goose Tower; it is vigorous and relaxing with different featured bars and clubs including the unique Terracotta Warrior Themed bar; it is bustling and exotic with various food and snacks at different night markets and food street such as Yongxingfang Night Market and Beiyuanmen Food Street. If you get a chance to hang out in Xian at night, do not miss the amazing nightscape at Xian Bell Tower, Drum Tower, the Ancient City Wall, which are much more gorgeous with all the lights on.

Hanfu Experience

No. 6: Try on Chinese Traditional Clothing Hanfu

Xi'an, the capital city of 13 dynasties in ancient China, serves as a gateway to the nation's illustrious past. From the iconic Terracotta Warriors and Big Wild Goose Pagoda to the majestic Ancient City Wall, every corner of Xi'an resonates with history. By wearing Hanfu, you can transport yourself back in time, envisioning the bustling markets and grand palaces of ancient China. It's more than just sightseeing; it's a journey through centuries of civilization, where the past springs to life in vivid detail. Once immersing yourself in the vibrant colors and intricate designs of the traditional attire, you will undoubtedly deepen your appreciation for China's enduring legacy.

Tangbo Art Museum

No. 7: Learn the Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

If you are interested in Chinese culture or come with your children, it is a good choice to spend your time at the museum to appreciate the historic heritages or experience the culture by personally learning Chinese calligraphy and traditional paintings. Tangbo Art Museum (唐博艺术博物馆 Location: No. 26 Gongyuan South Road, Beilin District, Xi'an 西安碑林区公园南路26号), in the east of city offers classes in English or Chinese such as paper-cutting learning, shadow puppets making, rubbings making, and traditional Chinese painting learning with the collections of Shannxi folk arts, ancient paintings exhibited in historical sequence, and local contemporary artists’ artworks. You can enjoy the artworks and bring your own Chinese Calligraphy and paintings works home.

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