Urumqi Weather & Seasons - Best Time to Visit Urumqi


Urumqi is the farthest city away from the ocean in the world, which belongs to the continental cold semi-arid climate with the large temperature difference between day and night, summer and winter. Summer is very warm and the hottest months are July and August, with an average temperature of 25.7 ℃; Winter is cold and dry and the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of -15.2 ℃.

Spring comes late in Urumqi. Generally speaking, the northern suburbs enter spring on March 26; The urban area will be two weeks later; It will be ten days later in the southern suburbs to see green vegetation recovering around April 20. From the first ten days of June every year, the spring of Urumqi ends from north to south. Spring rain accounts for about 40% of the annual precipitation, and the annual precipitation is about 290 millimeters (11.4 in). In summer, the mountainous area in the suburb of Urumqi is luxuriant in bloom; The summer is very short, lasting about 62 days. The temperature difference between day and night is very large. The autumn climate of Urumqi starts in late August every year, and the temperature is very comfortable. After late September, the temperature dropped rapidly and the temperature difference between day and night increases even more in October, and then Urumqi enters a long winter with very low temperature, lasting about 150 days from November to April every year.

Best Time to Visit Urumqi

You can visit Urumqi in any season you want. Summer from July to August is the peak season, the golden time to visit Urumqi (Xinjiang) with blooming wildflowers and abundant juicy fruits. Besides July to August, May to June and September to October are also good times to visit Urumqi with a comfortable temperature. During wintertime, except for skiing, other outdoor activities might be too cold for you and many scenic spots will be shut down during that time.

Tips on Urumqi (Xinjiang) Weather

Temperature Difference: The temperature difference between morning and night is more than ten degrees centigrade. In different regions, the temperature also varies greatly. It is suggested that you could prepare seasonal clothes like a warm winter jacket as well as a cool summer T-shirt for the temperature changes.

Strong UV: For the UV is strong and sunshine hours are long, you may need to bring enough sunblock items like sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, etc.

Dryness: The air in Urumqi is very dry and the air humidity is low. It can bring moisturizing cream, lip balm, moisturizing mask, etc.

Time Difference: Since China only has one time zone and it uses Beijing time for the whole country, and Urumqi is far away from Beijing, the local people in Xinjiang use the time zone which is two hours behind official Chinese Time. For example, the sun rises at around 10 am in Urumqi in winter.

Average Urumqi Temperature by Month

MonthRecommended RateMax Temp.Min Temp.

Urumqi Seasons to Go

Urumqi Weather in Spring (March, April, May)

Temperature: -5.4°C ~ 23.1°C, windy, cold to warm, occasional drizzle

The spring comes late in Urumqi. It is very cold in the early spring of March. Since mid-April, the temperature starts to get warmer with some spring drizzles. When it enters May, it becomes very comfortable to take a spring hike on the grasslands, mountains, and lakeside areas.

Seasonal Activities:
1) Appreciate various ancient treasures in Xinjiang Museum when it is cold in the early spring.
2) Pay a visit to Tianshan Mountain and Tianchi Lake Scenic area on a warm fine day in spring.
3) Have a picnic on Nanshan Pasture with family and experience horse riding on a warm day after May.

What to Wear & Pack:
From March to early April, it is recommended to wear a winter coat, down jacket, and sweater to keep warm since it is still very cold. From late April to May, you can gradually take off some thick layers in the daytime. A coat is still needed at night.

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Urumqi Weather

Nanshan Pasture & Tianchi Lake

Urumqi Weather in March

  • Max Temperature: 2.7°C / 36.9°F
  • Min Temperature: -5.4°C / 22.3°F
  • Avg Temperature: -1.7°C / 28.9°F
  • Rainfall: 18.5 mm
  • Rainy Days: 7.2 days
  • UV Index: 4
  • Sunrise: 7:52am-8:46am
  • Sunset: 7:58pm-8:35pm

Urumqi Weather in April

  • Max Temperature: 16.1°C / 61.0°F
  • Min Temperature: 4.8°C / 40.6°F
  • Avg Temperature: 16.1°C / 61.0°F
  • Rainfall: 32.3 mm
  • Rainy Days: 6.8 days
  • UV Index: 6
  • Sunrise: 7:02am-7:50am
  • Sunset: 8:36pm-9:11pm

Urumqi Weather in May

  • Max Temperature: 23.1°C / 73.6°F
  • Min Temperature: 11.2°C / 52.2°F
  • Avg Temperature: 16.7°C / 62.1°F
  • Rainfall: 38.9 mm
  • Rainy Days: 6.8 days
  • UV Index: 8
  • Sunrise: 6:30am-7:01am
  • Sunset: 9:12pm-9:44pm

Urumqi Weather in Summer (June, July, August)

Temperature: 16.1°C ~ 30.1°C, short and dry, large temperature differences

Summer is short in Urumqi, lasting only about 60 days from mid-June to mid-August. It is the best time to visit Xinjiang and the temperature difference becomes large. It can be hot during the daytime and become chilly at night. On sunny days, the ultraviolet rays can be very strong. In the mountainous and forested area, it is very cool in summer with green grasslands and blooming wildflowers.

Seasonal Activities:
1) Take a hike on Tianshan Mountain or tour Tianchi lake to feel the gentle summer breeze.
2) Shopping at Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar in the late afternoon.
3) Get to Nanshan Pasture to enjoy an idyllic lifestyle with beautiful flowering grasslands.
4) Get to Xinjiang Museum to escape the summer heat.

What to Wear & Pack:
Regular summer outfits such as T-shirt, blouse, sneakers, and sunblock items like sunscreen cream, sunhat, and sunglasses. Remember to take a raincoat in this rainy season and bring a coat in case it gets cold at night.

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Urumqi Weather

Tianchi Lake & Xinjiang Grand Bazaar

Urumqi Weather in June

  • Max Temperature: 27.6°C / 81.7°F
  • Min Temperature: 16.1°C / 61.0°F
  • Avg Temperature: 21.5°C / 70.7°F
  • Rainfall: 36.2 mm
  • Rainy Days: 8 days
  • UV Index: 9
  • Sunrise: 6:25am-6:30am
  • Sunset: 9:44pm-9:55pm
  • Urumqi Weather in July

  • Max Temperature: 30.1°C / 86.2°F
  • Min Temperature: 18.2°C / 64.8°F
  • Avg Temperature: 23.7°C / 74.7°F
  • Rainfall: 30.4 mm
  • Rainy Days: 8.4 days
  • UV Index: 9
  • Sunrise: 6:31am-6:57am
  • Sunset: 9:33pm-9:55pm
  • Urumqi Weather in August

  • Max Temperature: 29.0°C / 84.2°F
  • Min Temperature: 16.7°C / 62.1°F
  • Avg Temperature: 22.4°C / 72.3°F
  • Rainfall: 23.3 mm
  • Rainy Days: 6.3 days
  • UV Index: 8
  • Sunrise: 6:58am-7:31am
  • Sunset: 8:46pm-9:32pm
  • Urumqi Weather in Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov)

    Temperature: -5.9°C ~ 23.1°C, dry, warm to cold

    In autumn, the temperature gets down very rapidly. From September to Mid-October, it is still comfortable to travel Urumqi and its surroundings with beautiful fall foliages. However, please be aware that the first week of October might be very crowded for the National Holidays bring Urumqi a lot of travelers. After mid-October, the temperature drops hard and can be even below 0°C. In November, it is too cold for outdoor activities, and Urumqi enters the winter mode.

    Seasonal Activities:
    1) Take a leisure hike to Tianshan Mountain and Tianchi Lake before mid-October.
    2) Visit the Red Mountain Park to see the cityscape and autumn trees with leaves turning yellow before mid-October.
    3) Appreciate the ancient treasures and mummies in Xinjiang Museum.

    What to Wear & Pack:
    It is recommended to wear long-sleeved shirts, long skirts, thin sweaters, windbreakers, and jackets in early autumn. A thick coat is always needed at night. If you are going to visit Urumqi after mid-October, you should prepare thick winter outfits to keep warm.

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    Urumqi Weather

    Heavenly Lake (Tianchi Lake) Autumn Scenery

    Urumqi Weather in September

  • Max Temperature: 23.1°C / 73.6°F
  • Min Temperature: 11.2°C / 52.2°F
  • Avg Temperature: 16.7°C / 62.1°F
  • Rainfall: 26.2 mm
  • Rainy Days: 5 days
  • UV Index: 6
  • Sunrise: 7:33am-8:06am
  • Sunset: 7:52pm-8:45pm
  • Urumqi Weather in October

  • Max Temperature: 13.2°C / 55.8°F
  • Min Temperature: 3.1°C / 37.6°F
  • Avg Temperature: 7.7°C / 45.9°F
  • Rainfall: 26.3 mm
  • Rainy Days: 5.5 days
  • UV Index: 3
  • Sunrise: 8:07am-8:44am
  • Sunset: 7:01pm-7:50pm
  • Urumqi Weather in November

  • Max Temperature: 2.0°C / 35.6°F
  • Min Temperature: -5.9°C / 21.4°F
  • Avg Temperature: -2.5°C / 27.5°F
  • Rainfall: 19.1 mm
  • Rainy Days: 6.9 days
  • UV Index: 2
  • Sunrise: 8:45am-9:22am
  • Sunset: 6:33pm-6:59pm
  • Urumqi Weather in Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

    Temperature: -16.6°C ~ -4.4°C, very cold, dry and windy

    Urumqi in winter is extremely cold. With little rainfall, it is also very dry. As the temperature drops sharply, it is very likely to meet some snow days, and the low temperature maintains the snow very well and you will have great snow fun in & around Urumqi. Besides, it’s the off-season of traveling Urumqi, there will be much fewer tourists in the attractions.

    Seasonal Activities:
    1) Have fun on different Ski Resorts in & around Urumqi such as Nanshan Ski Resort, Silk Road Ski Resort, Baiyun Ski Resort, etc
    2) Take some indoor activities such as visiting the Xinjiang Museum to see the ancient Treasures and Mummies.

    What to Wear & Pack:
    Winter coats, gloves, scarfs, leather jackets, down coats, woolen hats, sweaters, thermal clothes, etc. You can take some facial cream and hand cream, lip balms to protect your skin from the dry weather.

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    Urumqi Weather

    Urumqi Ski Resort in Winter

    Urumqi Weather in December

  • Max Temperature: -4.4°C / 24.1°F
  • Min Temperature: -12.9°C / 8.8°F
  • Avg Temperature: -9.3°C / 15.3°F
  • Rainfall: 14.6 mm
  • Rainy Days: 9.6 days
  • UV Index: 1
  • Sunrise: 9:23am-9:43am
  • Sunset: 6:33pm-6:41pm
  • Urumqi Weather in January

  • Max Temperature: -7.4°C / 18.7°F
  • Min Temperature: -16.6°C / 2.1°F
  • Avg Temperature: -12.6°C / 9.3°F
  • Rainfall: 10.4 mm
  • Rainy Days: 9.2 days
  • UV Index: 1
  • Sunrise: 9:27am-9:43am
  • Sunset: 6:42pm-7:18pm
  • Urumqi Weather in February

  • Max Temperature: -4.7°C / 23.5°F
  • Min Temperature: -13.7°C / 7.3°F
  • Avg Temperature: -9.8°C / 14.4°F
  • Rainfall: 10 mm
  • Rainy Days: 7.2 days
  • UV Index: 2
  • Sunrise: 8:48am-9:26am
  • Sunset: 7:20pm-7:56pm
  • How to Plan A Urumqi Xinjiang Tour

    How to Get to Urumqi: Fly to Urumqi from Beijing (4-4.5hrs), Shanghai (5.5hrs), Guangzhou (5hrs), Shenzhen (5.5hrs), Xian (3.5hrs)..., or take a high speed bullet train from Dunhuang (4hrs), Zhangye (7-7.5hrs), Turpan (1hr), etc.

    Best Time to Visit Urumqi: May to October when the temperature is comfortable and the seasonal scenery is very beautiful.

    Top Places to Visit Urumqi: Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) of Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, Xinjiang Regional Museum, Red Hill Park, Nanshan Pasture.

    Most travelers start a Xinjiang tour from Urumqi and take Urumqi as the transfer center of visiting the Northern Xinjiang. Usually, tourists spend one day exploring Urumqi’s highlights in the down area, including the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, Red Hill Park and Xinjiang Regional Museum. Making a day trip to Tianchi Lake is a popular itinerary if you won’t visit Kanas. Nanshan Pasture is a good summer resort worthy of your visit if you happen to visit Urumqi in summer.

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    Xinjiang is vast and beautiful. The Northern Xinjiang is most known for the natural beauty while the Southern Xinjiang is characterized rich cultural and historical treasures. Depending on your time and personal interests, you can extend trip to more destinations, such as the Turpan, fairyland Kanas Lake and Hemu Village in Altay, incredibly beautiful Sayram Lake, Wu’erhe Ghost City in Karamay, Ili (Kalajun Grassland, Narati Grassland, Guozigou...) in Northern Xinjiang, and travel further to the Southern Xinjiang’s Kashgar and vicinal Tashkurgan, Taklamakan Desert, Bosten Lake, Tomor Peak, Kuqa, Khotan, etc. You can pick up some highlighting places for a week's travel or haven an in-depth discovery for up to one month.

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    Northwest and Southwest China are two mysterious regions travelers love to visit. Following the ancient Silk Road from Xian to Xinjiang is also a popular travel route. It’s highly suggested that you visit Xinjiang with Dunhuang, Zhangye, Jiayuguan along the ancient Silk Road, or with the holy land of Tibet (Lhasa, Shigatse, Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Nyingchi...). The nature scenery and distinctive culture will impress you deeply. China Discovery provides not only all-inclusive Xinjiang tours, Silk Road tours, but also can help you customize a wonderful trip on your own.

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