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Leshan Food & Cuisine | What to Eat in Leshan 2023

Located to the southwest of Chengdu, about 147 km away from it, Leshan has its food culture influenced by its surrounding counties and the capital city of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, and the Food here is a vibrant branch of the Sichuan cuisines. Known by its street food and snacks, you can not find many deluxe restaurants in Leshan as you can find in Chengdu. But there are lots of yummy snacks and dishes hiding in the streets. Let’s find the most authentic Leshan food and snacks here!

Leshan Food & Snacks

Leshan Food
Leshan Food
① Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot

Chinese: 跷脚牛肉 • Pinyin: qiāo jiǎo niú ròu
Recommended Restaurant: GuShiXiang Qiaojiao Beef Restaurant 古市香跷脚牛肉
Average Cost: CNY 50/pp • Opening Time: 10:00-21:00
• Location: No.85, Guihua Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province 四川省乐山市市中区桂花路85号

Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot, or simply Qiaojiao Beef, is a famous local dish of Leshan, made from the ox organs. It is said that, in the past, the soup was a kind of medicinal dish served free for the poor locals, which had the effect of dispelling the cold and relieving a cough. The ancient doctor, who created this soup, found that the poor could not afford any meat to eat. So he picked up some cattle's intestines and stomach, which were deserted by the rich, and he washed them clean and boiled them into the hot broth. The beef greatly enhances the taste. Later more and more locals came to taste this beef soup. For the popularity, there was always lake of seats. But people still would like to come and wait, even just sited with cross-legged on the stage in front of the restaurant, enjoying the delicious soup. That’s why it gained the name “Qiaojiao” (which means sit with a leg crossed).

Leshan Food
Leshan Food
③ Tofu Jelly (Doufu Nao)

Chinese: 豆腐脑 • Pinyin: dòu fǔ nǎo
Recommended Restaurant: JiaoSanJiao DofuNao Restaurant 搅三搅豆腐脑
Average Cost: CNY 20/pp • Opening Time: 08:00-20:00
• Location: 57 dongdajie, Shizhong District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province 四川省乐山市市中区东大街57号

Tofu Jelly, or Doufunao in Chinese, is also a popular snack in Leshan. It is available in many varieties such as Tofu Jelly with chicken shreds and Tofu Jelly with steamed beef wrapped ground rice, crispy fried pork, deep fried peanuts (fried beans), as well as some soy sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, peanuts, garlic and some celery leaves. Usually, the local people will also have the tofu jelly meat, Kabing, which is a kind a flatbread burger with the steamed spicy beef inside.

④ Cold Pot with Skewers - Boboji

Chinese: 钵钵鸡 • Pinyin: bō bō jī 
Recommended Restaurant: WeiXiao Boboji Restaurant 胃笑·开水鸡钵钵鸡店(市中总店)
Average Cost: CNY 50/pp • Opening Time: 09:00-21:00
• Location: 28 Jiaxiang Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province (near Leshan Education College) 四川省乐山市市中区嘉祥路28号(近教育学院)

During the hot summer, the Local people also prefer to eat fresh cold dishes. The Boboji is very refreshing. Bobo means the pottery Pot and Ji means chicken. Therefore, Boboji is literally the cooked chicken in a pottery pot. They usually use chicken and other ingredients strung on the bamboo sticks to cook in the broth, and you can take whatever cooked skewers you like and the waiter will come with a big pot of cold spicy chilli sauce. You can put all the skewers into it and start to eat.

Leshan Food
Leshan Food
⑥ Spiced Sweet Crispy Duck - Tianpi Ya

Chinese: 甜皮鸭 • Pinyin: tián pí yā
Recommended Restaurant:Zhao's Duck 赵鸭子
Average Cost: CNY 60/pp • Opening Time: 8:30-21:00
• Location: No. 193, south section of Chunhua Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province 四川省乐山市市中区春华路南段193号

Tianpi Ya, literarily means sweet skin duck, enjoys a high fame for its great taste. The duck is stewed in a special sauce, which makes the duck juicy and tender inside, sweet and crispy ouside , and cooked duck is in dark brown with fragrant and salty duck meat. Some people even think the Tianpi Ya is more delicious than Beijing Roast Duck. So if you come to Leshan, don’t miss the chance to taste it!

⑤ Sticky Rice Ball Wrapped with Leaves - Ye’er Ba

Chinese: 叶儿粑 • Pinyin: yè ér bā
Recommended Restaurant: Que's Snack (Yulin) 阙记粑店(春华路店)
Average Cost: CNY 15/pp • Opening Time: 8:30-21:00
• Location: #204, south section of Chunhua Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province 四川省乐山市市中区春华路南段204号

Ye’er Ba, the sticky rice ball wrapped with Leaves, is a traditional steamed snack in Sichuan province. It is always with different stuffings inside. There are mainly sweet skin and salty filling, white skin with salty filling, sesame filling, bean paste filling, walnut filling, as well as some other flavors, mainly in white and brown. It is a popular snack during the spring festival and other traditional Chinese festivals.

Chinese Food Culture

Nourished by the five thousand years’ history and multiple nations and regions in the vast land, China’s food culture is more than what words can describe. Rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy, like Yin-Yang and Five Element and Confucianism, Chinese cuisine is beyond the food itself but an artwork of the creative minds. Under the guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine, most of the Chinese cuisines are healthy and nutritious, pursuing to maintain people’s health, and even help the patients get healed.

Are you wondering about Chinese cooking process? Is that hard? around 100 cooking techniques have been formed over the development of Chinese food culture. The diverse cooking techniques show the wisdom of Chinese people and also help a lot on the sustainable development and reformation of the Chinese cuisines.

To enjoy the authentic Chinese flavour in a right way, Chinese dining etiquette plays a rather important role in Chinese food culture. Getting to know the Chinese etiquette will not only show one’s good self-cultivation and manners, but also help you understand the culture deeply and avoid making taboos accidentally to behave offensively to your Chinese host.

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