What to Eat in Leshan City

Belonging to Sichuan cuisine, food to eat in Leshan features street food and snacks. There aren’t as many deluxe restaurants in Leshan as you can find in Chengdu. But there are lots of snacks hiding in the streets.

Let’s find what the most LOCAL food is!

Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot

Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot
The soup is not spicy. Dip in chili powder as you like.

Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot, or simply Qiaojiao Beef, is a famous local dish of Leshan, made from the internal organs of a bull. It is said that, in the past, the soup was a kind of medicinal dish served free for the poor locals, which had the effect of dispelling the cold and relieving a cough. The old doctor, who made this soup, found that the poor could not afford any meat to eat. So he picked up some cattle's intestines and stomach, which were deserted by the rich, washed them clean and add them into the pot. The beef greatly enhances the taste and more and more locals came to taste this beef soup. For the popularity, there was always lake of seats. But people still preferred to come, even just sited with cross-legged on the stage in front of the gate enjoying the delicious soup. That’s why it gained the name as “Qiaojiao” (which means sit with cross-legged )Beef.

Tofu Jelly (Doufu Nao)

Tofu Jelly
Like many other common snacks in Sichuan province, it is spicy but quite delicious.

Tofu Jelly, or Doufunao in Chinese, is also a popular snack in Leshan. It is available in many varieties such as Tofu Jelly with chicken shreds and Tofu Jelly with minced beef. Also some soy sauce, chili oil , preserved vegetables, sesame oil, peanuts, garlic and some celery leaves are added.

Ye’er Ba

Ye’er Ba
It used to be a traditional food during the Qingming Festival for farmers in Western Sichuan.

Ye’er Ba, the Sticky in Lotus Leaves, is a traditional steamed snack in Sichuan province. It is always with a sweet or salty stuffing inside.

Spiced Crispy Duck (Tianpi Ya)

Spiced Crispy Duck
Enjoy the duck when it is freshly made!

Tianpi Ya, literarily means sweet skin duck, enjoys a high fame for its great taste. The duck is stewed in a special sauce, which makes the duck skin a little sweet crispy and tender, light spicy with fragrant and salty duck meat. Some people even think the Tianpi Ya is more delicious than Beijing Roast Duck. So if you come to Leshan, don’t miss the chance to taste it!