Things to Do in Mount Emei

Mount Emei, located 156 km away from Chengdu, is a UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage Site featuring pleasant weather, splendid natural scenery and historical Buddhist sites. Once you visit Mount Emei, you will not be indulged by the amazing natural beauty, but also eperience the sacred Buddhist culture there.

Emei Mountain Map

Chengdu Panda Base

No.1: Buddhism Exploration

Mount Emei is one of the four most divine Buddhism Mountains in China with a Buddhist history of over 1500 years. There are seventy-six Buddhist monasteries of the Ming and Qing period, most of which located near the mountain.

Mount Emei Hiking

No.2: Mountain Hiking

A full hike of Mount Emei, from the Baoguo Temple to the Golden Summit, usually takes about three days. There are also bus routes and cable cars served to get a head start on the ascent or to bypass some of the descent. You can check our 3 Day Hiking Tour Itinerary for detailed sample schedule.

Vegetarian Feast Experience

No.3: Vegetarian Feast Experience

While visit the Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple and Fuhu Temple, you can taste the famous vegetarian Feasts that made by local Buddhist monks. According to the Buddhism believes, that taking vegetarian food may cleanse one’s heart, limit his desires, as well as strengthen his health. So Buddhist monks are particular about vegetarian food. All the dishes are made of vegetarian foods, such as grey noodles, vermicelli, melons, beans and vegetables, by steaming, boiling, stir-frying or stewing.

Tea Tasty

No.4: Tea Tasty

Zhuyeqing, or Bamboo Green Tea, is one of the famous teas in China that grows in the areas of Mout Emei at the altitude from 800 to 1200 meters. The name “Zhuyeqing” is given by Marshal Chen Yi in 1964, when he visited Mt. Emei, for the tea looks like the leaves of bamboo, glossy green in color. The flavor is fresh and sweet with a hint of brisk bouquet in the aroma, which earns world praise. Nowadays, the Zhu Ye Qing Company is one of the largest trademarks in Chinese tea industry. The tea harvested before Qingming Festival ( Tomb Sweeping Day) is supposed to be the best, which is also called “New Tea”.

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Mount Emei

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