How to Get to Emeishan and Mount Emei 2024

Well-known as one of China's Top 4 Buddhist Mountains and a UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage, Mount Emei appeals to numerous travelers for a sacred Buddhism tour and visual-feast hiking trip. The famous mountain is located in western Emeishan (a small county-level city), west of Leshan (a prefecture-level city), southwest of Chengdu, Sichuan, about 50km west of Leshan Giant Buddha and around 180km away from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

So far, there is no airport near Mount Emei, the common and most popular way to get to Mount Emei is to travel from Chengdu to Emeishan by 1 hour ~ 1.5 hours' high speed bullet train or 2.5 hours' long-distance coach first. And then transfer from the train and bus station to Mount Emei scenic area. For those who plan to visit Mount Emei after Leshan Giant Buddha, there are also fast bullet trains and bus available between two cities.

Chengdu to Emeishan and Mount Emei Transportation

Chengdu & Leshan to Emeishan and Mount Emei Transportation Map

Get from Downtown Chengdu to Emeishan by High Speed Trains (Mount Emei to Chengdu Downtown)

Chengdu and Emeishan is directly linked through Chengdu Mianyang Leshan High-Speed Railway (成绵乐城际列车), which departs from Chengdu East Railway Station and Chengdu South Railway Station, passing by Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, and stops at Emeishan (High Speed Train) Railway Station. Every day, there are more than 25 high speed trains running between Chengdu and Emeishan. If you accommodate in downtown Chengdu, you can take a 1.5 hours' bullet train journey first to get to Emeishan, and then transfer from the station to Mount Emei by a local bus, direct tourist bus or worry-free private transfer offered by China Discovery (most recommended).

Recommended Chengdu Mount Emei Tours:

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√ 3 Days Mount Emei Leisure Hiking Tour from Chengdu

√ 4 Days Mount Emei In-depth Hiking Tour

Chengdu to Emeishan High Speed Train Schedules and Tickets

There are about 11~13 bullet trains departing from Chengdu downtown to Emeishan every day. The trains are all C-serials intercity high speed bullet trains, arranged between about 07:30 in early morning to nearly 22:00 in the evening. Among them, most trains starts from Chengdu East Railway Station, few trains departs from Chengdu South Railway Station. Check more real-time Chengdu to Emeishan train schedules >>

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Departure Station Arrival Station Ticket
C6269 07:25~08:33 1 hour & 8 minutes Chengdu East Emeishan ¥65.0 (Second Class Seat)
¥104 (First Class Seat)
¥194.0 (Business Class Seat - offered on few trains)
C6251 08:05~09:19 1 hour 14 minutes
C6303 09:46~11:02 1 hour 16 minutes
C6307 11:01~12:17 1 hour 16 minutes
C6255 12:21~13:29 1 hour 8 minutes
C6259 15:33~16:37 1 hour 4 minutes Chengdu South
C6315 17:31~19:12 1 hour 41 minutes Chengdu East
C6261 19:50~20:59 1 hour 9 minutes Chengdu South
D1947 21:46~23:01 1 hour 15 minutes Chengdu South


Note: If you want to tour Mount Emei within 1 day, you’d better take a morning high speed train to Emeishan and arrive the mountain before noon. Supposing that you arrive in Mount Emei in the afternoon, you can stay overnight in the mountain and continue Mount Emei hiking tour next day.

Emeishan to Chengdu High Speed Train Schedules and Tickets

If you plan to return to Chengdu downtown area after finishing Mount Emei tour, you can choose from 13 high speed trains leaving from Emeishan Railway Station. With shorter distance, most trains back to Chengdu terminate at Chengdu East Railway Station and still a few end at Chengdu South Railway Station. Click to get pdated and detailed real-time Emeishan to Chengdu train schedules >>

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Departure Station Arrival Station Ticket
D1912 06:54~08:04 1 hour 10 minutes Emeishan Chengdu East ¥65.0 (Second Class Seat)
¥104.0(First Class Seat)
¥194.0 (Business Class Seat
- only offered on few trains)
C6270 08:53~10:08 1 hour 15 minutes
C6258 09:38~10:53 1 hour 15 minutes Chengdu South
C6260 10:37~11:58 1 hour 21 minutes Chengdu East
C6308 12:49~14:01 1 hour 12 minutes Chengdu South
C6262 13:49~15:04 1 hour 15 minutes Chengdu East
C6314 19:36~20:51 1 hour 15 minutes
C6268 21:23~22:27 1 hour 4 minutes Chengdu South


Note: We listed some high speed train schedules between Chengdu and Emeishan above. If you want to check the full train schedules or need a Mount Emei tour package, please contact us.

Chengdu East Railway Station 成都东站

Location: Qingyijiang Rd, Chenghua District, East Chengdu City (成都市成华区青衣江路); about 10km to Chengdu South Railway Station.

Chengdu East Railway Station can be reached by subways and public buses. You can take Metro Line 2 at Tianfu Square, Renmin Park, Chunxi Road, or take Metro Line 7 at Chengdu North Railway Station, Jinsha Site Museum to Chengdu East Railway Station. There are also 13 public buses to Chengdu East Railway Station, such as Bus No.4 and No.47 at Chunxi Road, Kuaizhai Alley and so on.

Chengdu South Railway Station 成都南站

Location: Guixi Rd, North Tianfu Avenue, Hi-tech Zone, South Chengdu City (成都市高新区天府大道北段桂溪街道); about 13km to southwest Chengdu Shuangliu Airport.

Chengdu South Railway Station can be reached by Metro Line 1 and Line 7, and over 10 buses from different areas in Chengdu.

Emeishan Railway Station 峨眉山高铁站

Location: Xiuhu Avenue, Inside Mount Emei Scenic Area, Emeishan City, Leshan City (峨眉山市秀湖大道)
Emeishan Railway Station is a high speed train station serving tourists to Mount Emei, which is only 2km close to Mount Emei scenic area, closer than Emei Railway Station. There are local buses, such as Bus 5A, Bus 5B, and tourist buses, taxis operated to and fro between Emeishan Railway Station and Mount Emei within several minutes. Click to know more about Emeishan Train Stations >>

Get from Chengdu Airport to Emeishan by High Speed Train (Mount Emei to Chengdu Airport)

Located in southwest Chengdu suburb, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (成都双流国际机场,CTU) stands about 160km of Mount Emei. The airport also runs about 4 high speed bullet trains to Mount Emei which takes only about 1 hour to get Emeishan Railway Station. So air travelers can directly get to Emeishan from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. (most trains are scheduled in the afternoon). Below are lately updated Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to Emeishan High Speed Train timetable for your reference.

Tips: Chengdu Shuangliu Railway Station is on Basement 2, Terminal 2 of Shuangliu airport. You can take the intercity train to Mount Emei from Terminal 2 conveniently and you don’t need to exit the airport.

Chengdu Airport to Emeishan High Speed Train Schedules and Tickets

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
C6255 12:38~13:29 51 minutes ¥56.0 (Second Class Seat)
¥90.0 (First Class Seat)
C6259 15:45~16:37 52 minutes
C6261 20:02~20:59 57 minutes
C6315 17:54~19:12 1 hour 18 minutes

Emeishan to Chengdu Airport High Speed Train Schedules and Tickets

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
C6258 09:38~10:41 1 hour 3 minutes ¥56.0 (Second Class Seat)
¥90.0 (First Class Seat)
C6314 19:36~20:34 58 minutes


Useful Links to Take High Speed Train in China

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Get from Chengdu to Emeishan by Normal Train - Optional Choice

High Speed train travel from Chengdu to Emeishan is very popular and tickets in peak season are difficult to be bought. If you want to go to Emeishan from Chengdu by train, there are slower normal trains as your Plan B. Every day, about 3 normal trains depart from Chengdu to Emeishan, taking about 2 hours. One leaves Chengdu Railway Station for Yan'gang Railway Station in Emeishan, another train starts from Chengdu South Railway Station and stops at Emei Railway Station.

Chengdu to Emeishan Normal Train Schedules and Prices

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
T8865 08:15~10:23 2 hours 8 minutes ¥21.5~24.5 (Hard Seat)
¥67.5~70.5 (Hard Sleeper)
¥102.5~108.5 (Soft Sleeper)
T8869 09:13~11:06 1 hour 53 minutes

Chengdu to Emeishan & Mount Emei by Bus (Mount Emei to Chengdu)

Considering the ticket booking, collecting of train tickets, some tourists prefer to get to Mount Emei from Chengdu by bus. The journey of such a long-distance coach needs around 2 to 3 hours. Departing from different bus station in Chengdu, you may get to Mount Emei scenic area straightforward or arrive at a bus station outside the mountain.

Route 1: Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station - Emeishan Jiuzhu Bus Station

Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station is a frequently-used bus station to take bus visiting nearby destinations around Chengdu, such as Leshan, Emeishan, Jiuzhaigou, etc. The Xinnanmen Bus Station runs the largest number of bus to Emeishan at an average of every 30 minutes each day. After nearly 2.5 hours' ride and arrival at Jiuzhu Bus Station (or called Emeishan Passenger Traffic Center), tourists have to transfer 10km to Mount Emei by taxi for 25 minutes or local bus for 1.5 hours.

Route 2: Chengdu East Bus Station - Mount Emei

It is the most convenient bus travel from Chengdu to Mount Emei, because Chengdu East Bus Station, next to Chengdu East Railway Station, operates direct buses to Emeishan Tour Passenger Transport Center (峨眉山旅游客运中心), which is close to Baoguo Temple at the foot of Mount Emei. Choose this bus route, you can save time and engergy on finding vehicle for transfer. The bus ride usually costs about 3 hours

Xinnanmen Bus Station 新南门汽车站
Address: No.2 Xinnan Rd, Wuhou District, Chengdu (成都市武侯区新南路2号)
Situated in central city of Chengdu, Xinnanmen Bus Station is well-linked with rest Chengdu via buses and Metro Line 3. You can take Metro Line 3 at Chunxi Road, Chengdu Zoo to Xinnanmen Bus Station. Check more guide about Xinnanmen Bus Station >>

Chengdu East Bus Station 成都东站汽车客运站
Address: Qionglaishan Rd, Chenghua District, Chengdu (成都市成华区邛崃山路)
Lying in the south of East Plaza of Chengdu East Railway Station, Chengdu East Bus Station (aother name: Chengdu Long Distance Bus Terminal, Chengdu Tourist Transportation Center) can be easily reached by Chengdu Metro Line 2 and Line 7, and over 10 city buses (Bus 2, 4, 47, 90, 91,137...) and taxi.

Get from Leshan to Emeishan (Mount Emei to Leshan)

By High Speed Trains

A trip to Mount Emei is always after a visit to the Leshan Giant Buddha tour. Due to the operation of Chengdu Mianyang Leshan Intercity High Speed Railway, train travel between Leshan and Emeishan is shortened to 14~22 minutes with one station only. According to your itinerary, you can choose from more than 20 bullet trains between Leshan and Emeishan.

Leshan Railway Station 乐山站
Location: Baolian Rd, QingjiangXin District, Shizhong District, Leshan City (乐山市中区清江新区宝莲路)
Leshan Railway Station, located in northwest of Leshan Giant Buddha, north Leshan City, runs about 11 to 13 high speed trains to Emeishan every day. And Emeishan is the next station from Leshan Railway Station. After exiting Emeishan Railway Station, you can get to Mount Emei by local Bus No.7 for 30 minutes or by taxi for 10 minutes.

By Bus

Mount Emei lies 45km in west of Leshan Giant Buddha, about 34km from Leshan City. At present, tourists can take a 40 minutes’ bus to Baoguo Temple Bus Station at foot of Mount Emei from Leshan Xiaoba Bus Center (肖坝旅游车站), Leshan Lianyun Bus Station (乐山联运汽车站) and Leshan Coach Terminal (乐山汽车客运中心站). The Baoguo Temple Bus Station also runs return bus to Leshan every 30 minutes.

Best Mount Emei Tour with Leshan Buddha:

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√ 5 Days Classic Mount Emei & Leshan Buddha & Panda Tour

Leshan to Emeishan High Speed Train Schedules and Tickets

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
C6251 09:05~09:19 14 minutes ¥11.0 (Second Class Seat)
¥17.0 (First Class Seat)
¥32.0 (Business Class Seat)
C6303 10:47~11:02 15 minutes
C6307 11:55~12:17 22 minutes
C6257 16:16~16:31 15 minutes
C6315 18:49~19:12 23 minutes
C6261 20:44~20:59 15 minutes
D1947 22:46~23:01 15 minutes

Emeishan to Leshan High Speed Train Schedules and Tickets

Train No. Dep. ~ Arr. Time Duration Ticket
D1912 06:54~07:09 15 minutes ¥11.0 (Second Class Seat)
¥17.0 (First Class Seat)
C6270 08:53~09:07 14 minutes
C6260 10:37~10:57 20 minutes
C6308 12:49~13:12 23 minutes
C6314 19:36~19:51 15 minutes
C6268 21:23~21:37 14 minutes


Note: 1.) The above listed trains are only a part of full trains, you can clik Leshan to Emeishan Train Schedules and Emeishan to Leshan Train Schedules. 2.) Because Leshan Railway Station and Mount Emei Railway Station are only one station away with 16 minutes duration, passengers taking Leshan-Emeishan High Speed Train need to pay attention to the broadcast about next arrival station, avoid miss the right station to get off.

Get to Mount Emei from Chongqing and Kunming

Get from Chongqing to Mount Emei

Mount Emei is located at 430km from Chongqing. There is no direct train between Mount Emei and Chongqing so far. If you consider taking a train to Mount Emei, a convenient high speed train transfer in Chengdu can be your Plan B. You can take about 2 hours’ high speed train to Chengdu firstly and then taka a Chengdu to Chongqing High Speed Bullet Train for another 1.5~2 hours.

Besides, tavelers can take regular buses to Baoguo Temple Bus Station from Chongqing Caiyuanba Bus Station (重庆菜园坝客运中心) or Chenjiaping Bus Station (陈家坪长途客运站). Road trip from Chongqing to Mount Emei takes about 4~4.5 hours. Bus to Chongqing departs from Emeishan Passenger Traffic Center (峨眉山市客运中心) and Emeishan Tour Passenger Transport Center (峨眉山旅游客运中心).

Get from Kunming to Mount Emei

Mount Emei is also directly linked with Kunming by normal trains. You can take one of the 3 normal trains from Kunming Railway Station to Emei Railway Station. The overnight trains usually depart in the evening and arrive in the next morning. Soft Sleeper is most recommended for your 15~17hours overnight train travel than Hard Sleeper and Hard Seat.

Get to Mount Emei by China Discovery's Private Tour

Are you planning a Mount Emei tour without transfer worries? China Discovery, an experienced, professional and reliable tour operater based in Chengdu, is always ready to offer you the most convenient transportation, the best itinerary, considerate tour services covering ticket booking, local tour guide, safe and comfortable vehicle, ideal accommodation and authentic food experience, etc. We will make the best convenient ways to help you fully enjoy your discovery in Mount Emei. Just contact us, tell us your requirements and holiday schedule, we can help you realized dream tour to Mount Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha and more top attractions in Chengdu, China.

√ 4 Days Classic Leshan Giant Buddha & Mount Emei Tour from Chengdu

√ 5 Days Chengdu, Leshan & Mount Emei Tour

√ 6 Days Leshan Mount Emei Tour including Panda Volunteer Experience

China Discovery Tailor-made Mount Emei Tours China Discovery's Tailor-made Mount Emei Tours

Inner Transportations on Mount Emei

Since the Mount Emei Scenic Area is extremely large, there are a series of vehicles for you to choose to save your time and energy, like sightseeing bus and cable car. If you want to have an essence tour of Mount Emei, you can go to Leidongping (雷洞坪) by sightseeing bus firstly. Then you can walk all the way up to Golden Summit or take cableway from Jieyindianup to Golden Summit. There is still cableway between Wannian Parking Lot to Wannian Temple you can take. If you plan to have an in-depth discovery or trekking in Mount Emei, you can check the detailed traffic guide in Mount Emei Scenic Area.

Recommended Mount Emei Tours

Top 3 Mount Emei tours chosen by most customers to explore Mount Emei in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Marvelous far-reaching view from Golden Summit - Cloud Sea and Mount Gongga

2 Days Mount Emei Leisure Hiking Tour from Chengdu

Mount Emei

Look up at Leshan Giant Buddha from its foot stage

4 Days Classic Leshan Buddha & Mount Emei Tour from Chengdu

Chengdu / Leshan / Mt. Emei / Chengdu

Our dear clients from Singapore on Golden Summit of Mount Emei

2 Days Mount Emei Leshan Giant Buddha Smart Tour

Chengdu / Mount Emei / Leshan Giant Buddha / Chengdu

Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Once inquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours.

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Emeishan to chongqing
Hello, you mention that there is a bullet train from emeishan to chongqing and I'm interested in traveling that way. I looked on ctrip and it seems there is only one train each day from emeishan to chongqing and it takes about 10 hours. Is there another train or booking method?
2017-06-14 19:24
Hello Hannah,

Thanks for your question. There is a bullet train from Emeishan to Chongqing but it is only operated in some big vacations. However, it is very convenient to travel between Emeishan and Chongqing with a transfer at Chengdu East Railway Station. There are 8 daily bullet trains from Emeishan to Chengdu East and 33 daily bullet trains from Chengdu East to Chongqing North. Choosing the C-trains and G-trains, the whole train journey takes about 3~3.5 hours. Plus 20 minutes’ transfer in Chengdu East Railway Station, you can get to Chongqing from Emeishan within 4 hours.
Bullet train from Chongqing to Mount Emei
Hi! You mentioned we should contact you for information on how to get from Chongqing to Mount Emei by bullet train. How do you get tickets? What are the details?
2016-09-26 20:19
Hi India Winter,

Thanks for your questions. After checking the latest Chongqing-Emeishan bullet train info, and the bullet train authority still has not given the complete and stable schedules running between Chongqing and Emeishan yet, travelers can only book the tickets during the National Day (Oct.01-Oct.07) at present. Travelers can get the tickets on official website ( or through online travel agency.

If you interested in Chongqing or Emei tour or have any more questions about the trip and tickets, feel free to contact us. We are here ready to help!

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