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Where to Stay in Emeishan | Recommended Emeishan Hotels

Emeishan City with more than 1400 years’ history attracts countless tourists from home and abroad every year to the famous Mount Emei. To better explore the mountain, you are recommended to set aside a whole day for the trip. Depending on your itinerary, you can either stay in Emeishan downtown and start hiking the next day in the morning or start on the first day and spend a night on the mountain. If you are hiking enthusiasts, you are advised to accommodate near Leidongping. If you want to have a better view, Golden Summit at the mountain top is more recommended. Apart from that, there are a dozen of temples that you can stay. Here are more details about where to stay in Emeishan and recommended hotels for your reference.

Where to Stay in Emeishan Click to Enlarge Emeishan Accommodation Map

Top Recommended: Eemeishan Downtown/Second Choice: Baoguo Temple - For 1 Day Mount Emei Trip

It will take at least 1 day to tour Mount Emei. So if you plan to go up and down Mount Emei in one day, it is advised to arrive in Emeishan the night before and start your trip the next day in the early morning. In that case, you are most recommended to stay in Emeishan downtown because there are more hotel choices with better facilities and some hotel staff can speak English, which will be helpful for foreign tourists. What’s more, Mount Emei is only about 6 km to Emeishan Downtown, so it will be very convenient to get there. If you prefer somewhere near the scenic area, Baoguo Temple (报国寺) area can be your back-up choice. There are both luxury hotels and economical inns and the price has a large difference from CNY 100 - 2000.

Recommended Hotels in Emeishan Downtown

    JZ Hotel 峨眉山蓝光己庄酒店 (★★★★★)

  • Address: NO. 8 South Section of Shanhu Road, Emeishan City (峨眉山山湖路南段8号); about 6km, 12 minutes’ drive to Mount Emei Scenic Area.
  • Service: JZ Hotel is one of the most chosen luxury hotels with comfortable environment and almost all the services you can think of, such as free wifi, 24-hour reception, luggage storage, laundry, spa, swimming pool, fitness center, Chinese & western restaurants, café, bar, hot spring, foreign currency exchange, English-speaking staff, etc.

  • Century Sunshine Hotel Emeishan 峨眉山世纪阳光大酒店 (★★★★★)

  • Address: NO. 410-412 Minshan East Road, Emeishan City (峨眉山名山东路410-412号), about 8.5km, 17 minutes’ drive to Mount Emei Scenic Area.
  • Service: free wifi, parking lot, train station pick-up, 24-hour reception, luggage storage, outdoor swimming pool, foreign currency exchange, etc.

  • Other Recommendations:

  • Royal Spring Hotel 峨眉山御泉湾温泉酒店 (★★★★★)
  • Garden City E'mei Hotel & Resorts 峨眉山花园城度假酒店 (★★★★)
  • Huasheng Hotel 峨眉山华生酒店 (★★★)
Where to Stay in Emeishan Deluxe Double Bed Room of JZ Hotel Where to Stay in Emeishan Deluxe Big-bed Room of Century Sunshine Hotel Emeishan

Recommended Hotel Near Baoguo Temple

    Hongzhushan Hotel 峨眉山红珠山宾馆 (★★★★★)

  • Address: Beside Baoguo Temple, Emeishan 峨眉山报国寺旁
  • Service: wifi, luggage storage, 24-hour reception, swimming pool, tea, coffee, bar, restaurant, spa, laundry, hot spring, etc.

  • Other Recommendations:

  • Le Meridien Emei Mountain Resort 峨眉山恒邦艾美度假酒店 (★★★★★)
  • Emeishan Grand Hotel 峨眉山大酒店 (★★★★)
  • Zen Flora 峨眉山欢喜无厌•拈花溪精品温泉民宿 (★★★★)

√ 2 Days Mount Emei Leisure Hiking Tour from Chengdu

Where to Stay in Emeishan Hot Spring Suite at Hongzhushan Hotel

Leidongping - For Hiking Enthusiasts Spending a Night on Mount Emei

If you want to have a good hiking on Mount Emei, you will need to spend a night on the mountain and the most chosen area is Leidongping (雷洞坪). Here are about a dozen of hotels and inns whose price varies from about CNY 230 - 600. It is also near to Emeishan Ski Resort and Golded Summit (so you can catch the sunrise with a lower accommodation cost). For most tourists, it will take about 7-8 hours to hike from Wannian Temple to Leidongping. Then after a night’s rest, the next day you can walk about 30 minutes to Jieyin Hall and take a cable car or keep hiking for another 2 hours to the Golden Summit.

Recommended Hotels Near Leidongping

    Xinlongmen Boutique Hotel 峨眉山欣隆门精品酒店 (★★★)

  • Address: Near Leidongping Parking Lot 近峨眉山雷洞坪停车场
  • Service: free wifi, luggage storage, heating, hot water, restaurant, etc.

  • Other Recommendations:

  • Tianxiu Hostel 峨眉山雷洞坪天秀饭店 (★★)
  • Leidongping Friendship Hotel 雷洞坪友好饭店 (★★)
  • Jinchuan Hotel 峨眉山雷洞坪金川大酒店 (★★)

√ 3 Days Mount Emei Classic Walking Tour with Moderate Pace

√ 4 Days Mount Emei In-depth Hiking Tour including Leshan Giant Buddha

Where to Stay in Emeishan Leidongping in Autumn Where to Stay in Emeishan Twin-bed Room of Xinlongmen Boutique Hotel

Mountain Top Near Golden Summit - For Tourists Intended to See Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise is one of the four wonders of Mount Emei and the best viewing spot is the Golden Summit. Because of the construction difficulties, there are only 2 or 3 choices on the mountain top and the hotels are usually not that well equipped and more expensive (about CNY 500-1000 for a double-bed room).

Note: The star rating of hotels on the mountain is for reference only and in most case, they are not up to the standards as the star hotels in the downtown.

Recommended Hotels Near Golden Summit

    Golden Summit Hotel 峨眉山金顶大酒店 (★★★★)

  • Distance to Golden Summit: about 200m
  • Service: There are two buildings of Golden Summit Hotel. Yuexia building has better facilities such as free wifi, 24-hour reception, luggage storage, hot water, heating, etc. with best view, while Woyun building is less equipped to meet the basic demands.

  • Other Recommendation:

  • Jinding Villa 峨眉山金顶山庄 (★★★)

√ 2 Days Mount Emei Highlights Tour with Sunrise and Sunset

Where to Stay in Emeishan Mount Emei Sunrise Where to Stay in Emeishan Twin-bed Room of Golden Summit Hotel Yuexia Building

Other Choices - Stay Overnight in Temples on Mount Emei

As a Buddhist mountain, there are many traditional wooden-structure temples on Mount Emei and some of them provide simple accommodation for tourists. For dorm beds, the price varies from CNY 30-60 for one bed. There are also single rooms and double rooms whose price is about CNY 100-400. Most temples on Mount Emei provide vegetarian meal that will charge about CNY 10-20. Living in a temple may be a novel experience but generally speaking, the accommodation condition is not that satisfactory, for example, hot water can not be guaranteed. Here are three recommended areas to live in a temple for your reference and you can choose the one that suits your itinerary best.

  • Xianfeng Temple 仙峰寺: Near to the mountain foot and have relatively better accommodation environment, you can stay here if you don’t plan much hiking for the first day.
  • Xixiangchi Temple 洗象池: Near to Leidongping. Tourists who can not get to Leidongping usually choose to stay a night here.
  • Taiziping 太子坪: Nearest to the mountain top, staying here will save you some time if you want to catch the sunrise the next day on the Golden Summit.
Where to Stay in Emeishan Xianfeng Temple on Mount Emei

How to Plan Your Emeishan Tour

An Emeishan tour usually starts from Chengdu, and combines visits to both Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei. You can set out for tour at morning from your hotel in Chengdu, then drive about 2.5 hours to Leshan City to visit the Giant Buddha (about 2hrs), then go to stay a night in Emeishan. After that, you can spend one day to visit the highlighting part (Leidongping to Golden Summit), or 2 days to hike from Wannian Temple to Golden Summit, or 3 days to have an in-depth hiking from Qingyin Pavilion to Golden Summit. Eco-bus and cable cars can be used to save energy if you want. After Mount Emei tour, you can transfer back to your hotel in Chengdu, or directly to the airport/train station to continue your trip.

★ Recommended Mount Emei Tours:

√ 2 Days Mount Emei Leshan Giant Buddha Smart Tour

√ 3 Days Mount Emei Classic Walking Tour

If you plan to spend more days travelling, you can try some popular panda volunteer programs, go to the wonderland Jiuzhaigou, see the Leshan Giant Buddha, or expand your trip to Beijing - capital of China, Shanghai - modern metropolis, and Xian - time-honored ancient capital to have a deeper understanding of China.

★ Recommended Tours including Mount Emei:

√ 7 Days Sichuan Discovery Tour (Chengdu / Leshan / Emei / Chengdu / Jiuzhaigou)

√ 6 Days Leshan, Mount Emei & Panda Volunteer Tour

If you have more questions about a Chengdu trip, please feel free to contact us. We are specialized in customized tours according to your interests, budget, traveling time, etc. Just tell us your needs, and we will provided you with a satisfactory tour.

Mount Emei Mount Emei Scenery

Recommended Mount Emei Tours

Top 3 Mount Emei tours chosen by most customers to explore Mount Emei in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Marvelous far-reaching view from Golden Summit - Cloud Sea and Mount Gongga
2 Days Mount Emei Leisure Hiking Tour from Chengdu

Mount Emei

Hiking along stone steps of Mount Emei
3 Days Mount Emei Classic Walking Tour with Moderate Pace

Mount Emei

Fantastic sunset view from Golden Summit on Mount Emei
4 Days Mount Emei In-depth Hiking Tour including Leshan Giant Buddha

Mount Emei

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