Mount Qingcheng Hiking: 2 Best Trekking Routes of Qingchengshan

Mount Qingcheng, or called Qingchengshan, is one of the four sacred Taoist Mountains in China, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also, an ideal national scenic spot with amazing trekking opportunities. If you are looking for the closest and greatest mountain for hiking after your date with adorable pandas in Chengdu downtown, Mount Qingcheng 63km away from downtown area will be your best choice!

To help you better navigate Mount Qingcheng, here in this Mount Qingcheng Hiking Guide we will show you 2 best hiking routes, with useful info like time needed and tips included too.

2 Best Mount Qingcheng Hiking Routes

Mount Qingcheng (Qingchengshan) is composed of two separate tourist parts, including its front side with more than 15 historical Taoist sites and the back site with more natural beauties like murmuring streams, verdant forests and elegant waterfalls. These two parts have their own separate entrance and ticket. For hikers, most of them prefer trails up to the historical sites at the front side of the mountain, while there is still a large group of tourists who love hiking while soaking in the natural surroundings of the back side.

Route 1 - Hottest Front Mountain Cultural Hiking

  • Tickets: RMB 90/person (RMB 35/person for the single cableway and 60/person for a round-trip cableway are not included)
  • Time needed: 3~5 hours around
  • Recommended for: Everyone
  • Trekking Route Details: Entrance Gate - Yuecheng Lake - Buyun Cableway - Ciyun Pavilion (慈云阁) - Laojun Pavilion (老君阁) - Cloud Approaching Pavilion (齐云阁) - Chao Yang Ancient Temple (朝阳洞) - Zhibicao (掷笔槽) - Quanzhen Temple (全真观) - Entrance Gate

After stepping a few hundred meters from the Entrance Gate of the front side of Mount Qingcheng, there are two ways to the summit Laojun Pavilion (老君阁). One way is via the hiking trails on the left side, and the other one is on the right, which will take you to the lower station of the only cableway in this scenic area. Normally, most tourists prefer to ride the cableway up to the summit first and then hike downhill the mountain. You are suggested to do so because it is the most energy-saving and time-saving option.

The cableway will take you to the upper part of the mountain in only 5 minutes around. And it needs about 1 hour or so to hike from the upper station to the summit. Along the way, you will explore some of the most significant palaces of Mount Qingcheng, like Shangqing Palace and Ciyun Pavilion. After the visit of the summit, it’s your time for a descent. On the way down the mountain, you will be welcomed with elegant pavilions every now and then, bridges and temples. And usually, it takes about 2 hour around to hike back to the entrance gate.

Top Mount Qingcheng Hiking Tour:

>> 1 Day Dujiangyan-Qingcheng Mountain Tour

Mount Qingcheng Front Mountain Map Mount Qingcheng Front Mountain Map

Route 2 - Popular Back Mountain Natural Loop Hiking

  • Tickets: RMB 20/person (Jiinli Cableway and Baiyun Cableway are not included. The former charges RMB 30/person for a single-trip or RMB 55/person for a round-trip, the later charges 35/person for a single-trip or 60/person for a round-trip)
  • Time needed: 4~6 hours
  • Recommended for: Nature loves
  • Trekking Route Details: Entrance Gate - Taian Ancient Town (泰安古镇) - Jinli Caboeway (金骊索道) - Youyicun Village (又一村) - Wulong Palace (五龙沟) - Taian Ancient Town - Get out

The Back Mountain hiking starts from Taian Ancient Town at the foot of the mountain. From Taian Ancient Town, there are two ways for your ascend. One is hiking along the trails on the left side, but far more popular is taking the Jinli Cableway on the right side. The cableway will take you to the middle of the mountain in only 5 minutes around. Once arriving at the upper station of the cableway, you could follow the trails on the left side to Youyicun Village, and then hike downhill to meet with the streams, forest and waterfalls. Such a hiking journey will take you half day around. If you are looking for a one-whole-day hiking experience, you could choose the trails on the right side of the upper station of cableway.

Mount Qingcheng Back Mountain (Rear Mountain) Map Mount Qingcheng Back Mountain (Rear Mountain) Map

Best Time to Hike Mount Qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng is a year-round destination. It is a paradise both to kill the summer heat and to appreciate the winter snow. The peak months of Mount Qingcheng are July and August, when there will have more crowds, while the best time to hike Mount Qingcheng usually comes from every March to every November. Winter hiking is good, but not that attractive when compared with hiking in the rest months, because the trails covered with snow or slight ice are a little bit tougher to conquer. If you happen to hike Mount Qingcheng in winter, you are suggested to prepare one pair of good non-slip shoes.

Mount Qingcheng Mount Qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng Hiking Trails & Tips

  • Luggage Storage: The tourist center of both Front Mountain and Back Mountain offers Luggage Storage, which is charged about CNY 10 for each piece of luggage. However, there is a maximum every day, so you may not be able to leave your luggage there if beyond their capacity.
  • Water Games: Take your water gun with you if you are going to hike the Back Mountain, so that you could play water games with your friends on the way.
  • Service Time of Cableway: All the cableway of Mount Qingcheng will stop the service after 17:00pm.
  • Packing List: Wear comfortable shoes and take a light backpack with you.
Mount Qingcheng Hiking Trails Mount Qingcheng Hiking Trails

Mount Qingcheng Location & How to Get There

Mount Qingcheng is about 63km northwest of Chengdu downtown, which takes only 1.5~2 hours by car. Tourists usually get to Mount Qingcheng from Chengdu by private car, high speed train or coach. For visitors getting to Mount Qingcheng from the nearby Dujiangyan Irrigation System, you are suggested to ride a private car or taxi, which needs about half an hour to the Front Mountain and 1 hour to the Back Mountain.

Private Car (Top Recommend): Considering it is not an easy job for foreigners to find the right high speed train station or coach station in the mountainous area of Mount Qingcheng, tourist are more recommended to travel by private car! With the help of local driver, you will get from your hotel to the entrance gate of Mount Qingcheng directly! We China Discovery also offer such services for visitors, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

High Speed Train (Good Alternative Option for Independent Travelers): High Speed Trains from Chengdu to Mount Qingcheng depart from Xipu Railway Station (犀浦站) near the northwestern edge of Chengdu 3st Ring Road and arrive at Qingchengshan Station (青城山站), which is about 4km away from Front Mountain and 17km away from Back Mountain. Every day, there are 25+ bullet trains for you to choose.

By Coach: Every day, Chengdu Xinnanmen Coach Station (成都新南门车站) also operates 2~5 daily coaches to Mount Qingcheng.

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Chengdu Giant Panda Base Chengdu Giant Panda Base Dujiangyan Irrigation System Dujiangyan Irrigation System

How to Plan a Mount Qingcheng Hiking Tour

A Mount Qingcheng Hiking tour needs about half day or a whole day. And normally, tourists prefer the half-day Front Mountain hiking tour more! Before the Mount Qingcheng hiking trip, most of them will spend half day around to explore Dujiangyan Irrigation System first!

>> 1 Day Dujiangyan-Qingcheng Mountain Tour

Before or after your Dujiangyan & Mount Qingcheng tour, you are highly suggested to spend 1~2 days more to soak the unique slow-paced lifestyle and savor mouth-watering delicacies. Adorable pandas living in the downtown area also await your greeting!

>> 4 Days Chengdu, Mt. Qingcheng & Dujiangyan Tour

For Big Panda Fans, Dujiangyan Panda Base in only 15 minutes’ car ride from Mount Qingcheng will give you a special chance to live with and even feed cuddly pandas up-close! Join in the full-day Panda Volunteer Program, and your panda dream will perfectly come true there!

>> 2 Days Dujiangyan Panda Tour

Love Panda Feeding of Panda Volunteer Program Love Panda Feeding of Panda Volunteer Program

Hike Mount Qingcheng & Travel Chengdu with China Discovery

Can’t wait to hike Mount Qingcheng but feel trouble to make a start? Travel with we China Discovery and let our experienced travel consultant help you! We China Discovery based in Chengdu have already helped hundreds and thousands of global visitors of planning their Mount Qingcheng Hiking tour! And it will be our pleasure to invite you to join our family!

If you travel with us, you will get rid of all the hassles of hotels, transportations, hiking routes, restaurants, etc. Our experienced local driver will escort you from your Chengdu hotel to the entrance gate of Mount Qingcheng directly. And our English-speaking guide will accompany you all the way, telling you profound Taoist culture, story and other inside tips of traveling Mount Qingcheng! If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and tell us your needs! The tour can be tailor-made according to your group size, interests, physical condition, time, plan, budget and every special need!

Mount Qingcheng Mount Qingcheng

Recommended Mount Qingcheng & Dujiangyan Tours

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