Chengdu Sightseeing - What to see in Chengdu for different seasons 2024

To find some beautiful natural landscape of lakes, grasslands, forests, and snow seems to be an impossible thing in a modern metropolises which have large population, crowding high buildings, interlaced roads with constant traffic. But in Chengdu, a prosperous, modern and traditional city, you always can find a place to get close to our mother nature. And in different season, you have different places to go and enjoy different landscape.

Popular Sites for All Seasons

Home of the Pandas - Chengdu Panda Base

Location: 1375 Panda Road, Northern Suburb, Chengdu, north suburb of Chengdu (10km from the city center)

Why recommended: As a symbol of Chengdu, Pandas welcome all their fans at "home" - Chengdu Panda Base which is the main research base of China to conduct the protection product of the endangered giant pandas, where you can have a panda tour and see pandas roaming free, eating their meals, and playing with each other. Besides the Panda Base in Chengdu, there are 3 more panda bases including Dujiangyan Panda Base, Wolong Panda Base, and Bifengxia Panda Base. So far, different panda volunteer opportunities are open and appliable for visitors.

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Splendid Chengdu Culture - Museums in Chengdu

Location: Chengdu City and Guanghan City

Why recommended: There are hundreds of different museum with different themes in the “Abundant Land” Sichuan, in which you can learn about a city’s culture, history and facts. If you are interested in the city's history, do not miss Sichuan Museum and Chengdu Museum. To look for the mysterious Shu culture in the ancient time and appreciate the unearthed wares, you can visit Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum or further to Guanghan City (38km away from Chengdu) and visit the Sanxingdui Museum. Other Museums like Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum and Sichuan Cuisine Museum are also very recommendable.

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Chengdu Panda Base

Adorable Giant Panda in Chengdu Panda Base

Chengdu sightseeing

Golden Mask in Jinsha Site Museum

Spring – blossom blooming season

Spring is the start of new life for plants. While for humans, it is also the start of traveling season, which is the best time to witness the magic of lives. So what to do for spring in Chengdu? The most popular activity recommended by local insider is Ta Chun which means to walk to see the green and blossom of spring. Then where to go?

Town of Peach Blossom – Longquan

Location: Huaguoshan Mountain, Longquan County, about 40 minutes’ driving from downtown Chengdu

Best time to visit: March to April

Why recommended: Longquan is famous as the Town of Peach Blossom. In every March, the magnificent World Peach Blossom will be held here to attract thousands of visitors to enjoy the pleasant views of different kinds of peach flowers. Sitting in a local yard, drinking a cup of tea and chatting with friends – what a leisure time.

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Mountain of Tulip – Shixianghu

Location: Pujiang County, about 86km from downtown of Chengdu

Best time to visit: March

Why recommended: Shixiannghu is a good place in Chengdu to see some exquisite views of flowers. Floriculturist of Shixianghu plant flowers like creating an art. Every detail, from the flower kind, color, arrangement to season, will be put into consideration. The biggest event here is the Tulip Festival in March when red, white, yellow, purple and other tulips will bloom massively.

Train travel though Rapeseed Blossoms in Jiayang

Location: Qianwei County, Leshan City, about 185km from Chengdu

Best time to visit: March to April

Why recommended: Rapeseed Blossoms is not rare in Chengdu Plain especially in spring. But taking an old steam train to shuttle back and forth among vast rapeseed blossoms is a very impressive experience. Besides, the authentic rural village living here is a big highlight.

the Soul of Shangri-la - Daocheng Yading

Location: Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, about 850km to the east of Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Best time to visit: March to May

Why recommended: A little bit far from Chengdu city, it takes about 8 hours to get Daocheng Yading where the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and the Hengduan Mountains joint together. It is reputed as the Soul of Shangri-la and the Last Shangri-la and the Last Pure Land in Our Blue Planet for its distinctive landform and primitive natural landscape. From March to May, the flowers of sorts are in their full bloom and the sacred mountains are more splendid and beautiful.

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Chengdu sightseeing

Longquan Peach Blossom

Chengdu sightseeing

Little Spring Flowers at Daocheng Yading

Summer – escape from heat and crowds

Due to the “Surrounded” geography, summer days in Chengdu are usually hot and stuffy both in outdoor and indoor. Everyone wants to escape as long as they have free time? So where to go for the “coolness” surrounding Chengdu?

Quiet and Beautiful Mountain – Mount Qingcheng

Location: Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City, 57km from Chengdu downtown

Best time to visit: June to August

Why recommended: When people in the city center suffer from the summer heat, Mount Qingcheng still maintains a comfortable temperature and humid air. In summer, the whole mountain is covered with green trees, and streams, waterfalls, and lakes are rich in flow. This is the best time to appreciate the mountain and water scenery of Mount Qingcheng.

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Natural Oxygen Bar – Shunan Bamboo Forest

Location: Shunan Zhuhai, Yibin City, about 330km from Chengdu downtown

Best time to visit: June to August

Why recommended: The Shunan Bamboo (Shunan Zhuhai) Forest is the oldest and largest bamboo forest in China which covers 120 square kilometers. It features the beauty of natural bamboo, limpid lake, winding path as well as numerous streams and waterfalls. In summer, the young bamboos are extremely green and create a comfortably cool atmosphere.

Recommended Tours: >>6 Days Chengdu Shunan Bamboo Forest Tour

Oriental Alps and Maze of Trekker - Mount Siguniang

Location: Xiaojin County, Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Northwestern Sichuan province, about 220km away from Chengdu city

Best time to visit: June to August

Why recommended: Mount Siguniang has shaped its complex and particular terrain and there are 61 peaks over 5,000 meters connected by many lakes in this scenic area, which made itself a wonderland for Trekkers and it is listed as one of the “Top 10 Famous Climbing Mountains in China”. During July and August, you can experience the full mountain of colorful blossoms and cool water flowing from the mountain peaks.

Recommended Mount Siguniang Tours: >>4 Days Mount Siguniang Leisure Hiking Tour

Firefies Base & Ancient Town – Mount Tiantai

Location: Qionglai City, Chengdu, about 120km from Chengdu downtown

Best time to visit: May to July

Why recommended: At the southwest end of Qionglai City, Sichuan Province, it is the habitat of Sichuan Giant Panda. There are dense forests and waterfalls in the scenic spot. It is very cool in summer. The most famous waterfall is Xiangshuitan waterfall, which is the largest waterfall in Western Sichuan. It is also the largest firefly viewing base in Asia, thousands of fireflies can be seen from April to June at night among the forest. The famous Pingle Ancient Town in Chengdu is located not far from the foot of the mountain.

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Chengdu sightseeing

Mount Qingcheng

Hiking at Mt. Siguniang

Hiking at Mt. Siguniang

Autumn – golden and red world

Autumn days are very infrequent in Chengdu. Technically September, October and November all belong to Autumn, but people often say the autumn is very short in Chengdu, because the cool days are not as long as three months. But don’t worry, the landscape of autumn will last more than two months. Golden is the themed color of Chengdu during autumn because the streets, parks and roads are decorated by golden leaves of ginkgo trees.

City of Golden Ginkgo – Renmin Park, Baiguolin Residential District, Wenshu Temple…

Location: Huaguoshan Mountain, Longquan County, about 40 minutes’ driving from downtown Chengdu

Best time to visit: middle October to November

Where recommended: 1) city parks are good places to enjoy stunning views of ginkgo golden leaves where you can also get some leisure time of drinking a cup of tea or tasting local snack. Renmin Park and Huanhuaxi Park are very recommended. 2) historical sites usually like to plant ginkgo trees. So you have chance to see some hundreds years old trees with golden leaves in the temples to Buddhist or Taoist. The ancient magnificent architectures set off the golden trees very well. Wenshu Temple, Qingyang Palace, Wuhou Temple all have great views of ginkgo trees. 3) there is a famous residential district which was named after ginkgo trees – Baiguolin because it is full of beautiful ginkgo trees which are tall, huge and beautiful.

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Most Beautiful Natural Waterscape – Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong

Location: Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, about 440km to the south of Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Best time to visit: September to November

Why recommended: Jiuzhaigou is the fairy land of the scenic landscape and Tibetan culture, and it is also reputed to be the most gorgeous waterscape in the world, a perfect combination of movement & stillness, a great mixture of clearness & colorfulness. You can see emerald lakes, spectacular layered waterfalls, colorful forests, snow-capped mountains, Tibetan villages in its 3 beautiful valleys. In autumn, the multicolored fall foliage decorate the valley with its multicolored beauty. Besides, while touring Jiuzhaigou, you’ll have a chance to visit the World Natural Heritage Site - Huanglong National Park either which is near to Jiuzhaigou Valley and famous for incredible calcified scenery.

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Largest and Tallest Stone Buddha in the World – Leshan Giant Buddha

Location: No.2435 Lingyun Street, Shizhong District, Leshan City, By Mingjiang River

Best time to visit: September to November

Why recommended: You definitely have to cover the visit to the 71 meter's high Leshan Buddha which was built during Tang Empire, more than 1,300 years ago into your Chengdu trip. It is only 2 hours’ driving from Chengdu city downtown. A half day is enough to get all the highlights of Leshan Giant Buddha. Currently, there are fast and comfortable High Speed Trains connecting Leshan with Chengdu and Emeishan.

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Chengdu sightseeing

Chengdu Ginkgo Autumn Views

Chengdu sightseeing

Five Flower Lake at Jiuzhaigou

Chengdu sightseeing

Leshan Giant Buddha

Winter – exciting snow and ice activities

Chengdu is a city which almost never snow. So there are no many things to do for winter holiday in Chengdu city except for visiting landmark sites, such as Panda Base, Jinli Street, Wenshu Monastery, etc. But this doesn’t mean you have no chance to explore exciting winter activities. Only have to drive a few hours, you will step into world of snow and ice. Then where to go?

Exciting snow & ice activities – Xiling Snow Mountain

Location: Xiling Town, Dayi County, about 95km from Chengdu downtown

Best time to visit: December to February

Why recommended: Xiling Snow Mountain is a great place both to get close to the purest natural beauty and to experience the excitement of skiing sports. As the largest ski resort in China, Xiling Snow Mountain provides over 20 activities in ski field for visitors to completely enjoy the excitement of ski sports. Beyond count, Xiling Snow Mountain is really a treasure to explore her charm.

Recommended Tours: >>4 Days Classic Leshan & Mount Emei Tour | >>5 Days Classic Mount Emei & Panda Tour

Snow-coated scene on sacred Buddhist Mountain – Mout Emei

Location: Emeishan City, Leshan, 120km from Chengdu downtown

Best time to visit: January to February

Why recommended: Although winter is not the most popular season to visit Mount Emei, but it is a good time to have another look of this Buddhist mountain – snow-coated scenes. It snows often especially in night during winter. The Golden Summit becomes white and pure. Looking down or into afar from the top, you will see one of the grandest views of Cloud Sea. There are also several skiing fields on the mountain. At the lower foot of Mount Emei situate many natural hot spring resorts.

Recommended Emei Tours: >>5 Days Chengdu & Xiling Snow Mountain Winter Tour | >>2 Days Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Tour

Chengdu sightseeing

Xiling Snow Mountain

Chengdu sightseeing

Mount Emei

How to Plan Your Chengdu Tour

Many travelers come to Chengdu for Giant Pandas. Besides the panda, there are many other must-sees, like Jinli Old Street, Wenshu Temple, Renmin Park and Jinsha Site Museum. You can add more fun and leisure experience into your trip, like enjoy a cup of tea in local traditional tea house and watch Sichuan opera in Shufengyayun Opera House. It’s better to spend 2 to 3 days in Chengdu. Based in China, China Discovery guarantees you the local way to explore authentic Chengdu.

To travel out of Chengdu, you can take side trips to the World Heritage Sites - Leshan Giant Buddha & Mount Emei for 2 days, Dujiangyan & Mount Qingcheng for 1-2 days, Jiuzhaigou Valley & Huanglong Valley for 3 days. You can feel free to contact our professional travel consultants to customize your own itineraries which would perfectly suit for your likes and requirements.

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Travel Chengdu with China Discovery

Want to travel in and around Chengdu and don't know how to arrange your day by day itinerary? In every city, our professional local guide and driver will escort you from your hotel, train station, airport to all attractions with comfortable private car with speed and convenience and let you catch the highlights of every site and city, so you can get really relaxed on the way and focus on what you are interested. The tour can be tailor made according to your plan, time and interests and demands. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your needs, and we will customize a memorable tour for you!

Chengdu Attractions

Chengdu Attractions

Recommended Chengdu Tours

Top 3 Chengdu tours chosen by most customers to explore Chengdu in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Xiling Snow Mountain

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Chubby Giant Panda at Chengdu Panda Base

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