Overview of Renmin Park

Located at Shangcheng Road in the city center of Chengdu City, Chengdu Renmin Park is a comprehensive park which combines local culture and entertainment into together. Covering an area of 112639m2, Renmin Park was first built in 1911. It was first called Shaocheng Park, for back to the old day, Chengdu was divided into two parts – Dacheng and Shaocheng, and the park is located in Shaocheng district, so it’s also called Shaocheng Park. Renmin Park is the first park in Chengdu, and at present, it’s the relaxing place for locals. Once in the sunny day, you will see lots of local people sitting under the green shade, ordering a cup of green tea and having small talks, or just reading books or playing Mahjong with friends. Many locals, especially seniors will hold all kinds of activities in the park, like dancing, singing or playing chess. Renmin Park is not a tourist attraction, but an epitome for the local life.

Renmin Park’s Highlights

Delicate Scenery

As a green park in the city center, Renmin Park has very delicate natural sceneries. The 355m Jinshui Stream has the most beautiful serene water scene, with cobblestone paved at the river base and the road next to the stream. Artificial hill at the eastern gate of the park is a 43m wide and 12m high rock waterfall. Orchid Garden has over 1200 pots and it’s the largest one in Chengdu city center. Bonsai Garden has over 200 bonsais, which are the best chance to experience to Chinese bonsai art. The artificial lake in the park covers an area of 1.5 hectares, and tourists can rent a little boat to appreciate the beautiful scenery on the lake. It’s really hard to find such a place with so much green in the city center, so Renmin Park is more precious when this fact crosses over your mind.

Flower Show

One of the attracting parts of Renmin Park is the various flower shows. Chrysanthemum show in autumn is the most popular flower show. Chrysanthemum is one of the top 10 famous flowers in China, and it has been planted in China for over 3000 years. Chengdu is one the cultivation center for chrysanthemum. Normally, the chrysanthemum show will start from the end of October and end the end of November. It’s a kind of flower feast in Chengdu. Besides the chrysanthemum show, Renmin Park will also hold lotus flower show in summer. Appreciate the stunning lotus flower in summer breeze, what’s more relaxing? Spring is also a good time to see flower show. Most flowers will blossom in spring, and to welcome the spring, Renmin Park will often hold spring flower show and tourists can enjoy the warm sunshine with the colorful flowers in the park.

Drink Tea Like the Locals

In fact, for most tourists (including domestic tourists), a must-do in Renmin Park is ordering a cup of tea and spend one afternoon in the park, just have peaceful time of doing nothing but relaxing. This is the perfect place to experience the local life of Chengdu people, and until you spend some time in here, you’ll understand why Chengdu is called the “Land of Ease”. There are many tea houses in the park, and you only need to spend ¥10 to enjoy a cup of green tea. Among all the tea houses, Heming Tea House is the most famous one. Heming Tea House is the best-preserved and largest tea house in the park, and it has a history nearly a hundred year. Besides drinking tea, you can also play Mahjong and enjoy traditional Ear Treatment. The tea house will also serve famous snacks of Chengdu to customers, like Zhong Dumpling and House Special Pancake.

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Gingko Scenery Gingko Scenery
Chrysanthemum Show Chrysanthemum Show
Chrysanthemum Show Chrysanthemum Show
Drinking Tea Drinking Tea

Location & Transportation

Renmin Park is located at the city center and it’s very convenient to get there. In Chengdu City, tourists can take subway line 2 and get off at the Renmin’s Park stop; for public bus, it can be reached by bus No.5, No.13, No.43, No.47, No.53, No.58, No.62, No.64, No.78, No.78 and No.905. From Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, it’s about 19km to Renmin Park and this will take about 50 minutes’ drive to get there. While from Chengdu North Railway Station, Chengdu East Railway Station and Chengdu South Railway Station, tourists can take subway to get Renmin Park, and it’s very convenient.

Distance to other attractions:
Jinli Old Street: 1.5km
Wuhou Memorial Temple: 1.6km
Chengdu Panda Base: 12km

Map of Renmin Park Click to Enlarge the Map of Renmin Park


1. Ticket

Renmin Park is free to pubic in most time, however, sometimes, the park will require an entrance fee when there are large-scale flower shows or when there is a major festival. During the flower show, the entrance ticket is ¥12/person; during a major festival, the entrance ticket is ¥8/person.

2. Best Time to Go

You can visit Renmin Park all year around. However, if you love flowers, then it’s best to visit the park when it holds flower show. Major flower shows will be hold in spring, summer and autumn. The temperature during these seasons is also comfortable. Though Chengdu’s summer may be a little bit hot, however, you will find a cool place in the park.

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