Chengdu Suburb Biking Experience

Biking is a great way of exercise & travel which give you heaps of freedom and makes you fully enjoy the beauty of experiencing. Simple and eco-friendly, one bicycle and one knapsack are enough for you to start your trip. Passing by flat roads and crossing fields and gardens, you can feel the pleasure of travel and enjoy the exotic view in the countryside.

Thanks to the plain land of Chengdu, several greenways with nice biking atmosphere and perfect biking tracks were built in suburb and Chengdu also developed into one of the cities with most population of cyclists. Here we selected Three Most Popular Greenways in Chengdu which are most comfortable and safe for cycling.

Top 1: Wenjiang Garden City Greenway – the Most Beautiful Greenway

Location: in Wenjiang District and 20 km west to Chengdu downtown

Length: 67 km

Rental Price 10 RMB/ hour but no more than 40 RMB for one day & 300 ~ 500 RMB as guarantee deposit according to bike condition

Advisable Biking Time: half a day

Optional Activities: Tasting local food in farmhouse, DIY barbecue and picking strawberries

Scenic Spots Nearby: Guosetianxiang Theme Park, Floraland, Youqing Folwers & Woods Base, Yufu Hot Spring etc.

Wenjiang Garden City Greenway in western suburb of Chengdu is a famous eco-green pastoral bicycle-riding ring road which runs through the pastoral area of Wenjiang District. It is regarded as the most beautiful greenway in Chengdu suburb which connects many spectacular scenic spots. The most roads are smoothly paved and painted in green. On the left side flows rippling water and on the right side are grown thick green trees against with the bright road. The road stretches out to the small bridge, lushes forest and vegetable fields. Riding on, you can feast your eyes on fresh rape flowers, lofty arbors and wild shrubs, and satisfy your ears with bubbling stream and birds’ euphonic chirps at the same time. In short, the scene is pastoral and simply amazing to be hold.

Chengdu Biking Greenway
Chengdu Biking Greenways
Chengdu Biking Greenways

Top 2: Jinjiang 198 LOHAS Greenway – the First Large-scale Greenway in Urban Zone

Location: in Jinjiang District, just outside of 3rd Ring Road

Routes: First section (from Jinjiang Street to Dougou River) – 6.7 km
Second section (from Xingfu Plum Woods to Gaowei Forest Park) – 6.5 km
Third section (outboard belt freeway, through Lotus Pond in Moonlight and Chengjia Yan section, tentatively) – 9.1 km

Rental Price 20 RMB/h & 300 RMB as guarantee deposit

Advisable Biking Time: An half day

Scenic Spots Nearby: LOHAS Greenway Exhibition Hall, HOHAS square, Golden Port Circuit, Xingfu Plum Woods, Jiang’s Kaleyard, Dongli Chrysanthemum Garden etc.

With “internationalization, ecologicalization, humanization and standardization” as a guiding concept, Jinjiang 198 HOHAS Green way was constructed to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in east suburb of Chengdu. The colorful bituminous pavement is lined with silver birches, ginkgoes and triangle plums. In addition, the small wooden or stone bridges, streams, grassland, and other unknown flowers and trees are scattered everywhere, in the meanwhile various birds and insects fly around. Speed your pedal, you will feel the gentle breeze carrying out the soil and grass smell and touch your face. Physical exercise must make temperament cultivation in such a peaceful environment. For the convenience of international friends, all the road signs are described in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean, so never worry about getting lost.

Chengdu Biking Greenways
Chengdu Biking Greenways
Chengdu Biking Greenways

Top 3: Pixian Shaxi Greenway - the Most Popular Cycling track

Location: Youai Town, Pixian County, 45 km from Chengdu downtown

Routes & Scenic Spots: First section (Bonsai tree Base – Shuguo Dujuan – Yunling Hua Xiang – Ebony Museum – Luyeyuan Stone Inscription Museum ) – 13 km
Second section (Yangxiong Square Stage – Pixian Youai Nongke County – Jiang’an Riverside Green Corrdor) – 13 km

Rental Price: Free but 300 RMB as guarantee deposit.

Advisable Biking Time: An half day

Built around a small village, Shaxi Greenway in western Chengdu is a real country road. Cycling through the Pixian countryside is like journeying into the past, where you can appreciate scenes of rural life untouched by Chengdu's progressive development. Breathing the fresh air and viewing the natural countryside sightseeing are both really enjoyable. The rolling golden wheat fields, flamboyant maples, pure irises, and pink magnolias become a pretty picture scroll unfolded before your eyes. The first section is full of flowers, bonsai trees and cultural relics while the second section is built by Jiang’an River which is one part of Dujiangyan Irrigation System and this section features in rivers scenery and farmlands view. There are several chairs and humble tea house equipment for you to take a rest and replenish your energy.

Chengdu Biking Greenways
Chengdu Biking Greenways

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