Xiling Snow Mountain Maps: Location & Tourist Attractions on Map

Sichuan is such a large and diverse province offering almost everything tourists dreaming for, from adorable pandas, amazing UNESCO World Heritages, mysterious cultures, outstanding Sichuan Cuisine to breathtaking mountains, parks and valleys. Xiling Snow Mountain, the paradise for skiing and other snow sports, is also one of the notable treasures Sichuan provides.

In this Xiling Snow Mountain Map Guide, we will show you a list of useful English maps to help you better plan a Xiling Snow Mountain tour, including its location maps, tourist attraction maps, transportation maps, etc.

Xiling Snow Mountain Location Maps - Where is Xiling on Map?

Xiling Snow Mountain is situated in Dayi County of Sichuan Province in southwestern China, about 110km west from Chengdu downtown, which needs 2.5 hours by car. Besides, though Xiling Snow Mountain is not on the Western Sichuan Small Tourist Loop, it is only 2.5 hours far from Dujiangyan by car.

Check the location of Xiling Snow Mountain on the China Map, Sichuan Map and Western Sichuan Map to know more detailed information here.

Xiling Snow Mountain Tourist Map - Skiing & Hiking

Xiling Snow Mountain is a large tourist area settled on the slopes of mountains west of Chengdu. Here, you will find many hiking trails and a great skiing area for playing interesting skiing, snow cubing, bounce-flying… Once you trek up the mountain tops, you will also be awarded with splendid sea of clouds dotted with “snow trees” in different shapes. Sightseeing buses and cableways have well connected the mountain bottom with the top.

You can check the Xiling Snow Mountain Tourist Map below to better navigate Xiling Snow Mountain. Attractions, hiking trails, cableways and sightseeing bus roads have all be well-shown on the map.

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Xiling Snow Mountain Transportation Map - Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain

Chengdu, the capital city and transportation center of Sichuan province and also hometown for adorable pandas, is a hot-chosen landing site for visitors going to explore Sichuan. Frequent air routes and high speed railways have well-connected Chengdu and almost all the tourist city in China. Tourists are also allowed to get to Chengdu by international flights from Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. Besides, since the close distance between Xiling Snow Mountain and Chengdu downtown, tourists usually get to Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu by bus or private car. The bus or car ride trip takes only 2.5 hours around.

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The following Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain Map will give you a glimpse of how to get from Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain.

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How to Plan a Xiling Snow Mountain Tour

Most visitors spend 2-3 days is to enjoy the snow sceneries and sports on ice and snow at Xiling Snow Mountain in Winter. Since Xiling is only about 2.5 hours driving distance from Chengdu that offers convenient flights and bullet trains from other destinations, most people start from Chengdu. Besides, you are also recommended to spend another 1-2 days like many other visitors to have classic discovery of Chengdu to see giant pandas closely and enjoy all top Chengdu highlights and food.

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And if you have a longer vacation after your Xiling Snow Mountain discovery, you can also extend to see Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei, and Jiuzhai Valley, which would cover another 3-6 days! If you have any idea of more interested destinations to travel with Xiling Snow Mountain together, please feel free to tell us and our experienced travel expert will help you to plan you coming tour with sincerity!

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Xiling Snow Mountain Xiling Snow Mountain
Giant Panda Volunteer Giant Panda Volunteer Experience at Dujiangyan, Chengdu

Travel Xiling Snow Mountain with China Discovery

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Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing Exciting Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing

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