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Why Visit Xiling Snow Mountain

With white snow covered all seasons, Xiling Snow Mountain is advantageous in sightseeing conditions. There is no wonder that the famous poet Du Fu has described the beautiful scene in his poem as “Snow accumulated through thousands years on the west snow mountain could be viewed within a glance from my window. Ships from the Eastern-Wu State of miles away are anchoring at the dock outside the house”. So this west mountain is called Xiliing (the west mountain) Snow Mountain. Due to the altitude of 5,364m, highest in Chengdu area, Xiling Snow Mountain is abundant in resources and is listed as the World Natural Heritage Site as the National AAAA Scenic Spot. So you can see red maple leaves and appreciate the amazing natural scenery like light of Buddha, sunrise, sea of clouds, etc. Besides, as the largest alpine ski resort in South China, Xiling Snow Mountain provides over 20 activities in ski field for visitors to completely enjoy the excitement of ski sports. Beyond count, Xiling Snow Mountain is really a treasure to explore her charm.

Most Popular Xiling Snow Mountain Tour Packages:

>> 2 Days Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Tour

>> 5 Days Chengdu & Xiling Snow Mountain Winter Tour

Have Fun with Sports on Ice and Snow at Xiling Snow Mountain

Constructed on the hillside of the rare part of Xiling Snow Mountain, 2100-2800 meters above the sea, the Ski Resort of about 7 square kilometers wide is covered with snowfall from December to the next March. It has a snow depth of 50-80 cm and the average temperature in winter is 2 degrees below zero (15 degrees below zero at the lowest).

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort reputed as the largest alpine ski resort in South China has natural endowment as well as mature equipment and facilities for ski sports. With 2000 sets of world famous skiing equipment and 10 skiing runs of international standard for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers, 35 snow motors imported from Europe, 500 thousand square meters of mountain lawn, you can enjoy all the over 20 skiing sport events to get lost in the silver paradise.


Try the Skiing that needs power, courage and skill to get the incomparable feeling of success, conquer and excitement.


The Zorb introduced from New Zealand makes you lose yourself between the feel of overweight and weightlessness.

Snow Cubing

It is suitable for all ages especially a family, and you can enjoy the team spirit when flouting down.

Motors on Snowfield

You want to experience the breathtaking moment of riding a motor flying? This event is right designed for you challengers. 35 snow motors from Canada and Japan, 3 annular driveways of 2000 meters long and 8 meters wide give you the pleasant excitement of driving as lightning.

The Bounce-flying

It is really worth to experience, because you will feel strong heartbeat after it makes you rise and fall between the sky and the ground rapidly.

Moreover, you can try other interesting activities like, Assault Boat on Snowfield, Snakelike Sledge, Cross-country car, Grass Skiing, Mountain Bike, Hot Balloon, Archery, Dog Sledding, etc. to enjoy the happy moment with friends and family here in Xiling Snow Mountain.

Tips: after your visit to Xiling Snow Mountain, it is recommended to go to the nearby Huashuiwan Spring Resort to enjoy the hot spring that is great to release your body and very good for both your health and skin.

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort People Playing Happily at Xiling Snow Mountain
Xiling Snow Mountain- Skiing Exciting Skiing
Xiling Snow Mountain- Motor in Snowfield Enjoy Motor in Snowfield at Xiling Snow Mountain

Appreciate Best Sceneries at Xiling Snow Mountain

There are many highlights here in Xiling Snow Mountain, such as the Panda Forest, Yin-Yang Boundary, Sun and Moon Platform, Maple Leaves, overlook of Xiling Main Peak, etc. so you can enjoy its various beauties along the way up to the peak.

Panda Forest

With vast forest and comfortable climate, Xiling Snow Mountain is a natural shelter for the giant pandas. They live here in great leisure, eating bamboo, playing together, sleeping enjoyably, etc. However, for the protection of them, it is very hard to see this group of babies along the way.

Yin-Yang Boundary

This place provided the perfect feast for your eyes. The jagged peak is both a watershed and the boundary of different climates. The cold and dry plateau climate meets the warm and wet basin climate at the peak, forming the world’s unique weather. You will be surprised when seeing the bright blue sky on one side of the peak and mysterious clouds world on the other side, which is like the picture of Yin-Yang Taiji.

Sun and Moon Platform

This fairyland is really worth seeing for all sorts of peculiar natural sceneries. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular rolling sea of clouds, glorious light of Buddha, glowing images of sunrise, colorful lights of rainbow, bright moon like within a short distance, and miraculous lights among forest, etc. Visiting the appealing view in Xiling Snow Mountain, you will feel like roaming in a fairyland.

Overlook of Xiling Main Peak

Standing at the highest place of the scenic spot, Hongshijian of 3312 meters above the sea, which is the closest place to the main peak, Daxuetang, you can enjoy the significant view of the white snow spreading for hundreds of miles on Xiling Snow Mountain shining below the sun and have a bird view of the Chengdu Plateau.

Maple Leaves

Xiling Snow Mountain is a fertile land for maples and other plants, so after the rainy seasons, you can appreciate about 100 square kilometers of maple leaves of red and golden, like a pretty oil painting.

Xiling Snow Mountain - Sea of Clouds Xiling Snow Mountain Sea of Clouds
Xiling Snow Mountain- Azalea Flowers Xiling Snow Mountain Spring Azaleas
Xiling Snow Mountain- Maple Leaves Xiling Snow Mountain Maple Leaves in Autumn

Recommended Route to Visit Xiling Snow Mountain

1 Day Essence Route:

Entrance - Take Yuanyang Cableway - Ferry Bus to Xiling Ski Resort (have fun with skiing, and more interesting snow entertainment) - Return the same way - Exit.

2 Days Classic Route

Day 1: Entrance - Take Yuanyang Cableway - Ferry Bus to Xiling Ski Resort (have fun with skiing, and more interesting snow entertainment) - Stay at Xiling Mountain;

Day 2: Take Riyueping Cableway - Hike to Yin-Yang Boundary (enjoy the distinct wonderful sceneries at two sides) - Return the same way - Exit.

Recommended Xiling Snow Mountain Tour:

>> 2 Days Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Tour

>> 5 Days Chengdu & Xiling Snow Mountain Winter Tour

Xiling Snow Mountain - Tourist Map Click to Enlarge the Xiling Snow Mountain Location & Transportation Map

How to Go to Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County, with only about 110 kilometers west from Chengdu downtown, which needs only about 2.5 hours to get there by car. so far, travelers need to get to Chengdu first by flights or bullet trains from most destinations in China with speed and comfort, and then transfer to Xiling Snow Mountain by car, bus, etc.

Travel with China Discovery (Top Recommended):

Visitors are highly recommended to go to Xiling Snow Mountain with our comfortable licensed private car to reach the scenic area directly. Based in Chengdu, we China Discovery offer local English speaking guide and professional driver who will accompany you and take care of you through all the way, so you can pay all your attention on the highlights instead of looking for the way and hard communication of locals. If you need the private transfer service, please contact us directly for help!

Go to Xiling Snow Mountain By Bus from Chengdu:

Independent travelers can go to Xiling Snow Mountain by direct bus from Chengdu City. Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station and Chadianzi Bus Station have a few direct buses to Xiling Snow Mountain. And it usually takes about 2.5 hours.

Xiling Snow Mountain Map Click to Enlarge the Xiling Snow Mountain Location & Transportation Map

Xiling Snow Mountain Tickets & Fees

Entrance Fee:

Xiling Ski Resort: CNY 120/person

Dafeishui Scenic Spot: CNY 30/person

Cable Car:

Yuanyangchi (Mandarin Duck Pond): CNY 120/person (double way); CNY 70/person (single way)

Sun and Moon Platform: CNY 120/person (double way); CNY 70/person (single way)

Insurance Cost:

Scenic Area Insurance Cost: CNY 3/person

Sport Events:

Skiing: CNY 160/person/hour

Motor in Snowfield: CNY 100/ adult/10 min; CNY 60/child/10 min

JEEP Cross-country Car: CNY 100/person/round

Other sport events: CNY 20-50/person

Note: The above fees are for your reference only, please contact our Travel Consultant for the updated and detail information.

Take cable car from Ski Resort to Riyueping Xiling Snow Mountain Cable Car

Xiling Snow Mountain Weather & Best Time to Visit

Xiling Snow Mountain has nice weather all year round, with no too hot Summer or too cold Winter. The hottest month is usually July with an average temperature around 23°C, while in Winter, the temperature is usually around -6-7°C, not too cold but still very great for snow and ice fun. All seasons are very suitable to go to Xiling Snow Mountain. But Winter is best to enjoy the snow activities.

In Winter (late November - late March): all sports on ice and snow are available at Xiling Ski Resort to have fun with your family and friends. It is also wonderful to appreciate the pure white snow world like a fairyland.

In Spring (April - June): tens of miles of more than 30 sorts of azaleas are in full blossom, and sunrise is very charming.

In Autumn (September - November): maple leaves in red, orange, and golden cover the full mountain like a beautiful oil painting.

In Summer (July - September): This is a good time for camping and avoiding summer heat, besides, the Summer Escape Tourism Festival provides lots of activities for different fun. Sunrise, sea of clouds, and azalea flowers are also impressive sceneries at Xiling Snow Mountain in Summer.

Check more about Xiling Snow Mountain Weather & Best Time to Visit >>

Xiling Snow Mountain Xiling Snow Mountain in Winter

Accommodations in Xiling Snow Mountain

There are many hotels from luxury to economy offered at Xiling Snow Mountain for you to relax after the tired tour:


Scandic Resort Hotel has SPA, butler service and luxurious room with water bed.


Yinxue Hotel is full equipped with standard appliances and has nice environment


The Mountain Resort Hotel contains springs and is equipped with full floor heating system. Other clean and comfortable hotels like, Dujuan Hotel, Sunshine Hotel, Maple Leaf Hotel, and Snowflake Hotel are also good choices.

Useful Tips to Visit Xiling Snow Mountain

1. Since the temperature in Xiling Snow Mountain is very low in winter, it is recommended to take enough clothes like down jackets, thick trousers, sweaters, scarves, hats and a pair of gloves of flexibility to keep warm.

2. Wear sunglasses to protect from the UV in any season, and also snowblindness in Winter. Sunblock is also suggested at any time for your skin care.

3. Prepare rain gear, particularly in summer, for the various change of weather. And wear comfortable shoes that are antiskid.

4. Keep your camera from cold and put it rapidly into the bag after photography.

5. Hongshijian (Red Rock Peak) is the viewing deck closest to Daxuetang that is the main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain. In clear days, from Hongshijian, you can appreciate the hundred miles of snow mountains in the west and the vast Chengdu Pain in the east.

6. Take some drinking water because there is no drinking water sold at the top mountain area.

Xiling Snow Mountain - Yuanyangchi Xiling Snow Mountain Yuanyangchi

How to Plan a Xiling Snow Mountain Tour

Most visitors spend 2-3 days is to enjoy the snow sceneries and sports on ice and snow at Xiling Snow Mountain in Winter. Since Xiling is only about 2.5 hours driving distance from Chengdu that offers convenient flights and bullet trains from other destinations, most people start from Chengdu. Besides, you are also recommended to spend another 1-2 days like many other visitors to have classic discovery of Chengdu to see giant pandas closely and enjoy all top Chengdu highlights and food.

Recommended Xiling Snow Mountain Tour Packages:

>> 2 Days Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Tour

>> 5 Days Chengdu & Xiling Snow Mountain Winter Tour

Recommended Chengdu Tour Packages:

>> 2 Days Classic Chengdu Tour (Hotel/Flight/Train Pickup)

>> 3 Days Chengdu Highlights Tour plus Leshan Giant Buddha

And if you have a longer vacation after your Xiling Snow Mountain discovery, you can also extend to see Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei, and Jiuzhai Valley, which would cover another 3-6 days! If you have any idea of more interested destinations to travel with Xiling Snow Mountain together, please feel free to tell us and our experienced travel expert will help you to plan you coming tour with sincerity!

Recommended Tour Packages to Leshan, Emei & Jiuzhai Valley:

>> 4 Days Classic Leshan Giant Buddha & Mount Emei Tour from Chengdu

>> 6 Days Leshan, Mount Emei & Panda Volunteer Tour

>> 5 Days Classic Chengdu & Jiuzhaigou Tour

>> 7 Days Sichuan Discovery Tour

Travel to Xiling Snow Mountain with China Discovery

To help you enjoy a worry-free holiday to Xiling Snow Mountain, we highly recommend you travel with us China Discovery who is a local travel agency headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan and is professional about the local condition of Xiling Snow Mountain and the whole Sichuan. Our local experienced drivers will escort you to Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu or other places with comfortable car directly with speed and safety. And our English-speaking tour guide will accompany you all the way, showing you the best travelling route and introduce all highlights of Xiling Snow Mountain, so you can focus all your attention on the highlights. The tour can be tailor-made according to your group size, time, physical condition, plan, interest, budget and every special need. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help!

Xiling Snow Mountain Xiling Snow Mountain
Giant Panda Volunteer Giant Panda Volunteer Experience at Dujiangyan, Chengdu
Jiuzhai Valley Jiuzhai Valley

Recommended Tours

Top 3 tours chosen by most customers to explore in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Xiling Snow Mountain
2 Days Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Tour

Chengdu / Xiling Snow Mountain / Chengdu

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5 Days Chengdu & Xiling Snow Mountain Winter Tour

Chengdu / Xiling Snow Mountain / Huashuiwan / Chengdu

Heming Mountain
5 Days Best Chengdu, Dayi, Xiling Snow Mountain Tour

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Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Once enquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours.

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