Brief Impression about Shunan Bamboo Forest

Located in South Sichuan, the Shunan Bamboo Forest is a green paradise with most area covered by buzzed bamboos. Scenes of famed Chinese movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (卧虎藏龙) and the first scene shown at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were shot here. As a cultural landscape and virgin bamboo forest park, the Bamboo Forest is listed in National Scenic Spots, China’s Biosphere Reserve, First National 4A Scenic Spots and Top 10 Featured Scenic Spots. It also named one of Top 10 Beautiful Forest by National Geography. Shunan Bamboo Forest also attracts large amounts of visitors for its pure and fresh air and high negative oxygen ions content.


There are eight main scenic areas and two subordinate scenic areas in the Shunan Bamboo Forest, which include 134 attractions. Incorporating magnificence, peril, peacefulness, steepness and elegance, the beauty of Shunan Bamboo Forest is embodied in Emperor Temple, Tianbao village, Xianyu Cavity etc. which are praised as Top 10 attractions in Bamboo Forest.

Bamboo Forest Museum

Aimed to trace national culture of millennium and show essence of bamboos of ten thousand years, Shunan Bamboo Forest involves protecting, exhibiting, researching and educating. It is equipped with six exhibition halls, one bamboo garden and one Bamboo Handicrafts workshop and shows the photos of charming bamboo forest, rich bamboo resources and brilliant bamboo culture. Sat by Moxi River, Main architectures of Shunan Bamboo Forest are in southern Sichuan style with well-proportioned pavilions, corridors and towers.

Wangyou Valley

With an altitude of 600 m, Wangyou Valley (Valley of forgetting worries) has a journey about 2.5 km. Passing through the bamboos-made front gate, red sandstone roads and brook flickering in various lush bamboos come into your sights. On the left hand side of the main road is a bamboo corridor where all sorts of handicrafts such as bamboo chopsticks, bamboo cars, bamboo chairs etc. are for sale. Walking along with the stream, the thick bamboos, bubbling brooks and splendid waterfall make you hesitate to leave.

Guanyun Pavilion

Guanyun Pavilion is an excellent place for viewing cloud, from which you are able to have a great sight of meandering river, crisscross footpaths between fields, and partly hidden and partly visible village houses among the bamboos. At a longer distance is the transition region from Sichuan Basin to Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Two rolling hills stretches to east and west like two abreast dragons safeguarding the Shunan Bamboo Forest.

Emerald Corridor

Bamboo Corridor is the most picturesque palace to take some great photos. The road is paved with natural red sandstone which is shining with a subdued pinkish hue like light morning clouds. Two lined dense old bamboos and new shoots blot out the sky, leaving the red-carpet road merged with green-screen bamboo forming stunning Emerald Corridor in Shunan Bamboo Forest.

Sea in the Sea

On the left side of the road from Emerald Corridor to Xianyu Cave Scenic Area lies an artificial lake, covering an area of 60 mu. A small island divides the lake into two parts. That lake is called Sea in the Sea because it’s a little sea in the Shunan Bamboo Sea. There are tea houses, restaurants and small inns scarred in the bank of the Lake. Staying one night here must be a wonderful experience.

Xianyu Cave

Xianyu Cave is honored as Pearl in Bamboo Forest for its natural landscape and humanistic landscape. It is located in a primitive grotto originally and only one steep and hard path leads here. Though it used to be a prosperous site for both Taoism and Buddhism, now all the pavilions no longer exist except several Buddhist statues. Luxuriant bamboo Forest stands above the cave while bamboo sea gorge under the cave. Besides, there are one temple and one torreon with 15 columbarium in Xianyu Cave. In 1900, it was designated as Sichuan Province Key Cultural Relic Protection Zone.

Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall is also called Come-down Stage. Tinkling spring makes a foaming waterfall when it flows through the fluctuating place of hills, which really enlivens the deep and serene bamboo forest. Among the waterfall of varied shapes, the most splendid one is Rainbow Waterfall. Rainbow Rainfall from Hulu Gorge is fell into 4 grades in Huilong Bridge with a drop of 200 meter. Blue sky and verdant bamboos are reflected in the still lake which maps with floating waterfall

Qinglong Lake

Qinglong Lake mainly based on a large-scale water area and historic sites. Situated on the foot of Chaqi Mountain, Qinglong Lake is the largest lake in the Shunan Bamboo Forest, the size of which is 3 square kilometers. Getting a bamboo raft across Qinglong Lake, moving via hand-pulled rope by boatman is regarded the overall highlight. Alternatively, sitting by the lake and taking a sip of local wine also makes you feel lots of fun.

Shunan Bamboo Forest Location Map Shunan Bamboo Forest Map
Wangyou Valley in Shunan Bamboo Forest.jpg Wangyou Valley
Guanyun Pavilion in Shunan Bamboo Forest.jpg Sightseeing from Guanyun Pavilion
Shunan Bamboo Forest Great View of Sea in Sea
Xianyu Cave in Shunan Bamboo Sea.jpg Xianyu Cave
Rainbow Waterfall in Shunan Bamboo Forest.jpg Rainbow Waterfall

Recommended Route

It is suggested that you start your trip from Bamboo Forest Museum to Wangyou Valley. After viewing the amazing scenery in Wangyou Valley, turn to Emerald Corridor to feel that lots of greenery that blends well with red elegant path. Don’t miss Guanhai Tower, Mo Brook and Sea in the Sea after Emerald Corridor. Xiannv Lake, Xianyu Cave, Tianbo Village are your next destinations to feast the natural landscape as well as cultural site. Then you can go to Qicai Lake and Longyin Temple. After that, go to rainbow waterfall, the biggest and most beautiful waterfall. The last must-do for you is rafting on Qinglong Lake to relax yourself.

Attraction around Shunan Bamboo Forest

Xingwen Stone Forest, located in Xinwen County in Yibin and 60 km away from the Shunan Bamboo Forest, is a National Scenic Area and World Geographic Park with a karst landform. Xingwen Stone Forest different from other karst landform in its long-stretched stone forest, hundreds of natural karst caves and naturally formed pits which three are known as three wonders.

Historically, Xingwen was the hometown of Bo people (僰人), the disappeared race thousands years ago. Nowadays, Xingwen Stone Forest still preserves historical relics and sites described as Bo’s civilization.

Xingwen Stone Sea Xingwen Stone Forest

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Transfer to Shunan Bamboo Forest

From Chengdu: There are buses to Shunan Bamboo Forest in Chadianzi Station and Xinnanmen Station. Five hours are needed which covers about 330 km.

From Chongqing: Shunan Bamboo Forest is about 230 km far away from Chongqing. However, there is no direct bus and you need to take a bus from Chongqing Bus Station to Yibin and then transfer to Shunan Bamboo Forest.

If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Shunan Bamboo Forest with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

Shunan Bamboo Forest Location Map Shunan Bamboo Forest Location Map

Warm Tips

  • Best Seasons: All seasons are available for visiting Shunan Bamboo Forest. In spring, the new shoots growing from the earth make the forest full of vigor and vitality. In summer, the young bamboos are extremely green and create a comfortably cool atmosphere. In autumn, yellow and red leaves against jade bamboos make a colorful picture. In winter, you can enjoy most waterfalls.
  • Internal Traffic: Shunan Bamboo Forest covers a rather large area with thousands of steps, so walking is not a most workable way. There are cable cars from which you can have an overall sight of whole bamboo forest. You need to spend 40 RMB for round trip and 30 RMB for one way. Another labor-saving way is renting a car which may cost 200 to 280 RMB one day. If you are a hiking lover, get a pair of sturdy shoes prepared.
  • What to eat: Whole Bamboo Feast shows local specialties include bamboo shoots, bamboo mushrooms, Bacon in bamboo forests, bamboo rice, bamboo tofu pudding etc. It may be said that no bamboo, no feast. Tableful bamboos must make you start drooling.
  • Hot Spring: There are several hot springs containing radon in Longtou Town. Many visitors come here not only to touch the hot spring culture but to experience original natural hot spring. Soaking in a pool of bubbling hot water will drive away all your fatigue from head to toe and really refresh your mind.
Whole Bamboo Feast in Shunan Bamboo Forest.jpg Whole Bamboo Feast
Hot Spring in Shunan Bamboo Forest Hot Spring

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Where to stay
Are there places to stay over night in the park?
2018-12-20 07:47
Dear Robert,

Thanks for your question. There are several hotels in the scenic area of Shunan Bamboo Forest for your choice. It is also available to camp there.

Wish you a nice trip!
Where is the bus station
I'm taking the bus from Chengdu to Shunan Bamboo Sea, where is the bus station located in the bamboo sea?
2018-10-09 02:55
Hi, Tami, thanks for your inquiry. We’re glad to offer help for your Sichuan tour. In Chengdu, there are totally 7 bus stations running buses to Yibin. The journey is about 5 hours. To save your time on transfer, we suggest you take through buses from Chengdu Bus Terminal (also called Wuguiqiao Bus Station 五桂桥汽车站), Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station (成都新南门车站) and Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station (成都茶店子车站) to Yibin Shunan Zhuhai Bus Station (宜宾蜀南竹海站), which located next to the Tourist Center and West Gate of the scenic area.
Wish you enjoy your trip to Shunan Bamboo Sea!
Am I allowed to camp in the forest for the night?
2018-03-21 16:52
Dear Michelle,

Thanks for your question. I'm glad to tell you that you can camp in Shunan Bamboo Forest. Because of the large amount of bamboos, the mosquitoes are rife in warm seasons, especially summer. Remember to take mozzie repellent with you.

Have a nice trip!
Ticket to bamboo sea
For how many days the ticket is valid?
2017-08-23 15:09
Dear Tatiana,

Thanks for your question. The ticket is 110RMB per person on busy-season (1st Jan. ~ 30th Nov.) and 60RMB on off-season (1st Dec. ~ 31st Dec.). Visiting time is not limited and the ticket keeps valid until you leave the scenic area.

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