Shanxi Accommodation: Recommended Hotels & Hostels

Shanxi is a landlocked province in the north of China. With many historic relics and stunning natural wonders, it is not a place that can be visited in one day. Strolling in the traditional Chinese style courtyard in Pingyao ancient city, meditating at the Buddhist holy site on Mount Wutai, visiting the historic relics of Yungang Grottoes and hanging temple in Datong, you can find various comfortable stays in these popular tourist cities like Pingyao, Datong, Wutaishan, as well as the capital city, Taiyuan.

Here, we have listed some accommodation choices in Pingyao, Datong, Taiyuan and Wutaishan, ranging from luxury 5-star hotels to cozy hostels. Almost all the hotels are located near tourist attractions with a very convenient transfer.

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Jing's Residence Jing's Residence

Pingyao Hotels

The main attractions in Pingyao are mostly located inside the ancient city. Many visitors would like to stay inside Pingyao ancient city for days to trace back the ancient memories of this northern Chinese land and slow down their life paces, staying in real ancient courtyards with nice modern amenities. If you are traveling with a large group of people or want to stay in a modernized hotel, you can also find your dwelling site easily outside the ancient city. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Pingyao

Jing's Residence ★★★★★
Jinxuan Hotel ★★★★★
Yide Hotel ★★★★★
Pingyao Hotel ★★★★
Dejuyuan Guesthouse ★★★★

Yunzhong Traditional Courtyard Yunzhong Traditional Courtyard

Datong Hotels

To better explore Datong city, you are recommended to spend at least one night here, and it is most recommended to stay in the downtown area as the living condition is better and it is also convenient to get to the attractions. There are also some hotel choices near Yungang Grottoes and the Hanging Temple, but most people will choose to get back to downtown after visiting. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Datong

Yunzhong Traditional Courtyard ★★★★★
Yungang Meigao Hotel ★★★★★
Datong Garden Hotel ★★★★
Datong Weidu International Hotel ★★★★
Datong Hotel ★★★★

Wutai Mountain Marriott Hotel Wutai Mountain Marriott Hotel

Wutaishan Hotels

For the beautiful natural scenery and profound Buddhist culture of Mount Wutai, it attracts numerous tourists and Buddhists, and many tourists will choose to stay at or around Wutai Mountain scenic area. The accommodation site and many temples are mainly in Taihuai Town, and there are three accommodation choices in Mount Wutai, namely comfortable three-star to five-star hotels, cosy and cost-effective homestays, temples with simple facilities.>>Learm More about Where to Stay in Mount Wutai

Wutai Mountain Marriott Hotel ★★★★
Mount Wutai Wufeng Hotel ★★★★
Jinxiu Mountain Villa ★★★★
Huahui Hotel ★★★★
Lingfeng Mountain Villa ★★★

Taiyuan Wanda Vista Hotel Taiyuan Wanda Vista Hotel

Taiyuan Hotels

As the capital of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan city offers various hotels and hostels from top luxury hotels to comfortable and budget ones. You are most advised to accommodate in downtown area (near Yingze Park), which offers more choices and quick access to the tourist attractions, airport, trains stations and shopping areas. You can also find a hotel near Jinci Temple if you want to spend more time there. >>Learm More about Where to Stay in Taiyuan

Taiyuan Wanda Vista Hotel ★★★★★
Shanxi Jinci Hotel ★★★★★
Shanxi World Trade Hotel ★★★★
Shanxi Grand Hotel ★★★★
Shanxi Hotel ★★★★

Recommended Shanxi Tours

Top 3 Shanxi tours chosen by most customers to explore Shanxi in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

Spectacular Scenery of Mount Wutai
6 Day Datong Pingyao Tour Plus Wutaishan Visit

Datong / Wutaishan / Taiyuan / Pingyao

Jinci Temple
3 Days Taiyuan Pingyao Brief Tour

Taiyuan / Pingyao

Datong Yungang Grottoes (Cave No. 20)
4 Days Essence of Datong & Pingyao Tour

Datong / Pingyao

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