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Why to Visit Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠塔), standing among the modern super-high rises in Lujiazui (陆家嘴) Area, is short for the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower that was opened in 1994 to serve the television emission of this city. However, this tower is a very hot tourist place since visitors can appreciate the panorama of the whole Shanghai city, play fun with various types of entertaining items, have an unforgettable experience standing on the transparent glass floor hundreds of meters high, and taste different cuisines, etc. Reputed as a National AAAAA Tourist Spot, Oriental Pearl Tower is a must-see place in a Shanghai tour.

What to Do in Oriental Pearl Tower

Since the Oriental Pearl Tower has the unique outstanding design and provides diverse items at different levels, tourists can play to the most in this tower, taste the high-standard food and have a wonderful experience on the river cruise to appreciate the especially fairy scene on the banks.

Experience Modern Flavor

There are many highlights places to enjoy the very modern feature of Shanghai in Oriental Pearl Tower. Choose your favorites here!

Space Capsule Sightseeing Floor (351m, upper sphere)

It is very amazing to explore the mystery of the universe and find your own constellation. And also, you get the chance to walk in the boundless universe with the “taikonaut”. While travelling in the vast universe and communicating with the “aliens”, you don’t have to doubt. Yes, you are right in the magic Space Capsule Sightseeing Floor on the 351m of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Sightseeing Floor (263m, upper sphere)

You want to get the full view of this metropolitan Shanghai? Probably this sightseeing floor on the 263m of the Oriental Pearl Tower is the best place. Standing there, you can see the grand view of both sides of Huangpu River, with the modern high buildings in the finance and trade zone as well as the attractive scene of constructions of multiple exotic styles. This is really a lifetime memory!

Transparent Observatory (259m, upper sphere)

This world unique observatory with full transparent glass floor is the best platform for challengers and bold visitors to fast their heartbeat. Take the elevator up to 259m, and then you can see the cars running under your feet. You can also admire the modern appearance of the whole city, but no need to worry, the glass floor is super solid that every square meter can bear a weight of over 2 tons. As a result, you could just enjoy every step full of excitement.

Game City (90 & 98m, lower sphere)

The Game City in Oriental Pearl Tower is the highest entertainment place worldwide. And since a great number of diverse entertaining items are offered here, you can take your time immersed in the crazy, exciting, satisfying games and screaming to release your pressure, moreover, the very lifelike scenes in the cinema area are quite wonderful.

Shanghai History Museum (base)

Located at the base of Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai History Museum provides you with hundreds of historic relics, scaling-down magnificent buildings, and more than 1,000 waxen images to show the authentic look of ancient Shanghai. You will not only see the real daily life of old Shanghai, but also have more knowledge of its developmental process.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower Discover the Mysterious Universe in the "Space Capsule"
Shanghai Panorama Appreciate the Panomara of Shanghai at 263 m High
Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai Stand on the Glass Floor on 259 m High and Look Down
Shanghai History Museum Shanghai History Museum - A Butcher's Shop in Old Shanghai

Taste Amazing Food

Oriental Pearl Tower is rich in restaurants with various types of food, so you can enjoy the fine food and the local culture with your family and friends leisurely.

Revolving Restaurant (267m, upper sphere)

A highlight of Oriental Pearl Tower is this Revolving Restaurant at 267m high. You can not only glad your taste bud with the most high-end cuisines from all over the world, but also appreciate the fancy view of Shanghai through the glass window, especially at night when the shining colorful lights like the twinkling stars in the sky. It is very interesting to feel the very gentle revolve of this restaurant which is about 2 hours per round.

Opening hour:

Lunch: 11:00 - 14:00; Dinner: 17:00 - 21:00

Oriental Pearl Tower Reviving Restaurant Reviving Restaurant (267 m High)

NO. 8 Old Shanghai Restaurant

This restaurant at the No. 8 gate is a great place to feel the nostalgic and quiet flavor of Shanghai. Taste the featured local dessert of old Shanghai on the very exquisite and fancy porcelain tableware, and see the elegant character of the 1920s, which has a great power to transfer you to the past and feel the real “Old Shanghai”.

What’s more, the Coca-Cola Bar filled with the theme of Coca-Cola, Shanghai Café with rich charm of cafes in old Shanghai, Chocoholic & Red Wine with the sweet smell of chocolates and red wine, the Flower Bar like a garden full of diverse blossoms, and so on are good places to both enjoy delicious dishes and feel the local culture as well.

Find Your Favorite Items

There is a series of places for you to find satisfying items to buy, like the OPT Souvenir where provides different kinds of special fashionable souvenirs that are designed with the elements of old and new Shanghai, you can find buy some items to keep this unforgettable memory. Besides, the Old Shanghai Street at the hall is a good place to search for the characteristic things ad food with old Shanghai flavor. Also, you can hang in the Shanghai Food Center to select the local specialties and in the Unique shop to buy some featured Chinese essence as the gifts for your friends and family.

Enjoy the River Cruise

Apart from having fun in the Oriental Pearl Tower, it is also very interesting to take a cruise at the edge of Lujiazui to appreciate the different view of this tower and other magnificent buildings on both side of Huangpu River (黄浦江), which is a treasurable experience. Particularly when the night comes, all the shining lights lit the city and water becomes colorful when the lights, moon and stars reflect onto it. Enjoy the tender wind blowing and watch the local people spending their time on the banks, and that is very wonderful.

There are three cruises of high standard for your choice, namely the “China”, the “Oriental Pearl” and the “No. 2 Oriental Pearl”. They are all full of luxury decoration, superior facilities, nice environment, nice services, delicious food and very good places for sightseeing, so you can completely be immersed in the charming scenery of Shanghai on either cruise for about 45 minutes.

Starting Time

Forenoon: 10:00; 11:00; 12:00

Afternoon: 14:00; 15:00; 16:00

Night: 19:00; 20:00 (excluding the Chinese Lunar Year Festival and other golden weeks)

Newly Operated: 17:00; 21:00 (peak season)

Huangpu River Cruise Take a Cruise to Enjoy the Fascinating Huangpu River
Huangpu River Cruise Enjoy the Beautiful View Huangpu River in the Day

Recommended Route to Visit Oriental Pearl Tower

Take the elevator up to the 351m to discover the mysterious universe and come down to the 263m to appreciate the panorama of the whole Shanghai. Then, go to the 259m to feel the fast heartbeat while standing on the transparent glass floor. Next, go to the 90 & 98m to play those interesting and exciting games. And come down at the base to see the historical development and old life of Shanghai. Then, you can stroll to find your satisfied souvenir and specialties. And after that, you can take a river cruise to admire the fascinating view on the both sides. (For about 2 hours)

Fee Information

ClassType of TicketContaining ItemPrice
Package:Sightseeing + CruiseUpper Sphere + Shanghai History Museum + Huangpu River Cruise220
SightseeingTicket ASpace Capsule Sightseeing Floor + Upper Sphere + Lower Sphere + Shanghai History Museum220
Ticket BUpper Sphere + Lower Sphere + Shanghai History Museum160
Ticket CUpper Sphere + Shanghai History Museum120
Ticket DShanghai History Museum35
Revolving RestaurantLunchSame with Ticket B298
DinnerSame with Ticket B328
CruiseThe “China”, The “Oriental Pearl”, The “NO. 2 Oriental Pearl”Stateroom120
First-class room100

The above information is for your reference only. Please contact our Travel Consultant for the updated details.

How to Get to Oriental Pearl Tower

Independent Travel

Since the Oriental Pearl Tower is at the downtown of Shanghai, it is very convenient to get there either by bus, by taxi, by subway or other ways.

By metro: Shanghai Metro Line 2, get off at Lujiazui Station and walk about 360m.

Travel with China Discovery (Top Recommended):

If you want to get rid of hustle of public transportation and troublesome navigation, you can book a private tour package which covers sightseeing, dining and transfer from us. Our local tour guide and driver will escort you to Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower with speed and convenience, and take care of all the details. You just need to focus on sightseeing.

Oriental Pearl Tower Map Click to Enlarge Location Maps of Oriental Pearl Tower

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[Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening now! Travel with China Discovery and learn about where to visit & requirements for each destination! Read Details >