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Xian Tourism

Xian Tourism Board - Updated Xian Tourist Information 2023/2024

Xian, once called Chang’an, served as the capital city of 13 ancient Dynasties and the eastern starting point of “Silk Road” in China. Now, Xian, the capital of Shaanxi Province, located in northwest China, is world-famous tourist destination of over 3,000 years’ history and with a mass of historical heritages. Undoubtedly, the magnificent Terracotta Warriors in the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum is what Xian most famous for and the No.1 must-visit site in Xian.

Except the clay army of Qin Dynasty, Xian has the most obvious cultural characteristics of Han and Tang Dynasties, two glorious periods in ancient China. So, traveling in Xian can be expected as an interesting trip tracing back to old times, learning traditional Chinese culture and history, witnessing ethnic amalgamation, ancient wisdom and art achievement. Rich cultural relics of profound history is the biggest charm of Xian but not the only. In Xian, travelers can also feel the modern atmosphere, taste various local food, make an adventure on Mount Huashan, try more unique experiences and transfer to next destinations, like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Luoyang, Dunhuang, etc.

Latest Travel News: 1) Xian has extended the 72-Hour Visa Free Transit Policy to 144 hours for air travelers who come from appointed 53 foreign countries, hold international travel document and enter via Xian Xianyang International Airport. Permitted visitors can stay in Xian and Xianyang without visa for up to 6 days. See the requirements and application in Xian 144-Hour Transit Visa Free Guide.

Brief Xian Travel Guide:

For the purpose of helping you better know Xian and planning a Xian trip well, we listed many useful travel guide information below, covering the top tourist attractions, featured local activities, available transportation, weather tips, useful travel maps, most popular Xian tours and China Xian travel packages, etc. China Discovery are reliable, experienced and professional travel companion who would like to fulfill your dream tour to Xian, arrange local tour guide, vehicle and all needed travel services for you. Contact us to enjoy a worry-free trip to Xian here!

Xian Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

For all first-time visitors, visiting the Terracotta Warriors in northeast suburb is the top thing to do in Xian. Apart from that, Xian has lots of cultural spots to explore in downtown, such as the Ancient City Wall, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and more. If time permits, extend trips to outskirts areas, to Mount Huashan to challenge yourself. Check All Top Things to Do in Xian!

Top 12 Attractions in Xian

Xian Attractions by Catagories

Terracotta Warriors - Top Must-See Attraction in Xian

The vivid life-size Terracotta Army, praised as “the Eighth Wonder of Ancient World”is buried near the mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang to protect him in his afterlife. Read introduction here to seize the culture background and highlights you can’t miss when visiting, and choose from our hot Terracotta Warriors to witness the majestic accomplishment.

Top 8 Interesting Activities to Experience in Xian

It’s strongly suggested to join in at least one local experience to make your Xian travel rich and interesting. In downtown area of Xian, you can try delicious cuisines, cycle around the Ancient City Wall, watch a Tang Dynasty Show, while nature lovers with good fitness can hike on Mount Huashan. Find more Popular Activities in Xian.

Xian Weather & Climate, Seasons & Best Time to Visit

Xian has a sub-humid continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and moderate rainfall. The air is relatively drier than southern cities.Generally, since Xian has many indoor historical sites, its’ suitable for travel throughout the year and each season has its irreplaceable beauty. Spring and cool autumn are the two best periods to visit Xian. Avoid the crowd during China’s Labor Day and National Day.

Xian Weather & Best Time for Travel

Xian Tourism & Travel Information
Xian Weather & Climate

Xian has an average temperature of 13°C / 55°F. Maximum temperature reaches over 35 °C / 95°F in July, and minimum temperature can go down to -10 °C / 14°F in winter. See more monthly temperature, humidity, AQI and rainfall here.

Xian Tourism & Travel Information
Best Time to Visit

Warm spring (March to May) and cool autumn (September to November) are two best seasons to travel to Xian, when the temperate is most pleasant, sky is clear and air is most fresh. Summer is too hot and snowy winter could be cold.

Xian Weather by Season

6 Important Xian Travel Information & Tips

Xian Tourism & Travel Information

How to Plan A Trip to Xian

Before travelling, read valuable guide and suggestions to better plan your Xian trip, such as choose a best time to go, the most convenient transportation of arrival, highlights landmarks to visit, nice places to stay.

Xian Tourism & Travel Information

How to Get to Xian

You can take flight abroad to get to Xian or transfer from gateway cities, Beijing and Shanghai to Xian. Taking flights and high speed trains are two most common transport to Xian. Buses are also available between some nearby cities.

Xian Tourism & Travel Information

Where to Stay in Xian

Xian has different standard hotels in different districts. Hotels near Muslim Quarter, Bell & Drum Tower is the most recommended area with the best location. Also, you can book hotels near Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Terracotta Warriors, Xian Airport or train station.

Xian Tourism & Travel Information

What to Eat in Xian

Tasting the different kinds of street food in Xian is another delight. Muslim Quarter is the best place to try them all. The most famous must-eat includes Roujiamo, Liangpi,  hand pulled noodles, dumplings, and so on.

Xian Tourism & Travel Information

8 Common Scams in Xian

Travelling abroad sometimes will meet tourist traps. Read the common scams in Xian to keep away from it and ensure you enjoy the whole trip, protect your pocket and good expectation of the trip.

Xian Tourism & Travel Information

Xian Travel FAQs & Tips

You can get a series of helpful travel advice and tips from our answers and advice, such as how many days is suggested to stay in Xian, how to transfer from airport to downtown, money exchange tips.

How to Get to & Around Xian

Xian is located in central south Shaanxi Province, northwest China. If you want to visit Terracotta Warriors, normally, you have to get to Xian first. Currently, you can fly to Xian from verseas connected cities, or transfer to Xian by flight, train or bus from cities in China. Fast and convenient high speed train journey is the most popular way to go. Visit How to Get to & Around Xian to get more detailed guide!

Take Flights & High Speed Bullet Trains to Xian

● Flights to Xian

Xian Xianyang International Airport is situated in the northwest suburb of Xian, about 30 minutes’driving (16km)to city center. You can take flights to Xian from Chiang Mai, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Kathmandu, etc., or from Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie, Kunming and more Chinese cities.

● High Speed Trains to Xian

Xian North Railway Station in north Xian is a primary high speed train station connecting Xian with Beijing (4.5~6hrs), Shanghai (6~7.5hrs), Chengdu (3~4 hrs), Huashan (0.5h), Luoyang (1.5h) and most major destinations in China.

Xian City Transportation

After arrival in Xian by air, train or bus, you can take public transportation (taxi, subway, city bus, airport shuttle bus, special tourist bus) and private drive from airport/train station to hotel or landmarks in downtown Xian, or go to suburb area.

-Private tour: China Discovery offers you worry-free private transfer services. Itinerary can be customized based on your schedule and requirements.(Most Recommended)

-Subway: It's very fast and convenient for independent travelers. There are 4 lines opened. Line 2 can take you from Xian North Station to Bell Tower in City Center and the Ancient City Wall (South Gate).

-Bus: It's cheapest but more suitable for tourists who have a good direction, know the city well and understand Chinese well.

-Taxi: Taking a local taxi is very convenient and flexible. Recommended for short-distance transfer.

-Cycling: You can ride bike around the Ancient City Wall, or use shared bike to travel among attractions in city center. Also, it fits for short sightseeing.

Get Around Xian City

Within Shaanxi Province, there are also some nice destinations around Xian worth a visit, such as the Mount Huashan (0.5 h by high speed train), Hukou Waterfall in Yan’an (4.5hrs’drive), the Famen Temple in Baoji (around 2hrs’drive). Private transfer direct to scenic spot is much convenient than public transportation with extra transfers (train, coach, bus).

Useful Xian Maps

In order to help you understand better and clearer before and during your trip in Xian, we collect different kinds of travel maps, including Xian Location Maps, Xian Transportation Maps, Xian Attraction Maps and detailed tourist map of Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall and top scenic spots in Xian. Click to read All Xian Maps.

Photo Galleries of Top Xian Attractions

Here is a large collection of beautiful pictures of Xian’s major attractions, each photo records a wonderful moment. Hope you get inspired for you trip to Xian. Sharing memory of your Xian tour is greatly appreciated as well. View more in Xian Photo Gallery!

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