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To help you better plan a Terracotta Warriors tour in Xian, China, China Discovery makes and lists different kinds of Terracotta Warriors maps. All are updated and very useful! Find inspirations for your trip to Xian Terracotta Warriors from our maps below, including the map of its location, main-used transportation, side trip routes, and tourist direction inside the museum.

Terracotta Warriors Location Maps

The Terracotta Warriors is located in Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum, Lintong District, east suburb of Xian City, Shaanxi Province, Northwest China. As an UNESCO World Cultural heritage, the Terracotta Army is the top spot in Xian, where was the starting point of “Silk Road” and ancient capital for past 13 dynasties.

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Terracotta Warriors Transportation Maps

To visit the Terracotta Warriors from cities in China or abroad, travelers need to get to Xian by flight or train first. After arrival, take additional transfer from airport or train station to the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horse in east suburb Xian. It takes about 1 hour by taxi or direct tourist bus, 2 to 3 hours by compound public vehicles. Considering cost of time and energy, traveling with China Discovery is the best choice, for you will enjoy worry-free and convenient pick-up services and personalized transfer during the whole trip. contact us >>

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Terracotta Warriors Tourist Map in the Museum

The Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang’s Site Museum includes two areas for public visit: the Terracotta Warriors Museum (Terracotta Army in Pit 1, 2 and 3, and Exhibitions Hall of Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Relics) and Lishan Park (Tomb of Qin Shihuang and 2 temporary exhibitions - Acrobatics Figures Pit K9901 & Officials Pit K0006). The huge Terracotta Warriors is the first and most important part all visitors start, and it’s in 1.5 km east of the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang. You can take free shuttle bus between the two areas with your entrance ticket.

How to Plan A Terracotta Warriors Tour

Taking every minute to make your trip valuable and meaningful is what we aim at. Highly suggested to visit more spots to fully sense the deep culture and history charm of Xian.

Terracotta Warriors Day Trip: Leave some time for transfer, and at least half a day to spend inside the museum to learn the background story and awesome artistic skills. And then back to downtown, ride a bike on the Ancient City Wall to view the city landscape in a modern way. Next, satisfy your stomach and try some local snacks in Muslim Quarter, finish the day after viewing beautiful Bell Tower and Drum Tower at night.

1 Day Xian Essence Tour with Terracotta Warriors

Xian City Tour: Spend extra 1 to 2 days to visit other iconic spots in Xian. Apart from above mentioned attractions, Shaanxi History Museum is another good and free place to know the long brilliant history of Xian. Big Wilde Goose Pagoda helps you understand Buddhist culture influence brought by“Silk Road. Watch a Tang Dynasty Show to feel the royal family life. Local cultural experience can be customized as you requested.

2 Days Xian City Break / 3 Days Classic Xian Tour

Side Trips from Xian: It’s also popular to take advantage of the short distance and convenient transportation of Xian to travel nearby destinations, including Huashan, Luoyang, Pingyao, Yan’an (Hukou Water Fall), Zhengzhou, etc. Thus, you have chance to see more culture and landscape of China.

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China Xian Tours: Expand your journey to more major destinations, like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Tibet or others to pick up the best highlights in China. Bet you will be amazed by the diversity beauty of China.

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