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10 Best Things to Do in Sanya: Top Sanya Attractions List 2023

Sanya, which is praised as China's tropical answer to Hawaii, is a world-famous beautiful coastal city with amazing white and soft sand beaches, endless seascapes, tropical plants, quiet and romantic islands and a pleasant weather all year around, plus the dizzying choices of upscale resorts and hotels, Sanya is really an ideal place for holiday!

If you are planning a trip to Sanya and looking for where to go and what to do after stepping out your Sanya hotel, this Sanya Attractions Guide is going to help. Let's check 10 Bets Things to Do in Sanya to get inspired, including Tianya Haijiao, Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone, Yalong Bay, Wuzhizhou Island, etc.

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

No.1: Tianya Haijiao - To Get the Best Love Blessing at Sanya Bay

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Sun and Moon Stones of Tianya Haijiao

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Couple Tree at Tianta Haijiao

  • Type: Beaches, Coastal Landscape, Landmark
  • Ticket: CNY 81/pp during October to April of next year, CNY 68/pp during May to September
  • Opening Hours: 7:30~18:20 (18:00 in winter)
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 2~3 hours
  • Location: Sanya Bay, Sanya, Hainan, China (海南省三亚市三亚湾)

Tianya Haijiao, in Chinese, means the Edge of the Sky and the End of the Sea, which implies the love of you and your beloved will last forever till the end of the earth. Thanks to such sweet legends and best wishes, Tianya Haijiao has attracted thousands of people from all over the world to visit it, especially couples. Landmarks of Tianya Haijiao include Tianya Stone, Haijiao Stone and One Pillar in the South Stone standing on the tiny beach. There is also a wedding hall settled in the middle of the scenic area. If you like, you can even hold your wedding here.

Tianya Haijiao does not only welcome couple, but also all the coast fans. In addition to the love blessing, Tianya Haijiao is also featured in picturesque coastal landscapes. Being one of the firstly operated tourist sites in Sanya, it has somewhat the best-protected beach, sea and coconut forest. It also provides many on-the-sea activities, such as Jet Ski. The entire scenic area is settled on the west end of Sanya Bay. It is only 8.5 kilometers away from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, which only takes 15 minutes or so if you go with a taxi or car.

No.2: Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone - Buddhist Culture Exploration

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Guanyin Statue in South Sea

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Holy Nanshan Temple

  • Type: Buddhist Cultural Park, Coastal Landscape, Landmark
  • Ticket: CNY 108/pp
  • Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 4~6 hours
  • Location: Nanshan Village, Yazhou District, Sanya, Hainan, China (三亚市崖州区南山村)

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, also being known as Nanshan Temple, facing the South Sea is located about 40 KM southwest of Sanya City, with Tianya Haijiao and Sanya Phoenix International Airport settled in the middle way. Here, you will find the world's tallest Guanyin (Guanshiyin) Statue in the Sea, which stands magnificently in the sea in serenity and with an aura of benevolence.

Guanyin (Guanshiyin), the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is perhaps the most beloved of Buddhist deities in China. If you are also people of Buddhist faith, you should never miss this site. In addition to the statue of Guanyin, the tourism zone also has Buddhist temples, gates and halls for you to get a strong Buddhist atmosphere. There may sometimes held celebrities to welcome the New Year and the god of fortune. Guanyin Festivals are held in the 29th day of 2nd lunar month, the 19th day of the 6th month and the 19th day of the 9th lunar month, which are considered as Guantin's birthdays, the days to get enlightment and the days to be a nun respectively.

The whole scenic area consists of three parks - Nanshan Buddhist Culture Park, Felicity and Longevity Culture Park and Nanshan Custom Park. The highlight, the 108-meter-high Guanyin Buddha Statue, is located in the Nanshan Buddhist Culture Park.

No.3: Yalong Bay - The No.1 Bay in the World

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Yalong Bay Golf Club

  • Type: Beaches, Tropical Coastal Scenic Area, Coastal Landscape
  • Ticket: free for the beach; CNY 158/pp for Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park…
  • Opening Hours: all day around
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 0.5~1.5 days
  • Location: Yalong Bay National Resort, Longtang Road, Jiyang District, Sanya, Hainan, China. (海南省三亚市吉阳区龙塘路)

Yalong Bay is renowned as the "best bay in China" and the "No.1 Bay in the World". It stretches a length of about 7.5 KM, which is 3 times of the length of that in Hawaii. The quality of sands on the beach there is considered to be the best in Sanya and even the entire China. If you are heading to Sanya mainly for the beach fun, Yalong Bay is your best pick. By the side of the beach, there are many upscale resorts. If you choose one of them to stay overnight, everything is steps away from your hotel, including pure and blue sky, bright and warm sunshine, fresh and humid air, wild and quiet mangrove forest, fine and soft beach and colorful seascapes under water. Here, sunbathing, diving and more on-the-sea activities are all available. Yalong Bay Golf Club, the best golf club in Sanya, is also only 1~3 kilometers away from the beach. Not very far away from the east shore of Yalong Bay there has also a tropical forest park, namely Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Tourist Area.

No.4: Wuzhizhou Island - The Best Island in Sanya to Enjoy On-the-sea and Undersea Activities

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

A Panoramic View of Wuzhizhou Island

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Our travel consultant Sean visited Wuzhizhou Island

  • Type: Islands, Diving Paradise
  • Ticket: CNY 144/pp, including the entrance and also the round trip ship tickets to/off the Island
  • Opening Hours: 8:00-17:30
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 1 day
  • Location: Houhai Village, Linwang Town, Haitang District, Sanya City, Hainan, China (海南省三亚市海棠区林旺镇后海村)

When it comes to be the best island in Sanya, Wuzhizhou Island at Haitang Bay always tops the list. This island is also praised as the "Lover Island", because it is hot chosen for honeymoon vacation for couples.

Sanya is considered to be the best place for diving in China, while Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya is the best of best. The sea water below is gin-clear, with a visibility down to 27 m (90ft), which is perfect for not only snorkeling but also scuba diving. While you go deep down the water, you will surrounded by fish and more sea life. Also, you are available to make adventurous diving to explore shipwrecks. What an amazing experience! In addition to diving, the island is also rich in on-the-sea activities and land activities. Any item you could imagine can be found there, including Jet Ski, skateboard surfing, rafting with banana-like ships, etc. If you are tired of playing, you can hop on a sightseeing bus to travel along the coastline.

No.5: Dadonghai Bay - The Closest Beach to Sanya Downtown

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Sanya Dadonghai Bay December

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Dadonghai Beach

  • Type: Beaches, Tropical Coastal Scenic Area, Coastal Landscape
  • Ticket: free
  • Opening Hours: all day around
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: half day or so
  • Location: between Yulin Port and Luhuitou, Sanya City, Hainan Province (海南省三亚市榆林港和鹿回头之间)

Dadonghai Bay is only 5 KM or so south of Sanya downtown. If you ask a taxi or car to get there, the time usually won't longer than 15 minutes. Such a short distance to Sanya downtown makes it the best choice for those staying overnight at a resort or hotel in city center area and looking for some beach escapes. The beach there is in a lovely semilunar shape. The entire length of the beach is only about 3 kilometers around, which is much shorter than those in Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay and Haitang Bay. However, the quality of sands there are very excellent, so does the sea views. Diving, surfing and more activities are also available there. Therefore, Dadonghai Bay is still a popular choice, especially for those who have chosen an upscale resort or hotel near the bay.

No. 6: Haitang Bay - The Most Secluded Bay Close to the World's Largest Duty Free Shopping Mall

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Sanya Duty-Free Shopping Mall

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Atlantis Sanya (5-star Hotel)

  • Type: Beaches, Tropical Coastal Scenic Area, Coastal Landscape
  • Ticket: all day around
  • Opening Hours: all day around
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: half day or all day around
  • Location: Haitang North Road, Haitang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province (海南省三亚市海棠区海棠北路)

Haitang Bay is the easternmost bay in Sanya. It is the farthest bay area of this region, and thus enjoys a secluded location that away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Amongst all the popular bays in Sanya, Haitang Bay is the newest opened, so does the hotels around it. Therefore, this region has many newly built upscale resorts for you to choose, most of which have their own private beach for you to have fun.

Besides the beach and resort, other two reasons make Haitang Bay standout are Wuzhizhou Island and Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Mall. Wuzhizhou Island in this bay is the most popular holiday island in Sanya. And Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Mall is the world's largest duty free mall.

No.7: Luhuitou Scenic Area- Where to Catch the Best Panorama View of Sanya

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Luhuitou Scenic Area at Night

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Panorama View from Luhuitou Scenic Area

  • Type: Park, Forest Park, Landmark
  • Ticket: CNY 35/pp during May to September, CNY 42/pp during October to April of next year
  • Opening Hours: 08:00-22:30
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 1~3 hours
  • Location: Luhuitou Park, Jiyang District, Sanya, Hainan, China (三亚市吉阳区鹿回头公园)

Luhuitou Scenic Area, or called Luhuitou Park, is located on the Luhuitou Peninsula southwest of Sanya downtown. It is composed of fiver peaks, with the tallest altitude of 181 meters above the sea level. The park is surrounded by the sea on its three sides, and the rest side facing Sanya Downtown. It is long been praised as the best place in Sanya to get a panorama view of both the city and sea. Sunset and sunrise view over the sea there is also stunning. The sculpture stop the park with a deer looking back to a Li ethnic girl is one of the most vital symbols of why Sanya is so-called Deer City and is also a landmark of Sanya.

Luhuitou Scenic Area is close to Sanya Downtown, Phoenix Island, Dadonghai Bay and Sanya Bay. If you stay at a resort or hotel in the city center or the above bays, you can get to Luhuitou Scenic Area by a short driving. The scenic area also opens at night before 22:30. If you want to admire the broad night view of Sanya, it is really a good choice.

No. 8: West Island - A Holiday Island inhabited by Indigenous Hainan People

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Amazing West Island

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Jet Ski Joyment on West Island

  • Type: Island, Fishing Village, Diving Paradise
  • Ticket: CNY 98/pp
  • Opening Hours: 8:30-18:00
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: 1 day
  • Location: Sanya Bay, Sanya, Hainan, China (海南省三亚市三亚湾)

Different from other islands and villages in Hainan that have more Dongbei people or Sichuan people than local Hainan people. West Island is mainly inhabited by indigenous Hainaner. Therefore, it gives you a stronger taste of the real Hainan. There are also some primitive fishing houses with coral stone walls waiting for your exploration.

In addition to the fishing houses and Hainan flavor, West Island is also a paradise for diving, surfing and other on-the-sea and underwater activities. Compared with Wuzhizhou, West Island is little known by visitors, and thus gives you a quitter environment to have water spree.

No. 9: Yanoda Rainforest Area - Perfect for One-day Jungle Adventures

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Yanoda Rainforest Area

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Yanoda Rainforest Area

  • Type: Rainforest, forest, jungle adventure
  • Ticket: CNY 98 ~ 738/pp (the price varies according to different projects you take part in)
  • Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: one day around
  • Location: Sandao Town, Baoling Li and Miao Autonomous County (海南省保亭黎族苗族自治县三道镇)

There is more to tropical Sanya than sun, sea and beach. Sanya also has some good rainforests! The most popular one must be Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Tourist Area. Besides that, Yanoda Rainforest Area is also good. The scenic area is 44 Km and 1.5 hours away from Sanya downtown by car.

Yanoda means one, two and three in Hainanese dialect. Once you visit the scenic area, the stuff there will insist on bellowing "YANODA" every time they see you. Don't be panic, they are welcoming you. In the scenic area, you can make adventurous trekking in the jungle following the wooden trails, stones and rope bridges. You will meet with tropical trees, waterfalls, streams and valleys. Everything is fresh and charming. If you like, you can also try cliff bungee jumping and slip rope there.

No.10: Binlanggu - Explore the Li & Miao Cultural Heritage

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Adventurous Jungle Trekking at Binlanggu

Things to Do in Sanya, Sanya Attractions

Intesting Performances at Binlanggu

  • Type: Rainforest, Themed Park, Ethnic Cultural Park
  • Ticket: CNY 120/pp
  • Opening Hours: 08:00-17:20
  • Recommend Length of Visiting: one day around
  • Location: Ganshiling Nature Reserve, Baoling Li and Miao Autonomous County (海南省保亭黎族苗族自治县甘什岭自然保护区)

Binglanggu, or called Betelnut Valley, is the best place to be visited in Sanya for those culture lovers. A trip to Binlanggu will certainly give a different flavor from laying on the beach. Here, you can hear about the local minorities such as Li and Miao by visiting their museums, playing games with them, admiring their performances and trying their food. It is extremely a unique chance to have up-close admirations of their custom, instruments, dance, songs and ethnic fishes.

Binglanggu is located on the way to Yanoda Rainforest. Similar to Yanoda, it is actually located in Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County instead of Sanya. However, many visitors explore it from Sanya side. We would suggest you to visit it from Sanya too, because the driving to Binglanggu from Sanya takes less than one hour.

How to Plan a Sanya Tour

Best Time to Visit Sanya: October ~ Next May

Places to Visit: Various bays, Betelnut Valley, Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park, Yanoda Rainforest Park

How to Get There: International flights from London, Singapore, Seoul, Jakarta, Moscow, Novosibirsk, etc., and domestic/regional flights from most major cities like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc.

Generally, a Sanya tour can be short or long, and many travelers choose to stay in Sanya for about 4~7 days. We suggest you visit at least one bay for a real "holiday", such as Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, Dadonghai Bay or Haitang Bay where you can immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere by taking a sunbath, strolling on the soft beach, viewing the coastal scenery, etc. It is also available to spend several hours or more time experiencing some watersports, such as diving, surfing, yacht, fishing, etc. For travelers interested in the primitive nature of tropical forests, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park or Yanoda Rainforest Park, which needs 0.5~1 day, is worthwhile. Besides, Nanshan Temple (0.5~1 day) with the world’s largest statue of Avalokitesvara - Nanhai Guanyin is also recommended if you have a Buddhist faith or want to appreciate a religious savory. For travelers needing an in-depth tour, Binglanggu is a nice option for local minorities exploration!

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Want to escape the crowds and explore Hainan? Don't miss Haikou - the capital city with lots of culture fun. A classic Haikou tour takes about 2 days. The top highlights include informative Hainan Museum, old buildings in Qilou Old Street, Volcanic Crater Park, etc. Besides, you can spend 1~2 days exploring the undeveloped bays and uninhabited islands, 1~2 days appreciating the peaceful town of Boao and its unique natural landscapes, 1~2 days involving in the sunny homeland of minorities in Lingshui, etc.

☛ 3 Days Haikou Tour

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Notice: The pictures on this page, except for additional remarks, are all from the official websites.

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