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Where to Stay in Putuoshan - 4 Best Areas | Recommended Putuoshan Hotels

Putuoshan is a popular Buddhist destination on a small island of eastern China. It usually takes 2 days around to have a tour there, including at least one night's stay.

In Putuoshan, the best places to accommodate include 4 areas - the West Scenic Area, where has diverse hotels, restaurants and shopping options, Longwan Village, where enjoys the closer distance to the landmark of Putuoshan - The Goodness of Mercy Statue, the seashore near Fayu Temple, where is closer to the northern part of Putuoshan Island, and the nearby Zhujiajian Island, from which it is very easy to get to Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport and the theater of Impression Putuoshan.

Warm tip: The whole Putuoshan Island is relatively small. And it is relatively close from each of the 3 accommodation areas on Putuoshan Island to its main tourist attractions like Fayu Temple, the Goodness of Mercy Statue. You can ride sightseeing buses to get around.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Where to Stay in Putuoshan

Top 1: Putuoshan Hotels at the West Scenic Area

The West Scenic Area is very close to the Putuoshan Wharf, with a short walking distance within 20 minutes. Therefore, it allows the visitors to conveniently drop off their luggage upon their arrival and to carry the luggage before leaving. Besides, it is the prosperous financial area of Putuoshan, offering various options of dining, accommodation and shopping in all price ranges.

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Buddhism Tour

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Classic Tour from Shanghai

Putuoshan Hotel (普陀山大酒店) ★★★★★

Address: No.93, Meicen Road, Putuo District, 316107 Zhoushan, China (普陀山梅岑路93号)

Putuoshan Hotel was firstly opened in 1997, with many upgradations after then. It is now one of the largest hotels in Putuoshan, with a large restaurant holding up to 800 people at the same time (including a separate area for vegetarians). There are altogether over 200 rooms of four different types that well blended with Buddhist elements and culture.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Putuoshan Hotel

Ling Ju Apartment (普陀山岭居民宿) ★★

Address: Room 102, Building 21, One District, Longsha Community, Putuo District, Zhoushan, China (普陀山龙沙新村一区14幢2单元204室)

The newly opened Ling Ju Apartment is in lovely Nordic style. It has gained a 100% recommendation since its operation. Each room is well equipped with private bathroom. In front of the hotel is a bus station, where you can take a sightseeing bus to travel around Putuoshan. The hotel also offers free private car service to/from the Putuoshan Wharf.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Ling Ju Apartment

Putuoshan Haijingge Apartment (普陀山海景阁客栈) ★★

Address: Room 404, Unit 2, Building 12, Longsha Xincun Section 1, Putuoshan Town , Putuo District, Zhoushan, China (浙江省舟山市普陀区普陀山镇龙沙新村一区12幢二单元404室)

Opened in 2018, Putuoshan Haijingge Apartment has modern facilities without lacks of family atmosphere. Besides basic facilities like free Wi-Fi and convenient room, it even offers an equipped kitchen with a fridge and a stovetop. Facilities can order food to eat or cook dishes as they like. There is also a market close to the hotel. At the market, you can buy fresh seafood to cook.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Putuoshan Haijingge Apartment

Other Accommodation Choices at the West Scenic Area

Being the most bustling area in Putuoshan, the West Scenic Area offers plenty of accommodation choices. In addition to the hotels mentioned above and many other great hotels of 3 star, 4 star and 5 star, there are also many homestays and inns that operated by the locals.

Top 2: Putuoshan Hotels at Longwan Village

Longwan Village is located on the east side of Putuoshan Wharf. It is close to the Goodness of Mercy Statue, One Thousand-Step Beach, Purple Bamboo Forest and Unwilling-to-leave Temple. The scenery of this region is beautiful, especially after night falls. You can also admire the grand Guanyin Statue under the sparking night sky. However, compared with the West Scenic Area, the accommodation choices at Longwan Village are limited, especially for the luxury hotels. Most of them are cozy inns.

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Buddhism Tour

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Classic Tour from Shanghai

Putuoshan Zhuxiangju Hotel (普陀山竹香居宾馆) ★★★★

Address: No.20, Jinsha Road, Putuoshan, Putuoshan District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang, China (浙江省舟山市普陀区普陀山金沙路20号)

Staying at Putuoshan Zhuxiangju Hotel, visitors can see the Goodness of Mercy Statue from the windows and hear the sound of the waves lapping at the beaches and rocks. The beach and sea are only several steps from the hotel. Zhuxiangju Hotel was opened in 1995. It is one of the oldest hotels in Putuoshan. However, you are hard to find any sign of aging. It has modern appearance and also has modern facilities, including chees rooms and card rooms, etc.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Putuoshan Zhuxiangju Hotel

Putuoshan Baibuge Hotel (百步阁宾馆) ★★★★

Address: No.209, Puji Road, Putuoshan, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang, China (普陀山普济路209号)

Putuoshan Baibuge Hotel was also opened in 1995. Facing the beautiful sea and beach, Baiguge Hotel is also a good hotel to stay. It covers an area of 3,000 square meters and altogether 56 rooms in different themes, like Classical Rooms, Sea-view Rooms, etc. Each room has air-conditions, TV, separate bathroom, etc. It satisfies almost every need of its guests from different regions.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Putuoshan Baibuge Hotel

Top 3: Putuoshan Hotels near Fayu Temple

There are also many hotels on Fayu Road near Fayu Temple, the second largest temple in Putuoshan. Visitors who want an in-depth 2-day Putuoshan tour may sometimes stay at this region, because it is close to the rest northern part of Putuoshan they are going to visit the next day. The hotels options are limited. You can find more cozy inns than starred hotels. However, there are still about three relatively luxury hotels of 5-star for you to choose.

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Buddhism Tour

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Classic Tour from Shanghai

Landision Resort (雷迪森庄园) ★★★★★

Address: No.115, Fayu Road, Putuoshan, Putuoshan District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang (普陀山法雨路115号)

Landision Resort was opened in 2009. The hotel is integrated with the surrounded forest and trails while emphasizing meditation experiences. You can even find an 800-year-old camphor tree and try writing Buddhist Scriptures there. During the 2012 Annual Meeting of Asia Hotel Forum, the hotel was entitled as one of the “Top 10 Themed Hotels in China”. From Landision Resort, it needs only several minutes to Fayu Temple.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Landision Resort

Putuoshan Kaiyuanguan Hall (普陀山开元观堂) ★★★★★

Address: No.107, Fayu Road, Putuoshan, Putuoshan District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang, China (法雨路107号)

Putuoshan Kaiyuanguan Hall is also close to Putuoshan. Walking from the hotel to the temple cluster needs only 3 minutes. Featured with Zen Culture, Putuoshan Kaiyuanguan Hall offers a profound Buddhist atmosphere. It has over 97 Zen-themed rooms, with special Buddha tea provided. The hotel is also decorated by 30 century-old trees.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Putuoshan Kaiyuanguan Hall

Top 4: Putuoshan Hotels on Zhujiajian Island

For those who arrive at Zhushan Putuoshan Airport late or want to admire the Impression Putuo Show performed at night, you are also advised to choose a hotel near the airport or wharf on Zhujianjian Island for your stay. If you stay at a hotel there, you can take a good rest on the arrival day and continue to the further exploration the next day in a better condition. Hotels near the wharf and airport are usually slightly cheaper than those on Putuoshan Island.

☛ 4 Days Putuoshan Tour from Hangzhou

☛ 5 Days Buddhism Tour to Mount Putuo & Mount Jiuhua from Shanghai

Orange Hotel (橘子酒店) ★★★

Address: No.55, Cixin Road, Cihang Square, Zhujiajian, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang, China (朱家尖慈航广场慈航路55号)

Orange Hotel is only 2.9 kilometers away from the theater where the grand Impression Putuo Show performed. Driving from the hotel to the theater needs only 5 minutes or so. And from the hotel, you can walk to the Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf in merely 15 minutes around. Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf is the closest wharf to Putuoshan, with frequent ferries to/from Putuoshan in 10~20 minutes.

Though the hotel cannot offer many luxury experiences, it is very clean. The front desk staff is very warm and kind. It usually guarantees its guests a pleasant stay during their Putuoshan tour.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Putuoshan Orange Hotel

Zhoushan Yuelai Resort Hotel (舟山悦来度假酒店) ★★★★★

Address: No.5, Pudu Road, Zhujiajian Street, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang, China (朱家尖街道普渡路5号)

Zhoushan Yuelai Resort Hotel is also located close to the Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Wharf. Besides, it is the one of the limited 5-star luxury hotels of this region. The hotel has all kinds of luxurious guest rooms and suites, including lovely family suites with mini children's playground. It also offers all the essential service and facilities like free Wifi, 24-hour room service, 24-hour front desk, express check-in/check-out, and luggage storage.

Where to Stay in Putuoshan Zhoushan Yuelai Resort Hotel

How to Plan a Putuoshan Tour

How to Get to Putuoshan: ① Ferry from Shanghai (4~12 hrs.), Ningbo (70 mins.), Zhoushan (10~30 mins); ② Flight from Shanghai (1 h), Beijing (3 hrs.), Guangzhou (2 hrs.), Shenzhen (2 hrs.), Xiamen (1.5 hrs.), etc. plus ferry from Zhoushan; ③ High speed train to Ningbo plus ferry from Ningbo or Zhoushan; ④ Driving from Hangzhou (3.5 hrs. around), etc.

Best Time to Visit Putuoshan: June ~ October

A classic Putuoshan Buddhist tour takes about 2 days. The first is for Putuoshan arrival and the exploration of the southern part of Putuoshan, including the landmark site - the Goddess of Mercy Statue. The next morning is to get up close to the soul heart of Putuoshan, including its most significant temples like Fayu Temple, Huiji Temple, etc.

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Buddhism Tour

Since there is no flight or train to Putuoshan, seldom tourist visits Putuoshan directly, but goes with its popular nearby tourist cities. Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Zhoushan are the top picks.

Top 1: Putuoshan Tour from Shanghai

Touring Putuoshan and the metropolis Shanghai in one go is the hottest choice. Such a tour takes 2~5 days.

☛ 2 Days Putuoshan Classic Tour from Shanghai

Top 2: Putuoshan Tour from Hangzhou

Visiting Hangzhou West Lake and Putuoshan together is also a good choice. About 3~5 days are needed.

☛ 4 Days Hangzhou Putuoshan Tour

Top 3: Putuoshan Tour from Ningbo

Ningbo has an airport with frequent international and domestic flights and also has the closest high speed railway stations to Putuoshan. A Putuoshan and Ningbo tour needs about 3 days around.

Top 4: Putuoshan Tour from Zhoushan

If you are going to visit Putuoshan by flight or from the nearest wharfs, Zhoushan City is always the best gateway city. Therefore, taking short Zhoushan tour before heading to Putuoshan is also great. A Zhoushan Putuoshan tour takes about 2~3 days.

Some visitors also prefer to extend their Putuoshan tour to other famous Buddhist places in China, such as Mount Wutai, Mount Emei, Mount Jiuhua, etc. If you like, please feel free to tell us your preferences, and let our experienced travel consultant customize a tour for you!

Putuoshan An Panorama View from Foding Mountain in Putuoshan Putuoshan Amazing Pagodas and Cavings in Putuoshan (Mount Putuo) Our Customer John and his group visited Putuoshan in 2018 Our Customer John and his group visited Putuoshan in 2018

Travel Putuoshan with China Discovery

Looking for a worry-free Putuoshan Tour without checking ferry schedules and visiting routes? Travel with us China Discovery and let our professional travel consultant help you. No matter you are coming from Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou or any other cities in and out China, we will carefully customize a perfect Putuoshan tour with your say, including your interests, budget, group size, time and every special need. Our experienced and knowledgeable guide will choose the best ferry to/from Putuoshan and introduce you the background of Putuoshan and Guanyin (Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy)!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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