Things to Do in Pingyao

Pingyao Ancient City, an outstanding example of city during the period from Ming to Qing Dynasty, has maintained numerous cultural heritages that showing the society in the ancient time.

Here you will not only visit the former rich family's compound, explore the ancient Bank and Escort Agency to learn more about China's past, but also have the chance to get close to the real China. While strolling on the ancient city wall, or wandering along the Ming and Qing Ancient Street, you will get invoved in the local's life, be indulged in the peaceful atmosphere in this county.

Pingyao City Map

Ancient City Wall of Pingyao

No.1: Ancient City Wall of Pingyao

Type: Landmarks

Location: in Pingyao Ancient City

Recommended Length of Visit: about 1 hour

The city wall of Pingyao was originally constructed 2700 years ago, which showcases the great combination of the defending works with the cultural functions. The square-shaped ancient city wall, about 6.4 km, is about 10 meters high and 3-6 meters wide on the top.

It is recommended to visit the Ancient City Wall first as you arrive in Pingyao, since you are provided with good views over the roof tops of the old county, so that you will get an idea of the layout of the town from above.

If walking around the wall in the early morning, you may see how the locals are going their daily lives in their courtyard homes. You can also wander or bike around down the bottom of the walls inside and outside.

Rishengchang Former Bank

No.2: Rishengchang Former Bank

Type: Historical Financial Sites

Location: in Pingyao Ancient City

Recommended Length of Visit: less than 1 hour

Pingyao is the center of finance in North China at various times, and Rishengchang in Pingyao ancient city perfectly presents the first banking system with drafts, where You can learn how the basic banking level worked many hundreds of years ago. With over 200 years of history, Rishengchang Bank is a precious showcase of the historical culture, business culture and commercial traditions in north China.

Ming and Qing Dynasties Street

No.3: Ming and Qing Dynasties Street

Type: Historical Financial Sites

Location: in Pingyao Ancient City

Recommended Length of Visit: less than 1 hour

Located in the South Main Street in Pingyao ancient town, Ming and Qing Dynasties Street is a cobbled road with old buildings on either side. It was the noisiest center of business at the past, and so does it today. Shops along the street are all built with bricks and stones completely in the style of Ming and Qing architecture, displaying traditional furniture, calligraphy, or some other local household utensils. While wandering along the street, you may like trace back to the former bustle bazaar in the old days.

The Temple of City God

No.4: The Temple of City God (Chenghuangmiao)

Type: Historical Landmark

Location: in Pingyao Ancient City

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

Temple of City God, also called Chenghuangmiao in Chinese, is an ancient Taoist temple in Pingya. The Temple is quite large, with several sections of rooms for different use, such as for prisoners, cashiers or workers. While visiting the Temple of City God, you will appreciate the wonderful woodcarvings, paintings and sculptures. You are suggested to visit there early in morning, so that you can fully enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the ancient temple without too much crowds.

China Escort Agency

No.5: China Escort Agency

Type: Historical Landmark, Architectural Site

Location: in Pingyao Ancient City

Recommended Length of Visit: less than 1 hour

The China Armed Escort Agency is based on the original site of the security company in the Ming and Qing dynasties, which was inspired by the development of commerce. It showcases an interesting piece in Qing Dynasty history, with the displayed ancient flags, weapons, chest, and techniques to defend. You can try to pick some of the weapons up and see how heavy they were. It is really interesting for both adults and kid to visit. In this site, there are also some valuable data of different martial arts, such as Xingyi Quan (Free-mind Punch), Changquan (Long Punch) and Dantui (Leg Flicking Boxing).

Pingyao Ancient Government Office

No.6: Pingyao Ancient Government Office

Type: Ancient Ruins, Architectural Buildings

Location: in Pingyao Ancient City

Recommended Length of Visit: less than 1 hour

Like the Qiao'Family Compound in Pingyao, Wang' Family Compound is the complex for another rich family in Shanxi Province, near Pingyao. There are hundreds of rooms to meet different family needs. While visiting this ancient complex, you will see the traditional layout and wooden construction and explore how the rich family lived in the ancient times. A great view over the area can be seen on top of the compound wall.

Qingxu Taoist Temple

No.7: Qingxu Taoist Temple

Type: Architectural Buildings; Religious Sites

Location: in Pingyao Ancient City

Recommended Length of Visit: less than 1 hour

Qingxu Temple, located on the north side of Dongba Street, is the largest Taoist temple in Pingyao County. This temple was first built in Tang Dynasty and prospered in the Yuan Dynasty. The temple was renovated into Pingyao Museum in 1998. The relics in the museum display Taoist culture and the history of Pingyao County. And also presents Pingyao’s ancient and splendid culture in a special artist way.

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