Pingyao Accommodation: Luxury Hotels in Pingyao (5 Star)

Pingyao, the little ancient town with over a thousand years of history, offers travelers the unique travel experience as living in the local courtyard hotels and hostels.

As the whole county looks like 300 years ago, the hotels and hostels in Pingyao are mostly keeping the former facade, like a local family compound or a traditional courtyard style. But inside some of the hotels, they are well-equipped, providing an elegant but also luxurious living environment for you.

Pingyao Accommodation

Pingyao Accommodation

Jing's Residence

Breakfast: Mainly Chinese

Add: No.16 East Main Street, Pingyao County, China

Surroundings: China Escort Agency, Ming and Qing Ancient Street, Ancient City Wall of Pingyao

Distance to Pingyao Railway Station: 3 km

Opened in 2009, Jing’s Residence is a 5-star boutique hotel that offers you a great combination of the historic building with modern accents. It is used to be a courtyard home of wealthy Qing Dynasty merchant, and now the rooms have been redesigned to 19 guest rooms with flat screen TVs, and high-speed Internet. The staff are friendly and helpful. Food is mainly Chinese cuisine, and can be ordered from an extensive menu. It is highly recommended by former customers for its wonderful circumstances and great service.

Yunjincheng Hostel

Breakfast: Western & Chinese

Add: Add: No.56 Gucheng West Main Street, Pingyao County, China

Surroundings: Ming and Qing Ancient Street, Rishengchang Former Bank

Yunjincheng Hostel, a luxury folk hostel, is located in the center of the walled city of Pingyao. The rooms are equipped with the traditional platform bed. Inside the old building, there are many modern features, such as air-con, wifi and central heating, offering you a special and comfortable living experience in such an ancient town.

Jinxuan Hotel

Breakfast: Western & Chinese

Add: No. 9 Fanjia Street, Pingyao County, China

Surroundings: Ming and Qing Ancient Street, Rishengchang Former Bank

Located in Pingyao Ancient City and set in a Chinese quaint siheyuan house, Jinxuan Hotel Pingyao offers accommodations which is full of Chinese elegance. The stone and wood carvings create a unique taste of local life style. For guests' convenience, free WiFi is featured throughout the property. The in-house restaurant serves local cuisines. Customized dishes are possible upon request.

Pingyao Yide Hotel

Breakfast: Western & Chinese

Add: No.16 Shangxiang Street, Pingyao County, China

Surroundings: Ming and Qing Ancient Street, Rishengchang Former Bank, Pingyao Ancient City Auspicious Temple

5-minute walk from the West Street and Rishengchang Former Site, Yide Hotel in a well-furnished five-star hotel offering air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, heated showers and hairdryers. Guests here can rent a bike to explore the ancient city and the restaurant opens from 06:50 to 22:30 daily, serving Chinese and western style meals.

How to Plan Your Pingyao Tour

Best time to visit Pingyao: March to mid-June, mid-September to November, and Chinese Spring Festival Time (Jan or Feb)

How to get to Pingyao: High-speed bullet trains to Pingyao Gucheng Railway Station; normal trains to Pingyao Railway Station; Long-distance Bus to Pingyao Bus Station; Flights to Taiyuan Airport and transfer from Taiyuan to Pingyao by private car/bus/train.

Pingyao is noted for the World Heritage Site - Pingyao Ancient City. It is well-preserved, keeping the architecture style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty (14th-20th centuries). Here, you can leisurely stroll and get to learn about the traditions of the northern Chinese, especially during the Chinese Spring Festival. Usually, 2 to 3 days are enough for you to explore the attractions in Pingyao, including scenic sites and ancient streets of Pingyao Ancient City, Qiao’s Family Compound, Shuanglin Temple, etc.

☛ 2 Days Classic Pingyao Tour
☛ 3 Days Pingyao Discovery Tour

Also, Pingyao is well connected with many other cities in Shanxi province. You can spend more days having a Shanxi discovery tour: witnessing the stunning Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Temple in Datong, hiking on and the famous Buddhism mountain, Wutaishan, visiting the magnificent Hukou Waterfall, and getting to Jinsi Temple and Shanxi Museum in the capital of Shanxi province, Taiyuan.

☛ 4 Days Essence of Datong & Pingyao Tour
☛ 6 Days Essence of Shanxi Tour

If you would like to travel outside Shanxi, you can take a flight from Taiyuan to many other cites of China. It is also very convenient to take a high-speed train from Pingyao/Taiyuan to Xian and Luoyang with no more than 4 hours or head to Beijing by high-speed train.

☛ 4 Days Ancient Pingyao & Xian Tour
☛ 6 Days Beijing Pingyao Highlights Tour

Pingyao Ancient Sites of Pingyao

Recommended Pingyao Tours

Top 3 Pingyao tours chosen by most customers to explore Pingyao in the best way. Check the detailed itinerary, or tailor your own trip now with us.

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