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Trekking Research at Wolong Panda’s Wild Training Area

You may know about being a panda volunteer in Sichuan, China. BUT, have you ever heard of doing a trekking research at the pandas’ wild training area before? Now, Shenshuping Panda Base in Wolong National Nature Reserve is the one and only to offer the opportunity to do this, which enables you to see the primitive living environment of pandas, know better about pandas, understand what to do to protect the habitat of pandas, and get more chance to build the team spirit and cooperative ability with your group.

Recent Notice: The trekking research program at Wolong is unavailable at present. However, you can also join the Wolong panda volunteer program to take care of giant pandas closer if you are interested!

Wolong Panda Trekking Research - Outdoor Trekking

Enjoy Your Outdoor Trekking Research Activity at Wolong

Why to Hike at Wolong Panda’s Wild Training Area?

The giant panda is the national treasure of Chinese people. However, pandas in the world is downsizing mainly for the cause of the serious habitat fragmentation like the transformation to farmlands, residential area, etc. That transformation would change the original ecological structure and balance of the region, as a result, many plants and animal resources decrease and even disappear, recycle of water and nutrition change, and the whole environment is disturbed. So to know more about how to protect this special and treasurable species bestowed by our nature and how to maintain their habitat, we can participate in this outdoor hiking activity to get close to their living area.

Moreover, you can have the chance to know about the great effort Chinese people have made to the protection of giant pandas and other species in our nature and the latest progress they have made to this praiseworthy work.

Wolong Panda Trekking Research - Tiantaishan Sightseeing

Hike and Enjoy Sightseeing of Tiantaishan Panda's Wild Training Area

Where to Do the Hiking Research in Wolong?

The outdoor hiking research program is to be experienced at Tiantaishan Mountain (天台山) panda’s wild training area that is about 2,500 meters above the sea and can be reached within 15-20 minutes by driving from Shenshuping Panda Base. Within this about one million square meters wide wild training area, giant pandas live there in leisure, with crossing ravines and streams, flourish bamboo coverage and rich types of tree and flower resources, and other wild animals friends inhabit together, which perfectly meets both the objective and special requirements. So, panda lovers and field hiking fans can join this meaningful program to do some contribution to the protection of the giant pandas and their home.

Wolong Panda Trekking Research - Tiantaishan Map

Check the Location Map of Tiantaishan Mountain

Detailed Schedule for Wolong Outdoor Hiking Program

Duration: one day; 08:40-16:30 (for reference)

Pace: medium

Hiking length: about 4 hours

Morning 08:40-09:00 Gather at Shenshuping Panda Base, put on the trekking suit, and go through related procedures under the guidance of the staff;
09:00-09:20 Get on the vehicle to Huangcaoping (黄草坪);
09:20-10:00 Walk to Tiantaishan Mountain Panda’s Wild Training Area;
10:00-10:30 Have a break for about half an hour;
10:30-11:00 Know about the safety precautions and the instruments and tools, like wireless tracker, used in daily field research and learn how to use them with the introduction of the staff;
Lunchtime 11:00-12:00 Have lunch with your team members at the wild training area, and get preparation for the afternoon research;
Afternoon 12:00-14:00 Conduct your research of the panda’s wild training area under the guidance of the staff, appreciate the wild and beautiful natural sightseeing of the protection zone, and know more about the geographical condition of panda’s habitat, raise questions about giant pandas and their living habits, etc.;
14:00-14:40 Walk down to the foot of Tiantaishan Mountain and return to Huangcaoping Parking Lot;
14:40-15:00 Get on the vehicle again back to Shenshuping Panda Base, and return the suit;
15:00-16:30 Make a summary of the whole day’s outdoor trekking at panda’s wild training area. Activity ends.

Wolong Panda Trekking Research - Panda Research

Learn More about Pandas and How to Do the Research

Warm Tips:

1. Services: trekking suits, safety precaution introduction, entire accompanied service, vehicle, etc.

2. Dining: meals are not provided by the panda base. So you need to prepare your own food, such as bread, sandwich, biscuit, drinks, etc. for lunch and take it with you.

3. Road Condition: since the wild training area is in very primitive and natural condition, road for your hiking is very narrow and not very easy for walking. So comfortable shoes for hiking are highly recommended for this activity and pay attention while walking.

4. Best Time & Dressing Tips: you can join in the trekking research at Wolong panda’s wild training area all year round, and the best time is from April to October. However, it often snows in winter seasons with low temperature, so you need to prepare very warm winter clothes like down jackets, sweaters, scarves, etc. And in summer, the weather is comfortable and cool, lush plants cover the mountain area, and ultraviolet is strong. It is recommended to wear common summer clothes, such as T-shirts, and pack your light coat for the decreasing temperature during morning and night and sunblock to protect your skin from the strong UV. And during spring and autumn seasons, weather is ok here and you can appreciate the blossoms around the mountain area. Pants and long-sleeved shirts, light sweaters, and so on are suggested.

5. Advance Reservation & Temporary Cancellation

It is recommended to make a reservation of the trekking research programs in advance, and even 1 to 2 months earlier during peak seasons (mainly May to October). If any temporary cancellation, reduction and increase of participants happen, the Wolong Panda Base requires us to apply it in advance for at least 10 days before the very program date. So if outdoor trekkers at Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base would cancel your program(s), increase or reduce your number of group temporarily for some reasons, it is required to tell our travel consultant as early as possible (better 10 days in advance excluding the national holidays and weekends) before your very program date.

6. Fees: All expenses of scenic ticket, scenic traffic, instruction and other management fees are included in your volunteer fee.

Note: All the time and arrangement mentioned above may be adjusted based on practical situations.

Wolong Panda Trekking Research - Research Tool

Use the Tracker to Do the Research in your Hiking

Requirements & Limitations for Wolong Hiking Experiencer

1. Numbers & Ages: At present, Shenshuping Panda Base can accept at most 5 visitors (aged between 16 and 58) at once to experience the outdoor trekking program.

2. Healthy Bodies: Visitors who want to join the trekking program are required to have good physical condition and provide your medical examination report of the recent one year. However, people who suffer from cold, influenza, rheumatism, elder hypertension, diabetes, and potential illnesses like cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, infectious diseases, who have uncomfortable symptoms like chest distress, headache, dizzy, etc. during slight activities, and who seldom does exercise, etc. are not suitable to join in this program.

Wolong Panda Trekking Research - Resting Place

Office and Resting Cabin of Hiking Researching Team

Wolong Panda Trekking Research - Trekking Way

Trekking Way Covered with Snow in Winter

Besides this outdoor trekking activity, Shenshuping Panda Base is also available for more other programs for you to experience like watching giant pandas, panda volunteer, etc. See more details about Panda Volunteer Program at Shenshuping!

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